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There are 197202 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jan 8, 2009, titled BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen.... In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider Friday whether to take up a lawsuit challenging President-elect Barack Obama 's U.S. citizenship, a continuation of a New Jersey case embraced by some opponents of Obama's ...

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Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#126392 Nov 13, 2012
NO more American Lady wrote:
Richard Charnin’s post-mortem – slightly mathematical, but well worth noting. Election fraud still exists, and it nearly denied a second term to President Obama.
Charnin stands proud for his accurate prediction of 332 EVs – along with John Zogby who predicted 339.
Both Charnin and Zogby use different methods for their analyses, and both are to be commended for the accuracy of their percipience.
Michael Carmichael
Election Model Post-Mortem: Exactly right at 332 EV
By Richard Charnin
But Obama did much better than that, just as he did much better than his 365 EV in 2008.
The recorded result was confirmed in the model.
Obama had 332 electoral votes based on the recorded vote total – not the True Vote.
Obama was able once again to overcome the built-in FRAUD FACTOR, which would be reflected by a red-shift in the UNADJUSTED EXIT POLLS. But to paraphrase what Alec Baldwin told the real-estate salesmen in the famous opening scene of the classic film Glen Garry Glen Ross:
“These are the unadjusted exit polls. They are gold – but you don’t get them. They’re for NEP only”.
How strong your patriotism! Once named "American Lady", is now "No More American" Lady because you picked the wrong horse. How patriotic to let your country down just because the man who thinks you are an abomination (Our father comes to mind) lost. He had no concession speech ready, ha ha. Go on your way to Moscow or Teheran, traitor.
Therealnews com

Islip, NY

#126393 Nov 13, 2012
Christie-Palin2012 wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, I don't know you that well. Now the first time I would not fire them. It would be a verbal warning. Second offence would be a written reprimand and the third, well there would be no way a teachers union would allow me to fire any teachers who had bashed a Democrat. Not sure about if he had bashed a Republican
The President’s Opening Bid on a Grand Bargain: Aim High
By Robert Reich / November 12, 2012 /
I hope the President starts negotiations over a “grand bargain” for deficit reduction by aiming high. After all, he won the election. And if the past four years has proven anything it’s that the White House should not begin with a compromise.

Assuming the goal is $4 trillion of deficit reduction over the next decade (that’s the consensus of the Simpson-Bowles commission, the Congressional Budget Office, and most independent analysts), here’s what the President should propose:
First, raise taxes on the rich – and by more than the highest marginal rate under Bill Clinton or even a 30 percent (so-called Buffett Rule) minimum rate on millionaires. Remember: America’s top earners are now wealthier than they’ve ever been, and they’re taking home a larger share of total income and wealth than top earners have received in over 80 years.

Why not go back sixty years when Americans earning over $1 million in today’s dollars paid 55.2 percent of it in income taxes, after taking all deductions and credits? If they were taxed at that rate now, they’d pay at least $80 billion more annually — which would reduce the budget deficit by about $1 trillion over the next decade. That’s a quarter of the $4 trillion in deficit reduction right there.

A 2% surtax on the wealth of the richest one-half of 1 percent would bring in another $750 billion over the decade. A one-half of 1 percent tax on financial transactions would bring in an additional $250 billion.

Add this up and we get $2 trillion over ten years — half of the deficit-reduction goal.
Raise the capital gains rate to match the rate on ordinary income and cap the mortgage interest deduction at $12,000 a year, and that’s another $1 trillion over ten years. So now we’re up to $3 trillion in additional revenue.

Eliminate special tax preferences for oil and gas, price supports for big agriculture, tax breaks and research subsidies for Big Pharma, unnecessary weapons systems for military contractors, and indirect subsidies to the biggest banks on Wall Street, and we’re nearly there.

End the Bush tax cuts on incomes between $250,000 and $1 million, and — bingo — we made it:$4 trillion over 10 years.

