Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1440862 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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new yawk

Tonawanda, NY

#775204 Oct 17, 2012
If you want to rumble with Debil, and poorly imitate him in your own ignorance, then have the ballz to do it in you own Screen Name.

You're only gaming yourself. And will find yourself sinking deeper into that tar pit. But then ignorance and cowardice will do that.

AW, but you got upset. I sent one of yours to the Morgue ...

Don't bother trying to strive for the hospital.
the horde wrote:
<quoted text>
woo hoo!!!! tar pits? iz dat wat it fell likes ta b wiggiln on da floors soo close to da wheelchiars??? or maybees tar iz slang fer wat my sista b tokins in dat pipe. hee hee hee


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#775205 Oct 17, 2012
Must be a libtard talking points meeting going on.

Where ole where did the libtards go
Where ole where can they be?

Hasn't been this quiet on here since the mid-term elections. LOL!

Dallas, TX

#775206 Oct 17, 2012
new yawk wrote:
Nothing is as soft as water.
Yet, who can withstand the raging flood?
<quoted text>

Bethlehem, PA

#775208 Oct 17, 2012
ViolationPanel wrote:
<quoted text>
Drawdown deciding qualifier-
Added extra 1:00, zero seconds for general salutations, greetings and opening blah blah blahs-
Winner: ROMNEY (+10 seconds!!!!)
Romney 2
Obama 0
Hi Kentucky hillbilly. Glad to see you no longer posting as an Independent as you are firmly with the rightwingers.


Since: Dec 08

gauley bridge wv

#775209 Oct 17, 2012
Alloramadai wrote:
<quoted text>
Intelligent people get tired of trying to cure stupid. Democrats have realized that debating "Republicans" (loose term) on this board is hopeless. Just like Romney's 5, 10, etc points.
Welcome to the forum. You'll fit right in. Not get your libtard card yet? The meeting will be over shortly and you can catch up by reading their posts.

“Often imitated”

Since: Jul 07

never duplicated

#775210 Oct 17, 2012
Jane Says wrote:
Oh my, well that was unpleasant. I need more gin.
Hey lily, why are you posting as Jane?

“Amor patriae.”

Since: Feb 08

Eastern Oregon

#775211 Oct 17, 2012
The James Gang wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, truth be told, you just ain't been in a knife fight with the right fellas. When me an' Frank does it he'll dance around out in front of them, sorta draw their attention, then I move in an cut out their kidneys. How'd y'all do it?
Well, truth be told, the other guy had the knife, I just put a bullet in his shirt pocket.
And so it goes

Scottsbluff, NE

#775212 Oct 17, 2012
Unanswered Questions: Who Denied Security to the Benghazi Consulate?

Saint Louis, MO

#775215 Oct 17, 2012
Jeff T in MPLS wrote:
<quoted text>
Much brighter than you, LYING LIBERAL LOSER.
I did share it with co-workers, and forwarded it to friends in multiple states! It was HILARIOUS!
Um, everyone already knows what I do at work because I own my own business and, unlike the ABJECT FAILURE Obama administration, I am completely transparent!
As for whether I post BS, you are the one posting WRONG ASSumptions about me.
I am not judging, just saying......
Now, be sure and turn your screen in case your napping boss at your government job comes by!
Obvious BS posting.
Jane Says

New York, NY

#775216 Oct 17, 2012
The Hollywood Women for Obama Club wants you to vote with your "lady parts." I want the women of America to vote with their lady smarts. The latest ad from a trio of Tinsel Town actresses spreads one of the stupidest lies about Mitt Romney this election cycle. Fantasyland needs a fact check.

According to starlets Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington, the GOP presidential ticket wants to "end" funding for "cancer screenings." If you and your reproductive organs don't vote for Obama, the doe-eyed celebrities ominously imply, people will DIE, DIE, DIE!

This scare-mongering falsehood has been repeated endlessly by Planned Parenthood and the Obama campaign itself. An official Obama for America ad released in August accuses Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, of backing measures to "allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings." It also is being used by demagogic Democrats in key Senate races (in Montana, for example).

This much is true: Romney and Ryan do indeed support ending all federal taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood's billion-dollar empire. One-third of the budget of the nation's largest abortion provider, which masquerades as a comprehensive health care provider, comes from government.

But here's what the famous femmes don't tell you: Planned Parenthood does not provide women with mammograms. PP's "women's health" mantle is a sham. An undercover investigation of 30 Planned Parenthood clinics in 27 different states, conducted by pro-life group Live Action, confirmed that the abortion provider does not perform breast cancer screenings. "We don't provide those services whatsoever," a staffer at Planned Parenthood of Arizona admitted. Planned Parenthood's Comprehensive Health Center clinic in Overland Park, Kan., acknowledged: "We actually don't have a, um, mammogram machine, at our clinics."

