Chicago, city of broad strictures

Chicago, city of broad strictures

There are 319 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jun 28, 2008, titled Chicago, city of broad strictures. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Chicago's grit is the stuff of legend. The city's hard-scrabble history conjures images of wind-beaten dock hands; rugged immigrants working punishing factory jobs; and 500 acres of slaughterhouses and their ...

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Hammond, IN

#312 Jun 30, 2008
I can't wait for that Chicago Crook Obama to get elected. When we're all forced to do Community Service & we're paying even more taxes to support all these lazy good-for-nothing Mooches & scum bags this country will finally be Utopia just like the Socialist's promise us.

Chicago, IL

#313 Jun 30, 2008
I've noticed that most of those supporting Chicago's nanny state laws are writing their comments from cities that aren't Chicago.

Cincinnati, OH

#314 Jun 30, 2008
Carl Segvich wrote:
Chicago is absolutely horrible.
To deny it is to be afraid to confront your neighbor who has clout with the Daley Liberal democrat party political mafia.
Tomorrow we as a scumbag city, sponsor the annual homosexual day parade, championing alternative lifestyles to innocent impressionable children, instead of allowing children to grow up in traditional American-valued families.
Politically speaking, the liberal Daley mob is one cabal of cowardly scum; not just scum, but cowardly scum. they can't debate; they have no intellectual honesty. They are morally bankrupt.
P.S. However, it's not simply the political pimps' faults. someone has to be the political wwhore$s! Remember? We get the gov't we desereve!
Carl Segvich Republican Committeeman of Chicago's 11th Ward
Oh you mean traditional values like misogyny and homophobia and racism? Mayberry never existed pal, so good luck trying to bring it back. As far as the nanny-state socialists go, you're right on, but you're just as bad from the other side, so pull the plank out of your eye.

Cincinnati, OH

#315 Jun 30, 2008
blue state wrote:
so basically it's hard to be an obese waste of space smoker with a gun in chicago.. how sad, arrest daley (you people are pathetic btw).
instead of focusing our anger on things that actually help us, what about the things that truly affect our quality of life? Pathetic transportation, the criminal towing and parking fines, etc.?
The ability of a private business owner to run his business as HE sees fit is an important issue. And last I checked an unpleasant smell was no reason to create a law. Methane is poisonous too, but you don't outlaw public flatulence.

Cincinnati, OH

#316 Jun 30, 2008
Better not let Daley see my last post, he might get ideas.
Sox fan

Chicago, IL

#317 Jun 30, 2008
Jan wrote:
This seems like an extremely vague article to be making such sweeping negative statements about this town. What was the methodology used in this "study"? How did they count and weight the supposedly invasive laws and what didn't count as restrictive? Did Chicago get penalized, for instance, for its tax code or building code or laws regarding licensing political demonstrations? What exactly? Don't expect people to be outraged if you give one or two notorious popular examples and don't explain how Chicago "ranks last," world's yellowest newspaper.
All you need to do to get a whiff of the corruption in Chicago is take your head out of your as s once in awhile. But put it back quick b/c Im sure the city stinks more than your bottom!

Chicago, IL

#318 Jun 30, 2008
Doesn't surprise me. This place is run by Democrats.

Mount Pleasant, SC

#319 Jun 30, 2008
Leave it to Beavers wrote:
<quoted text>
I love the logic here. "Every City has its ghettos". Lol. So if that's the case then, it's O.K. to have ghettos. Lol. Public school curiculae exemplifies the pinnacle of ignorance.
Absolutely is okay. Someone has to be poor otherwise wouldn't we be living in a communist state?

Just wishing the ghettos away cannot possibly make it so. Now look whose ignorant. And by the way, I have a master's degree you intellectual snob.

Gilbert, AZ

#320 Jun 30, 2008
Irony totally, completely lost. Liberals LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE GUNS!!!! They love them to frickin' DEATH! They want to point them at everybody, though they lack the balls to handle them themselves. They just hire goons, er, cops, to do the dirty work, and viola! No one can smoke in a bar! No one can have their own gun to protect themselves! No one can make their own decisions about how to use their property, what to eat, how much to drink, how to get around, who to fuck or how to educate their kids, on and on and on and on...

What the hell is LIBERAL about that? Nothing! It is TOTALITARIAN, which is what the freedom hating left wants, just like New Labor's elf 'n' safety in England, this miserable nanny state paternalism for cowardly panty-wastes scared shitless of their own kids will sweep the land.

