BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen...

There are 240352 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jan 8, 2009, titled BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen.... In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider Friday whether to take up a lawsuit challenging President-elect Barack Obama 's U.S. citizenship, a continuation of a New Jersey case embraced by some opponents of Obama's ...

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The Answer

Midlothian, IL

#126374 Nov 13, 2012
Terry Buckeye wrote:
<quoted text>
Who in their right mind would take political advice from a washed up, drug addled, wannabe like Nugent?

Since: Mar 11

Jacksonville, FL

#126375 Nov 13, 2012
Jacques Ottawa wrote:
<quoted text>
You should know me better than that, Rogue. If, when Bush was president, and I ran a school, and a teacher of mine badmouthed Bush to grammar or high school studends, I'd have his/her ass, fire her/him on the spot.
Well, I don't know you that well. Now the first time I would not fire them. It would be a verbal warning. Second offence would be a written reprimand and the third, well there would be no way a teachers union would allow me to fire any teachers who had bashed a Democrat. Not sure about if he had bashed a Republican

Since: Mar 11

Jacksonville, FL

#126376 Nov 13, 2012
Bill S Preston Esquire wrote:
<quoted text>
Ted Nugent?
Oh yeah, he's that guy that didn't take a bath for a month and smeared shit all over hiself to get out of going to Vietnam.
He rocks dude.
Just for my education, would you be able to back up that allegation?

Since: Dec 11

Fort Worth, TX

#126377 Nov 13, 2012
The Answer wrote:
<quoted text>
I qualified my question with "in their right mind"!
The Truth

Minneapolis, MN

#126378 Nov 13, 2012
Cops: Woman angered by Obama re-election runs over husband for not voting

Source: Orlando Sentinel

PHOENIX — An Arizona woman, in despair at the re-election of Democratic President Barack Obama, ran down her husband with the family car in suburban Phoenix on Saturday because he failed to vote in the election, police said Monday.

Holly Solomon, 28, was arrested after running over husband Daniel Solomon following a wild chase that left him pinned underneath the vehicle.

Daniel Solomon, 36, was in critical condition at a local hospital but is expected to survive, Gilbert police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Sanger said.

Police said Daniel Solomon told them his wife became angry over his "lack of voter participation" in last Tuesday's presidential election and believed her family would face hardship as a result of Obama winning another term.

Read more:


The stupid is stong in this one. Note that this took place in Arizona, which Romney won! Thus, her husband's vote would have zero impact because Romney already won the State. Of course, this just happens to be the same State as the Gifford shooting. Perhaps some folks take Rush Limbaugh and Fox News way too literally.
The Truth

Minneapolis, MN

#126379 Nov 13, 2012
Youth Vote Gap Suggests Republicans Risk Losing An 'Entire Generation' To Democrats


Instead, voters ages 18 to 29 -- who made up 19 percent of the electorate, a greater share than in 2008, and half of whom cast a ballot, for the third presidential election in a row -- went for Obama by 60 percent to 36 percent for Romney.

Now Republicans are faced with a grim premise as they look toward the future, with a much more racially diverse and socially liberal young voter base that supports Democrats by a large margin.

Read more:
The Truth

Minneapolis, MN

#126380 Nov 13, 2012
Grover Norquist: Obama Won Because He Called Romney A 'Poopy Head'

Source: Huffington Post

Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans For Tax Reform, has a new theory about why President Barack Obama won -- he portrayed Mitt Romney as a "poopy head."

"The president was committed; elected on the basis that he was not Romney and Romney was a poopy head and you should vote against Romney and he won by two points," Norquist said on CBS' "This Morning" Monday. "But he didn't make the case that we should have higher taxes and higher spending, he kind of sounded like the opposite."

Host Norah O'Donnell pushed back. "Well, I'm not sure that's what the president called Mitt Romney, Grover," she said. "That's not the debate that was had ... he said very clearly throughout the debate that the wealthiest Americans should pay more and he won eight of the nine battleground states and Republicans failed to reclaim the White House or the Senate."

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The Truth

Minneapolis, MN

#126381 Nov 13, 2012
NBCPolitics: Republicans Got Crushed on The Issues, Too

Last edited Mon Nov 12, 2012, 02:18 PM USA/ET - Edit history (1)

Republicans got crushed on the issues, too

By NBC's Mark Murray

For all the talk about how Mitt Romney and the Republicans lost when it came to demographics, the turnout, and the tactics, the exit polls also show that they lost when it came to the issues.
For years, the GOP has branded itself as the party that supports low taxes (especially for the wealthy) and opposes abortion and gay marriage.

