Can we believe that our foreign, and domestic Embassy's(Assets) are in peril, or is this a way for our President to "Save Face" over the going's on of late. He does have a track record of trying to muddy the waters when it comes to the facts in question when it doesn't look positive toward him or his office. He is the complete "I" man when he can take full credit for something positive that he just happened to be in office when said event happened. But, if something negative happens that maybe even he causes, or has a hand in he seems to have the ability of either backing away from or blaming someone else for.

So, which is it this time? Yes, he did end all terrorism, or no he did not end all terrorism? Your pick. His statement was that he did end all terrorism, and the number one man is dead.

Next, we have the NSA mess. Congress wants to cut some of their budget. Now, all of a sudden their work is relevant. They have picked up chatter, and we must save lives. Can't cut their budget now. Hmmmm, have to wonder about the timing on this one. Question, where were they during the Benghazi murders? They were up, and running then too?!

Next, we must close the Embassy's for one day- Sunday. Question, what happens when we open on Monday? Next day report- We will close all of next week. Well, that solves that problem. Timing, again.

Next, we have learned from Benghazi. That will never happen again. That will make the taxpayers feel all better about the four Americans we left to die. This way we will appear safety first for all our people. We are hero's again.

So, what do you think? Fact or Fiction? Is this Threat Real or Fantasy to save someone's Face? Can we trust our officials, or is this just another way of appeasing the voters who pay their salaries?

Remember elections are on the horizon.