got a great idea for jobs forda hood.

since the south side of da city is drug sales heaven lets make it an offical tourist drug sales area.

we are working with unions on this issue now.
the international brotherhood of amalagamated drug dealers and storm door repair men local 16664738K are studing the porposal at an undiscloused resort site in Miami.

the plan as outlined would look like this.

seal off the south side let them sell drugs or what ever 24/7 just as they are doing now. advertise all over the country and tourist will flock in.

get the big fat unmarried welfare mothers involved as runners, curriers, sales reps, inventory management and quality control folks.
they get off walfare and earn a great living.

da gangs could use the extra profits to build day care centers in the hood get them crack babies used to some good stuff create a GNU generation of users, insuruing future sales in da hood.

this new business model will cut down on shooting in da hood cause now everyone in da hood is on the same team selling drugs..

the chicago cops will have even less work to do than they do now so they can spend more time at the coffee shop dreaming up new damands they don't deserve,

or the cops could work on the staggering backlog of unsolved homocide cases they have..

we expect an answer from the drug selling union shortly.

This plan sounds like a win win for the hood, parents in da hood and drug buyers sellers