And we haven’t had to raise taxes on America’s beleaguered middle class, cut Social Security or Medicare and Medicaid, reduce spending on education or infrastructure, or cut programs for the poor.
Mr. President, I’d recommend this as your opening bid. With enough luck and pluck, maybe even your closing bid. And if enough Americans are behind you, it could even be the final deal./

Sanders: Going Over 'Fiscal Cliff' Better than Bad Tax Deal
Senator says new Congress could recover 'in the first month or two'
November 12, 2012 /
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said Monday that if the lame-duck Congress can't agree on a tax deal by the end of the year, briefly going over the "fiscal cliff" is preferable to accepting a bad deal.
“Is it better to deal with this issue in the next session rather than accept a bad agreement in this session?” Sanders said during a press conference at his Burlington office. "Yes, it is.”/
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#126394 Nov 13, 2012
Guru wrote:
this is just the beginning. Everything obama does is fraud, lies, theft, forgeries,...
Multiple newspapers reporting this....
"This election was thrown massively".... ? A joke, an unfunny joke like you.

"Multiple newspapers reporting this...." Name one, dreamer. One respectable one, not your supermarket sensationalist rags.

“On Deck”

Since: Aug 08

French Polynesia

#126396 Nov 13, 2012
That woman who is at the epicenter of the Gen. Petraeus' sex scandal reminds me of a cross between a dominatrix and Cruella de Ville.
His resignation 3 days following the presidential election smacks of an Obama administration cover-up.
Benghazi is not going away.
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#126397 Nov 13, 2012
LRS wrote:
Splatter, go change your depends. You're reeking badly.
I see the sedative is wearing off. NURSE RATCHED, ON THE DOUBLE, the blob is freaking out. Says he's warrior patriot again. PLEASE HURRY.
Learn to Read

Indianapolis, IN

#126398 Nov 13, 2012
Dear Texas

We know that there are more than 25 million residents in your fair State (25,674,681 est as of 2011). However, some 25,000 persons claiming to be residents of Texas and Citizens of this great country have clicked on an Internet petition requesting that we cut you lose. Sure that is less than one-tenth of one percent of your population, but, after all, this is not a Democracy. Anyway, we've talked it over and trying to decide whether to part ways or just ship out that 0.09 percent of you that don't want to be part of this country. We're starting a new online poll to help us decide.

Click here to vote to cut Texas lose:

Or here to deport the sniveling few: w
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#126399 Nov 13, 2012
Uda wrote:
<quoted text>
Haha. you're hilarious. where'd this come from? from the depths of your bowels? Glad you were successful in getting out. You must feel better.
He's not reading, he's busy playing "switch".
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#126400 Nov 13, 2012
Guru wrote:
<quoted text>
Time to out Terri Tanna the tuna again folks. The class will enjoy you response. Here we have Terri talking about "The Calculus"...
"How do you describe your level of proficiency in The Calculus (differential and integral) that is the ENTIRE LANGUAGE OF ECONOMICS TODAY?" as she says in the above.
...yet I'll bet she has absolutely NO CLUE WHATSOEVER what that means, how to apply it, how it applies to current economics and that she cannot explain in plain english a simple example of how it is used.
So, let's TEST her to see if she knows what she is talking about, or if she is just posting BS to try and impress folks here in order to (she thinks) impress you. I bet she is absolutely clueless in calculus and the economy. This simple exercise will prove that.
So, here we go.
OK Terri, please use a simple model like making ...bricks. Please tell us all how making bricks (or anything else) relates to the following concepts in "the calculus" as you call it in terms of economics:
price point,
economics and cost & revenue and profit
fixed costs vs variable costs
revenue as it relates to linear and non-linear costs
break even point
constant fixed costs
instantaneous velocity
instantaneous rate of change
You should have NO PROBLEM with this simple explanation and discussion since you constantly refer to "The Calculus" and how it relates to economics. These are the most basic fundamentals of economics as related to calculus and it's explaining of the different aspects of the economic model.
You are being graded on this simple exercise, A-F. Unfortunately we cannot show delta T calculations here or many of the other calculations as Topix will not support it, so we will keep it simple for you. Just explain in plain english the relationship of the above terms in your model for making a simple item like bricks. As this is a freshman level question and it can't get any simpler this should be a cakewalk for you if you know what you are talking about. It should not take more than a short paragraph for you to explain your answer.
More crass plagiarism. Attribute, clown birther, ATTRIBUTE your source. And quit coming out with high school tests which anyone with a brain and an a**hole can figure out. Hope she ignores you, as will I relative to this stupid question.
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#126401 Nov 13, 2012
NO more American Lady wrote:
Ted Nugent Blasts Obama Voters on Twitter
"Soulless Fools and sub human varmint"
What voters, "Now Russian communist Lady with a touch of Iranian Ayatolah", as you and your birther ilk maintain the whole process is fraudulent? Would appear NO ONE voted for Obama.

