Barack Obama, our next President

Barack Obama, our next President

There are 1536395 comments on the Hampton Roads Daily Press story from Nov 5, 2008, titled Barack Obama, our next President. In it, Hampton Roads Daily Press reports that:

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama cautioned. Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level, Obama smashed through racial barriers and easily defeated ...

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Greensboro, NC

#775120 Oct 17, 2012
Homer wrote:
<quoted text>Come on Dave, all the rightwingers posting on here are millionaires.
Not Peppy. I live in a brown paper bag in the middle of the road. You highfaluten liberals never seem to get the facts straight.

Since: Jul 08

We will not go gentle

#775122 Oct 17, 2012
Lily Boca Raton FL wrote:
overode is the proper term, sorry
Also the correct term for what Ann does to her horses--"Stop it! Just stop it. It's hard..."
Roofis wit da gold toofis

United States

#775126 Oct 17, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
Anyone else get the feeling the fox minions got their marching orders.
No, only Dumfcks like you. Now Weezy, take off your bedroom slippers and get a job!

“Amor patriae.”

Since: Feb 08

Eastern Oregon

#775127 Oct 17, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
Debil is a true warrior.
Trust me.
The baggers here will be chewing their limbs off to get away from him before long.
Debil's a fcuking joke. Granted, he can produce an impressive turd, but so can you. And as I said before, sh!t served with a silver spoon only impresses fellow sh!t-eaters. Sh!t in, sh!t out.
new yawk

Tonawanda, NY

#775129 Oct 17, 2012
Carol wouldn't know that I have ALREADY called out the republicans for many of their hypocrisies for attributing vile behavior ONLY to democrats when they themselves are guilty of that very same behavior.

Hell, I fought with the entire thread at The Bates Motel over this! And am now proud to be considered An Outlaw!

And, yes, I am proud to be considered as such.

Not a republican. An Outlaw!!!! Lol!! ;
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
Excuse me dumb carol but Yawkie is a proud republican.
She's just not insane like you baggers.
This gonna get ugly

Lombard, IL

#775130 Oct 17, 2012
No point in repeating myself

Greensboro, NC

#775131 Oct 17, 2012
Homer wrote:
<quoted text>Are you picking on dem again? If you manage to have him removed from this thread Homer will never speak to you again.
Hmm, is that all it takes? Wish you told me that back in 1992 when I first met you on the morning call site.

Dem is a booger head. WOO-HOO, Dem is a knuckle dragger. Sorry Dem, but I am looking at the big picture here. Need to go with the greater good.

Hamden, CT

#775133 Oct 17, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
Talk to yourself much?
Hate this Skynyrd song much?


Cincinnati, OH

#775134 Oct 17, 2012
Alloramadai wrote:
<quoted text>
Romney will continue to act like a fish out of water. Flipping and a flopping
Of course, he’s a flipper, but what do you believe Romney will say about involving our military in the Middle East?

I believe Romney’s a chicken hawk. He said that serving in the military is a way for children brought to the U.S. by “illegals” to become “legal” without having to “self-deport.”(I think those mental gymnastics mean that he would not make their lives so miserable that they would want to leave if they served in the military.) Perhaps there would even be a “Romney Youth” organization.
&fe ature=related&bpctr=135049 6501

Bethlehem, PA

#775138 Oct 17, 2012
Peppy wrote:
<quoted text>
Homer is all about self adulation. Perhaps a smaller mirror is in order.
Hey by the way, I have been meaning to ask you, what's up with that Fidel Castro campaign sign in your front yard? All the neighbors are curious.
That's not Fidel you muttering, mumbling, merchant of malfeasance, it's Romney with a beard. Do you need this magic marker back?

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#775139 Oct 17, 2012
RealDave wrote:
Mitt Romney says he had a balance budget as Governor of Msssachusets.
I don't now what it s about Right Whiners & budgets but they seem to think a balanced budget means everything is paid for.
Not true. When Romney left office as Governor, MA had the pleasure of ranking number one!! Number one in state debt.
Romney can't do what he did as Governor as President to balance the budget.
As Gov, Romney drastically increased revenues in Massachusetts. But he has signed a pledge to the lobbyist Norquist that he won't raise taxes.
He said he balanced the Olympic budget. He did it by contacting every department of the federal govern,et begging for money. The federal government bailed our the Olympics, not Romney.
Really, number one in debt, number 47 in job creation - this is the Tea Party's candidate?
"An organizer working in and for an open society is in an ideological dilemma to begin with, he does not have a fixed truth -- truth to him is relative and changing.”– Saul Alinsky

On this side of the fence between capitalism and the human social cancer Marxism, truth is fixed. Trith is a statement of fact. Here's some facts for you:

A balanced budget means there was, first, a goddam budget, something we haven't seen since Obama took office. Next, the revenue matches expenditures.
So, the first question for you is, did Romney balance the budget of his state?

There are differring opinions as to the importance of a budget. If you go into a crack house, or a household being supported by the government, you'll discover that nobody in those domiciles thinks a budget is important.
However, if you go into a house where it is being supported by a job, or into any business in the entire country, or any government around the world except for the government of the United States, you'll discover that every single one of those institutions think a budget is important.

