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#1 Oct 13, 2012
DEAR AMY: I am a high school student. My math teacher has been telling us stories that are in the news. I wouldn't normally be seeing this as a bad thing, but the stories he tells us are grotesque and very disturbing.

After reading the "highlights" of the article, he mocks them! He read us a story about an athlete who killed himself. I thought this was very sad, but my teacher said how dumb it was that because this athlete didn't get a medal, he killed himself.

In addition to reading these horror stories to us every other day, he sometimes shows us pictures to go with the story.

I feel awful in that class with a teacher constantly mocking the dead. It's impossible to concentrate on the actual lesson he's teaching with all this running through my head. I want to tell him to back off, but he's the type of person to tell the whole school about it. Also, I don't want to make a big deal out of this. That would be even worse because everyone would know. I've tried plugging my ears and shutting my eyes. What should I do?-- Upset

DEAR UPSET: You need to see this as a big deal because it is a big deal. Your teacher has strayed very far off the lesson plan, and is introducing his own personal and disturbing thoughts and imagery, which definitely don't have anything to do with math. He's soaking up class time and distracting you (and other students).

I realize you don't want to raise this issue with him (because he sounds like a bully). But this is important. Your parents, guidance counselor and school administration should know what is going on. You should try to be removed from the class and -- in my opinion, anyway -- this teacher should be removed from the classroom.

DEAR AMY: I have a serious problem. My neighbor, who is this very old lady, asks me to take her garbage out every time I pass her front door to get into my apartment. She doesn't say "please" or "thank you" and she just expects me to take her garbage out every time!

I'm a nice guy and don't like to be rude to old people, but now I'm getting anxiety attacks every time I have to go back to my apartment.

What should I do?-- Nice Guy

DEAR GUY: If you really, truly want to be a nice guy (and not just think of yourself as a nice guy), you will simply accept that this encounter will happen and open your heart to be your neighbor's garbage-helper. If you accept this as your little neighborly "mitzvah," your anxiety will be relieved because you won't feel ambushed. You'll expect it.

You can control this process by introducing yourself. Also ask her name. Then you can say, "Well, Mrs. Clark, how about you leave this bag outside in the morning and I'll take it downstairs on my way out. Would that work?"

If your neighbor seems to be having problems you would consider more extreme, or if she seems confused or impaired, tell your building's manager.

DEAR AMY: You sure do get some tough questions, Amy. They really get me thinking.

You had a letter from an "Upset Uncle," who had a family of six visiting his home. On their last night they went out to dinner and left Uncle with the check.

But what if Uncle had suggested going out to the restaurant in the first place -- and the family was more or less trapped into going there? What are you supposed to do if you are a guest and your host suggests an expensive meal, which you can't afford?-- Mary

DEAR MARY: I think the answer is to always do your best to be honest -- even when it's awkward. This "Upset Uncle" said that he was happy to pick up the check, but he didn't like the assumption that he would do so. Mainly, he wanted to feel appreciated -- which is really what we all want.

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#2 Oct 13, 2012
L1: Report him to your parents and/or the principal. What a creeper! And current events have zero to do with math, so I wonder how he's justifying these macabre tangents.

L2: Open your mouth and let words come out: "Sorry, I'm in a hurry." "Sorry, I'm busy right now." etc.

“reign in blood”

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#3 Oct 13, 2012
1- Oh boo hoo, there are real, serious problems in the world. Keeping your head in the sand with your fingers in your ears and singing la la la isn't going to make them go away. Welcome to reality.

San Bernardino, CA

#4 Oct 13, 2012
LW1 - Why is the teacher dealing with news stories during a MATH lesson? He is supposed to be teaching math. You are missing out on your education. Report this to the principal or have your parents do so.

LW2 - This is a SERIOUS problem? That an older neighbor lady asks you to take out her trash and doesn't say please or thank you? I want your life, where this is the most serious issue you have to deal with.

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#5 Oct 13, 2012
2 If the thought of taking out the trash is making you anxious about going home, your a spineless wimp anyway. I got no sympathy for you.

“reign in blood”

Since: May 09

Bronx, NY

#6 Oct 13, 2012
RACE wrote:
2 If the thought of taking out the trash is making you anxious about going home, your a spineless wimp anyway. I got no sympathy for you.
Maybe he should keep a baby blanket with him!

Brooklyn, NY

#7 Oct 13, 2012
L2: Just how much garbage can one little old lady generate, anyway?

“reign in blood”

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#8 Oct 13, 2012
liner wrote:
L2: Just how much garbage can one little old lady generate, anyway?
Could be a lot if she wears Depends.

Plant City, FL

#9 Oct 13, 2012
1: As an educator, I have a duty to try and see both sides...many teachers use current events (yes, even math) to garner discussion and use it as a springboard for their curriculum (yes, even math). I am English and it's much easier.
Mocking is unacceptable, but I have spent 11 years teaching and see how quickly and frighteningly easy a teen can twist something innocuous into the worst offense possible. I would need to observe a lesson before flaming the teacher. If the LW is accurate, he needs spoken to.

2: It's not the simple act, it's the anticipation of what he will expect. I won't needlessly attack him for that. However, he doesn't want to be rude to (old) people (I'll bet anyone) so he can be the doormat or use his words. She may get crabby but that's the risk we take when we don't allow others to mistreat us--you can bet they will throw it back on us.

“Where is Tonka?”

Since: Feb 09

Neda, stay with me! Charlie

#10 Oct 13, 2012
I hope she double bags them...
edogxxx wrote:
<quoted text>
Could be a lot if she wears Depends.

Chicago, IL

#11 Oct 13, 2012
LW1: A math teacher should teach MATH. There is NO overlap here with "current events" (especially in the disturbing way he is doing it).

This idiot-with-an-agenda needs to be reported/removed from the classroom asap.

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