I suggest you ask Sioux for references so you can find a good rage clinic.
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#126402 Nov 13, 2012
NO more American Lady wrote:
The Ku Klux Klan once again controls Indiana
As I noted in a previous Pravda.Ru article, Boycott Indiana (January 11, 2012), Indiana has always had a sordid reputation when it comes to race relations: "Sometimes referred to as the 'northernmost southern state,' Indiana's Constitution of 1851 banned African-Americans from coming into or settling in the state. During the 1920s ... up to one-third of all white males in the state were members of [the Ku Klux Klan], and in 1930, in the City of Marion, two African-American men, Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, were the victims of a highly publicized lynching."
Recently Mitch Daniels, Indiana's outgoing governor, whose hostility against labor is even more virulent than Walker's, added a new category of victims to Indiana's Klan inspired politics: Indiana workers. As I explained in Boycott, "On his first day in office, Daniels signed an order ending collective bargaining with public employee unions, and he continued to worship at the altar of "privatization" by selling off bits of Indiana to corporate interests."
Pravda, eh? And I thought Indiana had gone "Romney"? KKK, eh? But you don't know that, do you?
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#126403 Nov 13, 2012
Guru wrote:
This Petraeus thing is designed to do several things:
1. Keep the talk about the election fraud on the back pages...anything is better than talking about that for obama now.
2. It is a distraction to shield obama from the above, and to keep Petraeus from testifying. No doubt he said he would and they nailed him with this. He outed himself on purpose.
3. It is also being used as a distraction from Benghazi ...they hope to destroy this man so that his testimony is not taken seriously.
Clinton thinks she can get out of testifying. She can't. Petraeus has to testify one way or the other.
Now obama wants Rice to be Clinton. He is trying to buy her loyalty as she will testify. obama is getting it from all sides now.
Strange, how the tide turns. We are now to believe that Obama engineered the whole thing, starting from arranging for the general's liaison, and who knows how long it's gone on, having his staff write threatening letter to the Gen's misstress, forcing the General to resign and making sure he does not testify. Wow. Damn Obama, he sure can move.