How important is a balanced budget?
Not very important, according to Democrats who seem to think money grows on trees.

Now, let's get to your post:
How about you put some facts in your post, like what the numbers are.
You talk about balanced budget, which means you're talking about a DEFICIT. Then, you justify your ignorant blather by referencing a DEBT. I would guess you don't know the difference, yet you continue to run your ignorant mouth.
But, let's talk about the debt.
What was it when Romney took office?
What was it after Romney balanced the budget?
(to answer this, you actually have to put the numbers in your post.)

"But he has signed a pledge to the lobbyist Norquist that he won't raise taxes."
... reference?
And, so f**k*ng what? What's wrong with not raising taxes? That's what Obama is saying, too, you idiot.

And, here's one for you, too.
What was the budget for the Olympics Romney managed?
What was the expenditure?
What were the sources of revenue, and how much from each?
(again, you actually have to put numbers in your post to answer this.)

As I recall, Mass was 49th when Romney took office. He got Mass off the very bottom before he left office, wouldn't you say?

Shreveport, LA

#775140 Oct 17, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
Then tongue my balls like I'm your father, Jane you ignorant slut.
Dim! What's happnin' cuz? You still upset over me making a complete fool of you in front of all your flapper friends? Me and the boys still want you to come by the office and "chat"! LMAO

Cape Canaveral, FL

#775141 Oct 17, 2012
dem wrote:
Here's a question for Mitt Romney: Do you support equal pay for women?
This should be an easy question to answer, and the correct answer is "yes." Because this is America, and also the 21st century, and what kind of asshole actually says women don't deserve equal pay for equal work? Oh yeah. Right. The Republican kind.
During Tuesday's debate, Romney was asked about equal pay. But he never answered the question. Instead, in what has become typical Romney fashion, he explained what women really care about, because he's such an expert:
Yes he's such an expert that in 20 plus years in business in Mass, he didn't know any women capable of a cabinet position and had to call for "the binders."

Mitt is a bigger bullshyte artist than Newt and that's no easy chore.

I wonder if Mitt learned about "binders" while creating those millions of jobs at Staples?

“Amor patriae.”

Since: Feb 08

Eastern Oregon

#775142 Oct 17, 2012
dem wrote:
<quoted text>
Aren't you the 'impressive' old man that thought ranting about fist fights,knife fights, and gun battles somehiw made it true
It wasn't a rant, it was the truth.
new yawk

Tonawanda, NY

#775144 Oct 17, 2012
I agree.

And hey, if a picture of a bare chested fox threw her into a Hestian frenzy .. Imagine how she's freaking over Debil's imagery.

I've seen Debil topple a thread.

Their next move will be to try and have Debil banned.
Lily Boca Raton FL wrote:
<quoted text>
I think the Debils posts sent her over the edge.

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#775145 Oct 17, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
Its equal pay for equal work on an individual basis.
There is nothing that says the average pay of men & the average pay of men need to be equal.
If I have two sales men & two Sales women making $60K and a receptionist making 30K, Jeffy would claim that I am discriminating against women.
Nice try Jeffy. Next time get better informed.
So, all the analysis for the group promoting "equal pay" comes from annual income.
And, here you are justifying it by saying something like equal hourly wage.
If a woman takes more time off from work than a man, she will earn less money than a man. Annually, she earns less and the equal pay nuts use this to justify what they're promoting.
I work with many women engineers and scientists. I have worked around women engineers and scientists my entire professional life. An engineer and scientist are paid according to their experience. Gender has nothing to do with it.
I have never observed what the Democrats are telling me is everywhere.

Bethlehem, PA

#775146 Oct 17, 2012
new yawk wrote:
I agree.
And hey, if a picture of a bare chested fox threw her into a Hestian frenzy .. Imagine how she's freaking over Debil's imagery.
I've seen Debil topple a thread.
Their next move will be to try and have Debil banned.
<quoted text>
Homer has never had a Hestian frenzy. Peppy has them all the time or maybe it's just gas.

London, KY

#775147 Oct 17, 2012
Winner: Romney--Under 1 minute overage violation

Debate over -Now everyone go home-LOL

Violation: Late Finish. Violator: Crowley, Obama, Romney, the crowd, the stage crew, the ticket takers, and anyone else who was within 100 yards of this thing. Rule: Article 5, Section A: "Each debate shall last for ninety (90) minutes, with the time commencing from the start of the moderator's opening to the conclusion of the moderator's closing."


Dearborn, MI

#775148 Oct 17, 2012
I'm going to vote for obama because I'm a kneeGrow too, and I have wet dreams of my father too.

“Constitutionalis t”

Since: Dec 10

Spring, TX

#775149 Oct 17, 2012
RealDave wrote:
<quoted text>
If Congress passed the ban, Obama would sign it. The problem is that the NRA has made it political poison to talk about guns.
Tell us what the excuse was when the Democrats had a supre majority in the Senate and a dominant majority in the House.

Maybe that's something else Obama needs some flexibility with after the election.

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