But don't just take Live Action's word for it. In June 2012, the Obama Health and Human Services Department responded to a request for information about how many Planned Parenthood clinics were certified to operate mammogram facilities. "Our search did not find any documents pertinent to your request," HHS told the Alliance Defense Fund.

Got that? Fraudulent Hollywood harridans and their hero in the White House have been deliberately deceiving women into thinking that eliminating Planned Parenthood subsidies would mean a catastrophic end to affordable cancer screening services. But the abortion provider's purported "referral services" to outside mammogram facilities are negligible -- especially given the widespread availability of free and low-cost breast and cervical cancer screening services across the country supported by both private and public grants.
And so it goes

Scottsbluff, NE

#775217 Oct 17, 2012
CunningLinguist wrote:
Poor Mittens, caught lying and chastised by Obama.
1. The inerrant bible trumps the constitution
2. Evolution and Global warming are a hoax
3. College students and those seeking education are snobs
4. Gay Americans are an abomination
5. Poor people deserve to be poor
6. Union workers are socialists
7. The unemployed are lazy parasites unwilling to work
8. 50% of Latinos are illegal until proven otherwise
9. Women using birth control are sluts
10. Corporations are people
Every time Obama went negative the CNN dails went down.

Keep up the trash talk as it is working -for Romney.

Since: Jul 08

We will not go gentle

#775218 Oct 17, 2012
kuda wrote:
<quoted text>
Of course, he’s a flipper, but what do you believe Romney will say about involving our military in the Middle East?
I believe Romney’s a chicken hawk. He said that serving in the military is a way for children brought to the U.S. by “illegals” to become “legal” without having to “self-deport.”(I think those mental gymnastics mean that he would not make their lives so miserable that they would want to leave if they served in the military.) Perhaps there would even be a “Romney Youth” organization. =tm-Qgg1OaOEXX&feature=rel ated&bpctr=1350496501
There are already fast-tracks to citizenship out there for those who enlist...I personally know a couple for who became citizens posthumously.
Jane Says

New York, NY

#775219 Oct 17, 2012
In the real world, it's the Obama administration, not Republicans, who have actively presided over and promoted a drop in cancer screenings for both men and women over the past four years. You can thank Democratic crusaders for health care rationing in the White House. They want all the glory of championing socialized medicine, but cut and run from the consequences at election time.

Under Obamacare, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) will be empowered to determine which health care services are "medically appropriate." For nearly three decades, the federal panel of primary care physicians and epidemiologists has issued nonbinding guidelines and A-F ratings of recommended medical procedures. But as Forbes columnist Dr. Paul Hsieh explains:

"ObamaCare links insurance coverage of preventive medical services to their USPSTF rating....(U)nder ObamaCare, Medicare payment decisions will become increasingly controlled by the new Independent Payment Advisory Board, explicitly created to reduce Medicare spending.... To reduce costs, many private insurers will likely drop coverage for "C" and "D" rated services. Hence under ObamaCare, the USPSTF guidelines will likely become the de facto standards for both government and private health insurance coverage."

And that means dropping coverage for the very services Scar-Jo and her femme friends are accusing the GOP of threatening.

Note: The USPSTF is the same review panel that advised cutting back on routine ovarian cancer screenings last month, recommended fewer prostate cancer screening tests in May 2012, and proposed mammogram restrictions for women over age 50 in 2009.

In fact, the Mayo Clinic reported this summer that mammogram screenings for women in their 40s have declined nearly 6 percent since the Obama panel announced its decision in 2009. "Comparing mammography rates before and after publication of the new guidelines," the Mayo Clinic wrote, "researchers found that the recommendations were associated with a 5.72 percent decrease in the mammography rate for women ages 40-49. Over a year, nearly 54,000 fewer mammograms were performed in this age group."

It's no surprise the Hollywood "cancer screening" horror ad script was written by left-wing actor/director Rob Reiner of "All in the Family" and Archie Bunker fame. These Obama-promoting meatheads and their hysterical handmaidens inhabit a manufactured world impervious to facts and fiscal realities.
Jane Says

New York, NY

#775220 Oct 17, 2012
Hollywood's Hysterical "Cancer Screening" Lie for Obama

Since: May 11

Newville, PA

#775221 Oct 17, 2012
DBWriter wrote:
<quoted text>
The Democrats had a super majority in the Senate and dominant control of the House for two goddam years. If you didn't like the tax rate then, why didn't the Democrats change it then? Seems like you frauds thought it was fair then. Why do you think it's unfair now?
Uninformed. How are you so uninformed?