Oh, I forgot. He was re-elected November 6. Romney didn't have a concession speech as aka American er hmm traitor lady and LSR and GB and patriot warrior and Guru and Just sayin' and raging Sioux were celebrating Romney's CERTAIN victory. Do I recall telling you birther stooges that there was nothing worse than too-high expectations, that you would fall from even higher? You did, now you're insanely crazy angry. Sore losers . Never mind "sore". LOSERS. Period.
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#126404 Nov 13, 2012
NO more American Lady wrote:
Most people are so deeply ignorant that they are incapable of understanding just how ignorant they are.®
by ~ NowhereMan
I see you're still working on it. Let us know when finally you've discovered the depths of YOUR ignorance. And do the birthers' examination too, save time.
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#126405 Nov 13, 2012
nebka wrote:
U.S. to Be World’s Top Oil Producer in 5 Years, Report Says
The United States will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s leading oil producer by about 2017 and will become a net oil exporter by 2030, the International Energy Agency said Monday.
That increased oil production, combined with new American policies to improve energy efficiency, means that the United States will become “all but self-sufficient” in meeting its energy needs in about two decades — a “dramatic reversal of the trend” in most developed countries, a new report released by the agency says.
“The foundations of the global energy systems are shifting,” Fatih Birol, chief economist at the Paris-based organization, which produces the annual World Energy Outlook, said in an interview before the release. The agency, which advises industrialized nations on energy issues, had previously predicted that Saudi Arabia would be the leading producer until 2035.
The report also predicted that global energy demand would grow between 35 and 46 percent from 2010 to 2035, depending on whether policies that have been proposed are put in place. Most of that growth will come from China, India and the Middle East, where the consuming class is growing rapidly. The consequences are “potentially far-reaching” for global energy markets and trade, the report said.
Dr. Birol noted, for example, that Middle Eastern oil once bound for the United States would probably be rerouted to China. American-mined coal, facing declining demand in its home market, is already heading to Europe and China instead.
There are several components of the sudden shift in the world’s energy supply, but the prime mover is a resurgence of oil and gas production in the United States, particularly the unlocking of new reserves of oil and gas found in shale rock. The widespread adoption of techniques like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has made those reserves much more accessible, and in the case of natural gas, resulted in a vast glut that has sent prices plunging.
The report predicted that the United States would overtake Russia as the leading producer of natural gas in 2015.
The strong statements and specific predictions by the energy agency lend new weight to trends that have become increasingly apparent in the last year.
“This striking conclusion confirms a lot of recent projections,” said Michael A. Levi, senior fellow for energy and environment at the Council on Foreign Relations.
Formed in 1974 after the oil crisis by a group of oil-importing nations, including the United States, the International Energy Agency monitors and analyzes global energy trends to ensure a safe and sustainable supply.
Mr. Levi said that the agency’s report was generally “good news” for the United States because it highlighted the nation’s new sources of energy. But he cautioned that being self-sufficient did not mean that the country would be insulated from seesawing energy prices, since those oil prices are set by global markets.
“You may be somewhat less vulnerable to price shocks and the U.S. may be slightly more protected, but it doesn’t give you the energy independence some people claim,” he said.
, primarily from the Obama administration’s new fuel economy standards for cars. He added that even stronger policies to promote energy efficiency were needed in the United States and many other countries.
Well, well, I read the same report this morning. Damn Obama, closing all those national parks to drilling. Silence on this one from birthers and tea partyers. Even Canada is worried, we may lose a third of our exports. Sory, nebka, had to cut a bit of your post as I didn't have enough room. Tks.
Learn to Read

Indianapolis, IN

#126406 Nov 13, 2012
Jacques Ottawa wrote:
<quoted text>Strange, how the tide turns. We are now to believe that Obama engineered the whole thing, starting from arranging for the general's liaison, and who knows how long it's gone on, having his staff write threatening letter to the Gen's misstress, forcing the General to resign and making sure he does not testify. Wow. Damn Obama, he sure can move.

Oh, I forgot. He was re-elected November 6. Romney didn't have a concession speech as aka American er hmm traitor lady and LSR and GB and patriot warrior and Guru and Just sayin' and raging Sioux were celebrating Romney's CERTAIN victory. Do I recall telling you birther stooges that there was nothing worse than too-high expectations, that you would fall from even higher? You did, now you're insanely crazy angry. Sore losers . Never mind "sore". LOSERS. Period.
Just as I predicted yesterday. Birfoons now fantasize that Obama planned the whole thing over a year ago.