But according to the exit polls from last week’s presidential election, a combined 60% said that tax rates should increase either for everyone or for those making more than $250,000. Just 35% said the tax rates shouldn’t increase for anyone.

What’s more, 59% said that abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

And by a 49%-to-46% margin, voters said that their states should legally recognize same-sex marriage.
The Truth

Minneapolis, MN

#126382 Nov 13, 2012
Sad America-loving conservatives already demanding secession

Aw, the party of 'Merika has an enormous post-election sad:

In the aftermath of last week's presidential election, residents in at least nineteen states have put up petitions on the government's "We the People" petitioning website seeking the right to secede from the rest of the country.[…]
Petitions for secession filed from Louisiana and Texas have already received well over 10,000 signatures. Per the website's own rules, petitions that garner 25,000 signatures or more within 30 days require a response from the Obama administration.
Apparently this is the part of the conservative realization that (1) yes, the president is still a scary black man, and (2) nobody in America but them has a problem with that. There's also been some premise going around that Obama's moderateness and centrism the last four years only goes to prove how much he's going to be a crazy secret-Muslim radical during the next four years, and if you can unpack that logic, you've got me beat. I have no idea what they're going on about. Oh, and the Texas version has already topped the 25K threshold, so congratulations, Texas conservatives! You'll be getting a special note from the Obama administration suggesting where you can go!
This doesn't seem to be a purely regional thing, since even folks in Oregon and New York are piping up with their own petitions (and really, if you're an Oregon or New York conservative, I feel a good amount of pity for you, I really do). But I've said it before, and I'll say it again: This notion of conservative secession has its merits. Of course, as "True America" we'd want to attach some constraints to the separatists: no nuclear weapons, get your own damn military, and we'll be carving out territory for you that consists entirely of places close to sea level, so that you can ignore climate change from the best possible vantage point. But this sounds pretty doable, once the logistics get worked out. So what are you going to call yourselves? United Galts of America? New Jesusland? That's great, we'll send you a card.


Since: Oct 11

Location hidden

#126383 Nov 13, 2012
For liberals like me, Fox News was the channel to watch last night. As it became clear early on that Obama was going to take this thing, my household quickly switched the channel from CNN to Fox, eager to see the network’s massive breakdown play out in real time. After all, if the job of Fox News these past four years was to make Obama a one-term president, a goal the network not-incidentally shared with the Republican Party, Fox News super-duper seriously failed.
In 2009, White House communications director Anita Dunn called Fox News "either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party.” I don’t know about the “or” part. With massive funds and infinite air time, Roger Ailes’ little network that could spent the past four years demonizing president Obama (after a year of demonizing candidate Obama), and obsessively churning up non-news to scare the shit out of white guys and feed into the GOP bloodstream: from the Black Panthers’ remarkable rise to political power to that thing about the guns and Mexico named after an awesome Vin Diesel movie to the multifront war on Christmas/Christians/Christ to The Great Benghazi Conspiracy of 2012.
And what do they have to show for it? Not a Republican president. Not a Republican Senate. Not a repealed health care law. Adding insult to Tuesday’s injury, Eric Holder is still a free man.
Yes, ratings. Yes, money. I hear you. But if Fox News has any actual interest in helping the Republican Party or the conservative cause—and you can want to do this and make money, just like the GOP!—the network really flubbed it. So what happened, other than the mainstream media oppressors shutting down the truth once again and polling places letting Hispanics in?
In 2009, Gawker published a post titled “What’s Bad for the GOP is Good for Fox News,” arguing that Republicans’ worst nightmare—the election of a black, Democratic president who listens to the rap music and gives young, female, and non-white Americans hope—was actually a dream come true for Rupert Murdoch’s money-minting, 24-hour news network. Pointing to this illustrative graph, Gawker’s John Cook (who, full disclosure, is my husband) wrote that “the more viewers Fox attracts, the more voters the GOP repels.”
But in 2010, the GOP/Fox News Industrial Complex proved Gawker —and many Democrats who assumed Fox had taken things too far—wrong. With the aid of the Fox-bolstered Tea Party revolution, the Fox-created Socialist-in-Chief, the Fox-aired town hall debacles, and the Fox-supported conspiracy theories of Glenn Beck, Republicans won the House and the narrative. We all gave in and started calling it Obamacare. 2012 looked to be a lost cause.
But Fox overreached. The midterm results told Sean Hannity and Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly that they were doing something right, and so they kept at it. Donald Trump phoned in from Trump HQ daily to inform Greta Van Susteren’s viewers about his heroic quest for the missing birth certificate. Glenn Beck presented his irrefutable evidence that everything is connected and all roads lead to the Jews/Kenya/Cass Sunstein. Beck finally got canned in 2011, but Hannity picked up some of his nut-job slack. The liberals on Hannity’s panel got paler and sicklier by design (my theory, at least), and the true-believer conservatives became more insufferably confident and dismissive of any potential Obama revival.


