awwww stop your whining already.

this out of control murder crap been going on in Chicago for years and your just now noticing the level of violence?

where have you been all these years?

look no one on the planet surface gives a big fat rats rear end how many black people are shot killed or wounded by out of control black & illegal immigrant drug dealers on the south side of Chicago. its been going on for years even the black community doesn't care or they would have taken action years ago.

Look Obozo, his fuzzy headed attorney general, da mayor, chief of the donut eating, fat, over paid under preforming ,union, inept, parking ticket writing chicago police, Jessie fillmypocketsfirst Jackson, al notso Sharpton, NAACP, PETA, congressional n word caucus the black panthers ,no one cares.

in fact the funeral directors , grave diggers and ammo shop owners on the south side love the increase in business.

so you just keep voting for more democrats and the killing will just go on an on.

God, black people are dumb