Oh, but you GOP douchebags don't get off that easy, you losers are so scared that someone might be getting high and performing oral sex on a member of the same gender, you're apoplectic! You know what's bad for families? WAR!! Yeah, dead fathers and mothers, long deployments and a wink from the milkman, recruiters in junior high, Dad coming home minus his legs or half his brain, Mom high on Prozac after being victimized by her "brothers in arms" and the sexual assault excused and covered up by her commanders, these things threaten the sanctity of the family far more than some mullahs in Iran! Hell, McCain dumped his first wife 'cause she got hurt in a car accident while he was busy making propaganda movies for his Hanoi hosts. She was too crippled and fat for an up-and-comer like ol' Mac!

I swear, you Savage notion morons, you'll advocate any level of surveillance and control! You're terrified there's a goddamned Al-Queda under your bed! What a joke! Hey kids, government ain't the solution, it is the PROBLEM! It is terrorism, it is violence, it is POINTING GUNS AT PEOPLE TO FORCE THEM TO BEND TO YOUR WILL BECAUSE THEY FEAR FOR THEIR FREEDOM AND SAFETY. Is that what you which your fair city to be known for?

Macomb, IL

#321 Jul 1, 2008
Best piece I've read on the infantalization of Illinois (it's not just Chicago). Maybe it's time meddling non-profits start paying taxes; they love to complain about how much our cost of living is due to "vice", let them start paying their share of the enforcement.
Butts Wagner

Mansfield, MA

#322 Jul 1, 2008
AGW wrote:
Chicago in last place among cities to do dirt in? I'll take it. That's called progress.
You have it backwards. More restrictions mean greater rewards for those who "do dirt." This means that illegal activity is increased because of increased restrictions. That's called increased criminalization. Yeah, real progress.

Fort Worth, TX

#323 Jul 2, 2008
Damn I'm supposed to go to the school of the art institute, way to go Buzz McKillington now I have to stop smoking and avoid alchohol, what is a college boy supposed to do with out those two? Study/ Ppppp! please.

just kidding about the study thing.

Fort Worth, TX

#324 Jul 2, 2008
Butts Wagner wrote:
<quoted text>
You have it backwards. More restrictions mean greater rewards for those who "do dirt." This means that illegal activity is increased because of increased restrictions. That's called increased criminalization. Yeah, real progress.
Thank you for setting the record straight. Why should we suffer? We don't pay our taxes to have the government tell us how to live.

Fort Worth, TX

#325 Jul 2, 2008
I think this article demonstrates how politicians don't give to sh*ts about us, the citizens who elect them. May I remind you Richard Daleys and Laura Millers out there that we can kick you out at anytime. Oh wait I forgot you're way too busy protecting us from pot smoking, excessive drinking, no good gun toting homosexual terrorists. Way to go you convinced me that the words that come out of your filthy f*cking mouths mean nothing to me. I'm glad I don't vote, there is no difference between these two parties that claim they follow their principals BULLSH1T. I'm ashamed that we the citizens don't have the checks and balances of power that these politicians have, how can you call America a free country when we can't fire people who mess with us. Keep on voting america because uncle sam wants your power and he's getting it faster than ever thanks in part of the politicians we elect who end up making laws that disrupt our way of life, we create criminals thanks to the drug way and at the same time we want to take away the right to protect ourselves from the criminals that our government creates, Yap that sound like freedom.

Fort Worth, TX

#326 Jul 2, 2008
"we create criminals thanks to the drug (way)"

I meant to spell DRUG LAWS.

forgive me if you got confused.
Chicago LoudMouth

Chicago, IL

#327 Jul 5, 2008
F**K Daley and his 50 special interest kissups! Especially the 50 sheep kissers! They're all in bed with each other. There's proof, but it's just buried and ignored.

We don't have republicans anymore, we have undercover libs who pose as republicans! Long live the right wing! I'm not a child and can make my own decisions so get your laws off of my body!

Mount Pleasant, SC

#328 Jul 6, 2008
MSM wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry, but you're actually known for having the worst corruption problem in the US aside from MAYBE Miami and New Orleans.
But I only lived in Chicago for 20 years, so I might have missed something.
Speaking from someone who lives in High Bridge. That puny little crossroads in the middle of NJ, the worst state in the US! I know, I used to live in Far Hills. The worst 10 years of my life!!! I would take Chicago over NJ any day!!! You don't see Newark, Trenton or Bayonne competing for the Olympics, now do you?

Colorado Springs, CO

#329 Jul 8, 2008
"Home to traders, tech geeks, domestic terrorists with no remorse, pastors who teach racial hatred for decades and legislators running for president that molded this 'society' in insanity and promise much more of it for the entire country.
Jack Wilson

Chicago, IL

#330 Jul 15, 2008
The article didn't even get into how the Democrat nannies are rewriting plays now (Jersey Boys) to remove any traces of cigarettes. If Republicans did this, it would be called 'shredding the constitution'.

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