The rush to clear police in shootings

The rush to clear police in shootings

There are 445 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Dec 4, 2007, titled The rush to clear police in shootings. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

On a summer night in 2003, two patrol cars pulled over a driver in front of his South Side home for running a stop sign.

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Chicago, IL

#2 Dec 4, 2007
Any takers on how long it will be before Chicago has the Police Force from Demolition Man?

Woodridge, IL

#3 Dec 4, 2007
How can you explain, overlook or justify the actions of CPD? I guess Bolingbrook is not the only town that have a blind eye to their own.
Someone who knows

Chicago, IL

#5 Dec 4, 2007
The Chicago Tribune, the Devil in Disguise. Shame on you and shame on these ignorant, T.V.watching juries that think everything works like CSI. Well I got news, it doesn't. These officers ought to be commended for the job they do and the filth they have to deal with. Why don't you Mr. Monday Morning Quarterback strap on the gun belt and pin the badge on, kiss your family goodbye not knowing if you'll ever return to see them and then have to make split second decisions to spare yours or another's life. Shame on you. Shame on all you judgmental fools. You are all the sheep being protected by the Sheepdog, the Police. The wolves are at your door and you are too busy trying to kill the sheepdog. If you honestly believe the garbage that is reported in this fable of a story,or the "witness" accounts or the lying lawyers that want to make you believe that the police carry drop guns or that fingerprints always tell the true tale then you are all truly misguided fools. May God protect all you urban soldiers from the criminals as well as the predators they call the press. There day will come too Officer, and when it does, hopefully the wolves will enjoy a nice hearty feast.
Disgusting Media

Highland, IN

#6 Dec 4, 2007
That's right, continue to try and help discredit the police deapartment and the officers who serve this city. You fail to realize you are talking about a very small percentage of the 13,500 officers in the CPD, yet you continue to discourage the hard working rank and file by repeatedly publishing your articles about rogue cops, unjustified shootings, and other police conduct. These articles continually cause good, hard working police officers to be less proactive and less motivated for fear of making an honest mistake and having it repeatedly published in every newspaper and repeatedly played on every news station. I absolutely believe those rogue cops' actions are inexcusable and cause discredit upon the department. I am disgusted by the fact that you armchair quarterbacks have the gall to question an officer's split second decision based on life or death to the officer, without completely examining both sides. Just once I would like to see the media give a police awards ceremony the same amount of coverage that is given to police scandals. Something positive that shows the good work Chicago Police Officers do on a daily basis, something that goes completely unrecognized by most media outlets. You cowards sit behind a desk and play Monday morning quarterback, try getting out from behind that computer and get in a squad car and see what it's like on these streets from a first hand perspective, make sure you bring a change of underpants- you'll need them before you make it to lunch. I can assure you that none of you have ever stared down the wrong end of a firearm, while processing more thoughts in a split second than a reporter could put on paper in a week. Instead of trying to further weaken the citizens trust in the police deaprtment by continually writing negative articles, why don't you try to help promote trust by publishing success stories related to the police.... oh that's right positive articles don't sell newspapers only controversial crap does.

Chicago, IL

#9 Dec 4, 2007
I wonder if Sam Roe, David Heinzmann and Steve Mills would be willing to participate in the Officer Survival portion of the Police Academy? See how well they do and maybe they can write up a full scale report justifying all their actions! I would LOVE to see that.

Chicago, IL

#12 Dec 4, 2007
First and forremost, when it comes to a police involved shooting the officer is justified in using deadly force when he/she reasonably (reasonable for a police officer) believes his/her life or the life of another is in danger of death or great bodily harm.

With that said....if within those few seconds of time there was enough happening to put that officer in fear of death or great bodily harm, then any other factors that emerge through the investigation are mute. The officer puts the TOTALITY of circumstances together in a split second to decide to shoot or not to shoot.

Secondly, just because someone is shot in the back does not mean that the shooting was not justified. Offenders shoot at police or aim a gun at the police over their shoulder while running from the police quite often. An officer shooting that offender is going to shoot him/her in the back and it is COMPLETELY justified.

Lawyers can take a shooting scene and Monday morning quarterback it to death and come up with 1000 conspiracy theories on how the police tracked all of these dirtbags down and executed them for all sorts of crazy reasons, because they know they can convince a jury of 12 to see a career criminal who was going to kill a police officer as a victim and that his/her poor family should receive millions because the big bad police killed their "whatever" for no good reason.

Lets wake up and smell the coffee folks! The police do not go looking to shoot people, they do not hunt down innocent civilians for target practice. They work in the roughest areas, with the most dangerous people and do what is necessary to go home to their families every night!

“Tah Dah!”

Since: Nov 07


#14 Dec 4, 2007
This is the worst piece of garbage I have read yet by the Tribune. All three of these "journalists" should have their degrees taken away.

Journalisms means you represent BOTH sides of a story and let a reader make an informed decision.

This was the worst hit piece yet in a culture that loves to attack it's police.

Keep attacking your police, see what happens. Tie their hands and make them all stop working for fear some Monday Morning Quarterbacks will try to send them to prison. You'll see them all lay down and just do the bare minimum.

The criminals will see it too and violent crime will run rampant. Come back to the police and beg them to take control of the streets again, see how far you get.