Since: Oct 11

Location hidden

#126384 Nov 13, 2012
So what does all this delusional thinking have to do with actual voters and their actual votes? As Conor Friedersdorf writes in his very smart Atlantic piece about the failure of the conservative media, it’s “easy to close oneself off inside a conservative echo chamber.” As he points out, Fox News and other conservative media are “far more intellectually closed” than, say, NPR. Fox News feeds its viewers a line of bull about the way the world is. Viewers buy this line of bull. Misinformed viewers become misinformed voters. And then misinformed voters are shocked when Obama wins. Hey, I thought everyone hated this guy?(The preceding is a very good reason why liberals should limit their MSNBC viewing, by the way.)

Friedersdorf argues that Fox not only deludes its viewers, but that it is part of a self-deluded system, in which right-wing talk radio and TV pundits like Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt actually also take the bait. They all reinforce each other’s divorce from reality, Friedersdorf suggests, until the whole thing blows up—as it did last night in that crazy MegynCam moment, as the anchor, faced with a raving Karl Rove, walked from the studio to one of the back offices to confront the network’s decision desk over its Ohio call. It was, of course, terrific TV. In our house it played as comedy, but I’m sure Fox’s loyal viewers, still holding out hope of a Romney turnaround, loved the drama of Kelly stalking the hallways, one of the network’s conservative crusaders on the hunt for nebbish number crunchers.

So is the talent at Fox News made up of true believers or cynical hacks? Most likely, the network—just like the pundit roundtable on air last night—contains some of each. For the ratings whores, it’s likely true that four more years of Obama is exactly what the network needs—but it’s clearly not what’s best for, say, Chris Christie. Fueled by intensity and hatred, Fox thrives as the opposition. The trouble is that for the GOP to survive, Republican candidates eventually have to get votes. When they fail, Fox gets to keep on printing money.

After Karl Rove’s on-air freakout and the aforementioned MegynCam challenge, Fox was forced to acknowledge that Obama had won the damn election. And now what are they left with? A whole lot of viewers who are quite surprised to find that they are once again outnumbered by Americans who actually like better access to health care and don’t all keep Carrie Mathison-style timelines of the Benghazi cables on their living room walls. Now these disappointed souls wonder: Why isn’t the world the way we thought it was Tuesday morning? Just guess where they will turn for the answer.
Jacques Ottawa

Oshawa, Canada

#126385 Nov 13, 2012
Uda wrote:
<quoted text>
Haha. the conspiracy widens.
Just wait, you ain't seen muthin' yet - its 168-0 in the courts on the BC idiocy, and at 50 a year, it will be 368 by the end of Obama's second term, just before Hillary takes over. Stooges birthers will think that the additional 200 will only have confirmed their victory. Just like the Nov 6 tally, they are sure they won but were cheated so they are asking for secession. Can it get any more looney tooney for these failures? You betcha, just wait, won't be long.
Jacques Ottawa

Oshawa, Canada

#126386 Nov 13, 2012
NO more American Lady wrote:
<quoted text>
25 NOW!
And so this "patriot" American pravda er hmm lady wants the republic to break up. Bet Obama's biting his nails now. Where's Romney? Where's Ryan? Well, no doubt making sure no one sees them with these birthers and tea partyers. So embarrassing!
Jacques Ottawa

Oshawa, Canada

#126387 Nov 13, 2012
NO more American Lady wrote:
By Monday afternoon that number had grown to 25.
Gov. Rick Perry’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TheDC. The White House has also not returned phone calls or responded to emails about whether the administration will give secession requests serious consideration.
In 2009 Perry told the Associated Press that Texans weren’t likely to turn a famous tourism slogan —“Texas: It’s like a whole other country”— into reality.
But ”there’s a lot of different scenarios,” Perry said.
“We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that?”
Read more:
Over the edge she/he has gone.

I've never been to Danville. Is it true the whole city is fenced in?
Jacques Ottawa

Oshawa, Canada

#126388 Nov 13, 2012
LRS wrote:
<quoted text>
jacqazz, that is you isn't it? See, the thing with a guy like Arpaio is this; he's like a pitbull, he's not letting go!
No, so-called patriot warrior, it's not me. I have ONE moniker, unlike you. And I told you, he/she writes better than me.
Grand Birther

Oregon, OH

#126390 Nov 13, 2012
Christie-Palin2012 wrote:
<quoted text>
Just for my education, would you be able to back up that allegation?
So Ted Nugent DEFINITELY avoided the draft and has lied about since then?