Next prediction - more epic failure by Birfoons
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#126407 Nov 13, 2012
The Truth wrote:
Cops: Woman angered by Obama re-election runs over husband for not voting
Source: Orlando Sentinel
PHOENIX — An Arizona woman, in despair at the re-election of Democratic President Barack Obama, ran down her husband with the family car in suburban Phoenix on Saturday because he failed to vote in the election, police said Monday.
Holly Solomon, 28, was arrested after running over husband Daniel Solomon following a wild chase that left him pinned underneath the vehicle.
Daniel Solomon, 36, was in critical condition at a local hospital but is expected to survive, Gilbert police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Sanger said.
Police said Daniel Solomon told them his wife became angry over his "lack of voter participation" in last Tuesday's presidential election and believed her family would face hardship as a result of Obama winning another term.
Read more:
The stupid is stong in this one. Note that this took place in Arizona, which Romney won! Thus, her husband's vote would have zero impact because Romney already won the State. Of course, this just happens to be the same State as the Gifford shooting. Perhaps some folks take Rush Limbaugh and Fox News way too literally.
And she is a sane birther! Imagine the rest.
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#126409 Nov 13, 2012
keyedup wrote:
For liberals like me, Fox News was the channel to watch last night. As it became clear early on that Obama was going to take this thing, my household quickly switched the channel from CNN to Fox, eager to see the network’s massive breakdown play out in real time. After all, if the job of Fox News these past four years was to make Obama a one-term president, a goal the network not-incidentally shared with the Republican Party, Fox News super-duper seriously failed.
In 2009, White House communications director Anita Dunn called Fox News "either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party.” I don’t know about the “or” part. With massive funds and infinite air time, Roger Ailes’ little network that could spent the past four years demonizing president Obama (after a year of demonizing candidate Obama), and obsessively churning up non-news to scare the shit out of white guys and feed into the GOP bloodstream: from the Black Panthers’ remarkable rise to political power to that thing about the guns and Mexico named after an awesome Vin Diesel movie to the multifront war on Christmas/Christians/Christ to The Great Benghazi Conspiracy of 2012.
And what do they have to show for it? Not a Republican president. Not a Republican Senate. Not a repealed health care law. Adding insult to Tuesday’s injury, Eric Holder is still a free man.
Yes, ratings. Yes, money. I hear you. But if Fox News has any actual interest in helping the Republican Party or the conservative cause—and you can want to do this and make money, just like the GOP!—the network really flubbed it. So what happened, other than the mainstream media oppressors shutting down the truth once again and polling places letting Hispanics in?
In 2009, Gawker published a post titled “What’s Bad for the GOP is Good for Fox News,” arguing that Republicans’ worst nightmare—the election of a black, Democratic president who listens to the rap music and gives young, female, and non-white Americans hope—was actually a dream come true for Rupert Murdoch’s money-minting, 24-hour news network. Pointing to this illustrative graph, Gawker’s John Cook (who, full disclosure, is my husband) wrote that “the more viewers Fox attracts, the more voters the GOP repels.”
But in 2010, the GOP/Fox News Industrial Complex proved Gawker —and many Democrats who assumed Fox had taken things too far—wrong. With the aid of the Fox-bolstered Tea Party revolution, the Fox-created Socialist-in-Chief, the Fox-aired town hall debacles, and the Fox-supported conspiracy theories of Glenn Beck, Republicans won the House and the narrative. We all gave in and started calling it Obamacare. 2012 looked to be a lost cause.
But Fox overreached. The midterm results told Sean Hannity and Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly that they were doing something right, and so they kept at it. Donald Trump phoned in from Trump HQ daily to inform Greta Van Susteren’s viewers about his heroic quest for the missing birth certificate. Glenn Beck presented his irrefutable evidence that everything is connected and all roads lead to the Jews/Kenya/Cass Sunstein. Beck finally got canned in 2011, but Hannity picked up some of his nut-job slack. The liberals on Hannity’s panel got paler and sicklier by design (my theory, at least), and the true-believer conservatives became more insufferably confident and dismissive of any potential Obama revival.
Excellent. And soooo true.
Learn to Read

Indianapolis, IN

#126414 Nov 13, 2012
Justice Scalia has already drafted the official response to the "petitions":

“I am afraid I cannot be of much help with your problem, principally because I cannot imagine that such a question could ever reach the Supreme Court. To begin with, the answer is clear. If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede.(Hence, in the Pledge of Allegiance,“one Nation, indivisible.”) Secondly, I find it difficult to envision who the parties to this lawsuit might be. Is the State suing the United States for a declaratory judgment? But the United States cannot be sued without its consent, and it has not consented to this sort of suit.”

Yucaipa, CA

#126416 Nov 13, 2012
Goat Boy wrote:
<quoted text>
I wonder if Sheriff Joe, and the people of the State of Arizona, know he is not Law Enforcement?
The illegal aliens housed in pink underwear sure know that he is Law Enforcement.
What segment of society do Sheriff's represent in your deluded mind?
Now Sheriff Joe is law enforcement, but not the members of the Arizona Cartoon Posse. The Cartoon Posse included retired law enforcement, self-anointed document 'experts', nut cases from Birtherville, and a variety of Obama haters.