Chicago, IL

#15 Dec 4, 2007
" If everyone knew how many MILLIONS the city pays every year(in court sealed settlements), they would know why the city is broke"

Everyone should know, that was the topic of one of the last articles bashing the police. BTW, it's cheaper for the City to settle than it is for them to fight any of these "cases" in Court. Just like the fancy lawyers chasing the ambulances... guess what?$$?

Woodridge, IL

#16 Dec 4, 2007
I like the police. Thanks to them we live in a free country. We don't get lashed every time we do something wrong. We have a system of checks and balances to keep over 99% of police honest. Most of the cry babies including the ones that sue the city, our criminals and liars. Police keep up the great work.

“Tah Dah!”

Since: Nov 07


#19 Dec 4, 2007
Go to the unofficial CPD website:

It is written by and for working police officers, not the bosses and politicians.

See what they have to say about this article.
dwayne richards_ nwk-nyc

New York, NY

#23 Dec 5, 2007
As a prospective Firefighter, citizen, and someone committed to service to the community, I am a fan of all Police department. I understand that the media meddles with information to sell stories. I also understand the difficulty working in neighborhoods where you tiptoe between serving and punishing.
The role of Police office is difficult and not getting much easier.
With all that said, this article saddens me, because if taken at face value, it paints a picture not of a corrupt police force, but of one with limited checks and balances. One system that was hidden, and now gives ammunition to those that can use their words unwisely and paint an entire department as unjust. This makes the Cops' job no simpler. This makes leadership's job no easier. This makes the community no less worried.
I hope my vision is limited because No one wins with this article at this current time.
loyalty over honesty?
still haven't figured that one out yet.
Diane Joritz

United States

#25 Dec 5, 2007
Have you ever worn a CPD uniform & worked the streets?

How many civilians are killed in Iraq? How many soldier are killed in Iraq?
a Mom

Schaumburg, IL

#26 Dec 5, 2007
You do a great disservice to all Chicago police officers by continually printing negative articles about the department. A majority of the officers are good cops, doing a thankless job. Consider what the city would be like if no one wanted to do this dangerous,'damned if you do, damned if you don't' job. Why not try printing something positive for once? Or would it be too much of a journalist effort to seek out the good things about the people and the department?

Aurora, IL

#34 Dec 5, 2007
I am surprised at the Tribune. You guys are lowering your standards to the level of skewed reporting done by the Slum Times. What's next? Are you guys going to woo Moprah Mitchell over to change your demographic? Terrible article...shame on the editors for allowing this garbage in your paper.
Clean Hands

Chicago, IL

#35 Dec 5, 2007
The police in Chicago is equally bad compared to say Mexican police. Corrupt and incompetent. Their wrongdoing keeps unpunished. Somehow this fits in the pattern of corrupted local Chicago and Illinois state goverment and politics. Time for "Operation Clean Hands" executed for a fully 100%.

New York, NY

#38 Dec 5, 2007

Where is Obama on the cops beating up an innocent bartender - he never responded - he's our f'ing Senator in a city where there is a "police state".

Again, Daley is going to get nailed on this one. From a rusted out transit system to all these cops getting off on murder charges - it is time for a change. Lots of ex-marines coming back from Iraq - maybe they need a job and we can get rid of the “good ol’ boys system”!

Chicago Citizen
I said Ha

Woodridge, IL

#40 Dec 5, 2007
Johnnie Walker Blue wrote:
Go to the unofficial CPD website:
It is written by and for working police officers, not the bosses and politicians. See what they have to say about this article.
you mean, like this?

"Anonymous said...Dont complain if you are out there risking your livelihhod and get one cares..what else will it take???

The animals in the ghetto will always be let them.

Its funny when senior media people get robbed they all come running to the CPD demanding special attention..and this has happened recently..they know the ghetto rats are vicious but would rather sell newspapers then tell the truth of how violent the citizens in this city really are!!

If you are proactive and get jammed....fu....what else will it take...we are on our own idiots. We have lost ...wave the liberal flag proudly...the good fight is over!!!! 12/05/2007 12:59:00 AM"

soooo, it's good to know there are no racist attitudes in the CPD. "ghetto animals.: nice. thanks for the link.
I said Ha

Woodridge, IL

#41 Dec 5, 2007
Johnnie Walker Blue wrote:
Go to the unofficial CPD website: It is written by and for working police officers, not the bosses and politicians. See what they have to say about this article.
or this?

"Anonymous said... Great, now civilians and reverands will be on roundtables, along with Tribune reporters and the whole thing will be webcasted and televised to the public guaranteeing police get indicted for every shooting. I am laying down until this attack your police culture has ended. You get the bare minimum from me, ansering my calls, that is all. Anyone intrested in keeping their job/pension/house/freedom would be wise to follow me!! 12/05/2007 01:06:00 AM"

"...I am laying down until this attack your police culture has ended. You get the bare minimum from me, ansering my calls, that is all. "

semper fi!
Protected by the police

Chicago, IL

#42 Dec 5, 2007
I do not think i was clear - I am sure a person was shot by the police under innocent circustances, but I do not believe that person is completely innocent. When you live a life of drugs, gangbanging, etc, you are an automatic threat to those around you, including police officers. The the police feel a bit threatened when they have to deal with you. That is your fault. It is the life you choose and life you lead that puts you in that situation.

Indianapolis, IN

#43 Dec 5, 2007
i'm surprised any white officer would go to a black ghetto. the racism is unreal!!

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