Democrats did not get a super majority until July of 2009 when Al Franken was sworn in.

They lost it August when Ted Kennedy dies.

They got it back in late September when Paul Kirk was sworn on.

They then lost it when Scott Brown was sworn in Feb 4th, 2010.

So Democrats held a super majority for 6 months, not 2 GD years.

You really need to get better informed because you keep making a jackass out yourself every GD day.
And so it goes

Scottsbluff, NE

#775222 Oct 17, 2012
We have reached the point where the left now says "ignore the polls." When the right did this, the media ridiculed them.

Orlando, FL

#775224 Oct 17, 2012
Alloramadai wrote:
<quoted text>
Love it
Perhaps you and Lily need to join the 21st century.

Women are running for president now. Women own corporations now. Women are astronauts and in military combat now.

Equal pay for women is so 70s.

Who doesn't support that in this day and time?
Jane Says

New York, NY

#775225 Oct 17, 2012
My theory as to why President Barack Obama fell flat during the first debate: He looked at the crowd and the cameras and thought:

"I've been saying this stuff for five years, and I don't believe myself anymore. I don't have a strong plan to jump-start the moribund economy. Come on, everyone knows that presidents aren't responsible for private-sector job creation. I don't really want to cut the deficit. This isn't fun anymore."

In the second presidential debate with Mitt Romney on Tuesday night, Obama brought more energy, but he couldn't rustle up a stronger economy, and he couldn't give much hope to his erstwhile fans. Undecided voter Michael Jones, for example, told the president he voted for him in 2008 but no longer felt optimistic about four more years under this administration.

Obama's policies haven't delivered as promised. The president keeps talking up "energy of the future," and he says that he wants more oil, natural gas and renewable fuels, but he stopped the Keystone XL pipeline, bankrolled the failed Solyndra solar venture and appointed an energy secretary who doesn't even try to lower prices at the pump.

"I know what it takes to make an economy work," Romney pressed. Obama means well, but his policies hurt job creation.

The president promised voters that his health care program would save families $2,500 per year. Problem: Premiums are almost $2,000 higher than they were when Obama signed the Affordable Care Act.

And, Romney argued, small-business owners tell him the Obamacare mandates keep them from hiring new workers.

Romney hit Obama hard on the president's failure to deliver on his promise to push for a comprehensive immigration bill in his first year in office. In fact, Obama did not push for said legislation during his first two years in office, when Democrats controlled the House and Senate.(Congress didn't vote on an immigration bill until the Republicans retook the House.)

It would have been nice if moderator Candy Crowley had corrected the president when he claimed otherwise.

Crowley did correct Romney when he said the president did not attribute the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya, this year to terrorism. Obama countered that he mentioned terrorism during remarks he made in the Rose Garden the following day.(Actually, the president said, "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for." Obama also suggested that efforts to "denigrate" Islam had a role in the attack -- the phony video scenario.)

Milford, CT

#775226 Oct 17, 2012
CunningLinguist wrote:
Poor Mittens, caught lying and chastised by Obama.
1. The inerrant bible trumps the constitution
2. Evolution and Global warming are a hoax
3. College students and those seeking education are snobs
4. Gay Americans are an abomination
5. Poor people deserve to be poor
6. Union workers are socialists
7. The unemployed are lazy parasites unwilling to work
8. 50% of Latinos are illegal until proven otherwise
9. Women using birth control are sluts
10. Corporations are people
GALLUP: Romney 51, Obama 45.

UPDATE: Undecided former Obama voters overwhelmingly chose Romney after last night’s debate.“I was not undecided between Obama and Romney. I was undecided between Romney and not voting.”

Indianapolis, IN

#775227 Oct 17, 2012
Will the Foreign Policy Debate Sink Romney?

Bill Kristol thinks that Romney’s performance in the last debate on foreign policy could determine whether Romney wins or loses the election:

Foreign policy isn’t Romney’s natural subject. It’s not his comfort zone. And it’s always more difficult for the challenger. Good. Romney will have to rise to the occasion.

This has remained one of Romney’s biggest weaknesses for a few reasons, the most important of which is that he simply hasn’t spent enough time or paid enough attention to these issues to be as well-versed in them as he should be. There are many things that aren’t Romney’s “natural” subjects, but he doesn’t struggle with any other kind of policy as much as he struggles with this one. As a former governor, it is understandable that he prefers talking about domestic policy issues, but favoring this preference has caused him to neglect foreign policy to a remarkable degree for someone who has been running for president since 2006. Until now, most voters likely haven’t noticed the result of this neglect, but they will see it in Monday’s debate.

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