IF there was any real fraud in the document and a crime was committed, real law enforcement would have sent the results to the District Attorney who might file charges.

That didn't happen in this case as the Arizona Cartoon Posse has no legal standing.

Ol' Joe just supported the publicity stunt to get the heat off himself because he was being investigated.

Yucaipa, CA

#126417 Nov 13, 2012
Goat Boy wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh, I know real history.
I just don't believe in your revisionist history.
Why do you use 3 K's for the Republicans when the DemoKKKrats started the organization that bears those letters?
Tell us that fairy-tale again about how the Republicans passed those Jim Crow laws to keep the Blacks under their control.
Please, explain in detail.
Here's the short verson.

The southern racists dems of the 1860's have transformed into and become the southern racists repubs of the 2000's.

I can provide more detail and examples if needed.

Since: Mar 11

Jacksonville, FL

#126419 Nov 13, 2012
NO more American Lady wrote:
Rep. King: Petraeus ‘going to have to testify one way or the other’
“As far as I’m concerned, the intelligence committee has to interview Gen. Petraeus. Whether or not he’s head of the CIA is almost irrelevant to him testifying,” King said.“He’s the only one who would have the facts that we are looking for, so he’s going to have to testify one way or the other.”
Apples and oranges stupid punk. You could say that for every "kinetic military action" every undertaken by this country.Don't try to change the subject coward and do the childish " two wrongs make a right." Obama is responsible for many soldiers deaths deployed in Afghanistan by your standard. But I don't blame him for that. I will support him as the CIC in such endeavors but not this.Besides, until we get answers, we don't know who is really responsible. Are you saying you don't want to investigate it at all ? Hell , war criminals from WWII are still hunted down. There is a difference in casualties due to engaging the enemy and outright murder. Second degree murder I grant you, maybe third degree, but we have to know. I lost family in Vietnam, under Johnson, a war Kennedy set in motion but I don't blame them for the deaths.That was a democratic war. Nixon did a surge like we did and then ended the war like he promised. Sound familiar ? I hated the coward hippie protesters here that spit at my brothers when they came home and cursed them.One of my uncles wasn't so lucky. That is people like you now. Cowardly cowering hippie protesting haters of the USA and a stain on our great country. My family was drafted, they didn't choose to go to a war but they did the honorable thing when they were called up like most good young men of that time did.
I hate you and traitors like you. I can't say what I to say to you on-line but I can hope you talk trash like this in real life to a newly returned veteran. They will stomp a mud hole in your ass.
I recall that Watergate was about the heroics of the press to reveal corruption at the highest levels of government. Now, the MSM is helping cover up the biggest scandal apparently seen at the highest levels of Government. People, I think for many reasons millions of us need to go to Washington D.C. in a peaceful but firm manner and demand answers.!o million people can surround the whole damn D.C. seats of power.. The press is not going to do its job. How can we honor the fallen on Veterans day when people in this administration allowed an American ambassador and our seals ( there is no ex-navy seals ) to be mowed down , murdered by a planned terrorist attack. Evidence of prior warnings is documented, more security requested, its all recorded on audio and video, the ambassadors "diary" . How can we deploy anyone overseas now if they and the families do not even believe the CIC will have their backs ? Somebody told rescue to stand down. Then the lying video story is just obscene in how long they stuck to the lie and how forcefully they propagated it.
Please don't let their deaths be for nothing. We left our men behind. We are a nation without honor if we do not make this right and see justice brought to bear on the guilty parties in government. I ask an old question ; " What did the President know and when did he know it ? " This is just heartbreaking.
Amen Bro AMEN <3
Newt Gingrich was on Fox and Friends this morning and he contradicted what had been said about Gen. Partaeus' testimony in front of the closed-door House hearing a month a go. It had been leaked that Gen. Peytaeus had backed Obama's story that it was a protest about that Youtube film but Newt said it was the exact opposite of what Gen. Peytaeus had actually said.
This would give credence that Obama is blackmailing Peyraeus and had him resign before the new hearings this week.

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