Jacques Ottawa

Oshawa, Canada

#126391 Nov 13, 2012
LRS wrote:
<quoted text>
jacqazz, that is you isn't it? See, the thing with a guy like Arpaio is this; he's like a pitbull, he's not letting go!
Yes, and like a pit bull, stupid.
Jacques Ottawa

Oshawa, Canada

#126392 Nov 13, 2012
NO more American Lady wrote:
Richard Charnin’s post-mortem – slightly mathematical, but well worth noting. Election fraud still exists, and it nearly denied a second term to President Obama.
Charnin stands proud for his accurate prediction of 332 EVs – along with John Zogby who predicted 339.
Both Charnin and Zogby use different methods for their analyses, and both are to be commended for the accuracy of their percipience.
Michael Carmichael
Election Model Post-Mortem: Exactly right at 332 EV
By Richard Charnin
But Obama did much better than that, just as he did much better than his 365 EV in 2008.
The recorded result was confirmed in the model.
Obama had 332 electoral votes based on the recorded vote total – not the True Vote.
Obama was able once again to overcome the built-in FRAUD FACTOR, which would be reflected by a red-shift in the UNADJUSTED EXIT POLLS. But to paraphrase what Alec Baldwin told the real-estate salesmen in the famous opening scene of the classic film Glen Garry Glen Ross:
“These are the unadjusted exit polls. They are gold – but you don’t get them. They’re for NEP only”.
How strong your patriotism! Once named "American Lady", is now "No More American" Lady because you picked the wrong horse. How patriotic to let your country down just because the man who thinks you are an abomination (Our father comes to mind) lost. He had no concession speech ready, ha ha. Go on your way to Moscow or Teheran, traitor.
Therealnews com

New York, NY

#126393 Nov 13, 2012
Christie-Palin2012 wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, I don't know you that well. Now the first time I would not fire them. It would be a verbal warning. Second offence would be a written reprimand and the third, well there would be no way a teachers union would allow me to fire any teachers who had bashed a Democrat. Not sure about if he had bashed a Republican
The President’s Opening Bid on a Grand Bargain: Aim High
By Robert Reich / November 12, 2012 /
I hope the President starts negotiations over a “grand bargain” for deficit reduction by aiming high. After all, he won the election. And if the past four years has proven anything it’s that the White House should not begin with a compromise.

Assuming the goal is $4 trillion of deficit reduction over the next decade (that’s the consensus of the Simpson-Bowles commission, the Congressional Budget Office, and most independent analysts), here’s what the President should propose:
First, raise taxes on the rich – and by more than the highest marginal rate under Bill Clinton or even a 30 percent (so-called Buffett Rule) minimum rate on millionaires. Remember: America’s top earners are now wealthier than they’ve ever been, and they’re taking home a larger share of total income and wealth than top earners have received in over 80 years.

Why not go back sixty years when Americans earning over $1 million in today’s dollars paid 55.2 percent of it in income taxes, after taking all deductions and credits? If they were taxed at that rate now, they’d pay at least $80 billion more annually — which would reduce the budget deficit by about $1 trillion over the next decade. That’s a quarter of the $4 trillion in deficit reduction right there.

A 2% surtax on the wealth of the richest one-half of 1 percent would bring in another $750 billion over the decade. A one-half of 1 percent tax on financial transactions would bring in an additional $250 billion.

Add this up and we get $2 trillion over ten years — half of the deficit-reduction goal.
Raise the capital gains rate to match the rate on ordinary income and cap the mortgage interest deduction at $12,000 a year, and that’s another $1 trillion over ten years. So now we’re up to $3 trillion in additional revenue.

Eliminate special tax preferences for oil and gas, price supports for big agriculture, tax breaks and research subsidies for Big Pharma, unnecessary weapons systems for military contractors, and indirect subsidies to the biggest banks on Wall Street, and we’re nearly there.

End the Bush tax cuts on incomes between $250,000 and $1 million, and — bingo — we made it:$4 trillion over 10 years.

And we haven’t had to raise taxes on America’s beleaguered middle class, cut Social Security or Medicare and Medicaid, reduce spending on education or infrastructure, or cut programs for the poor.
Mr. President, I’d recommend this as your opening bid. With enough luck and pluck, maybe even your closing bid. And if enough Americans are behind you, it could even be the final deal./

Sanders: Going Over 'Fiscal Cliff' Better than Bad Tax Deal
Senator says new Congress could recover 'in the first month or two'
November 12, 2012 /
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said Monday that if the lame-duck Congress can't agree on a tax deal by the end of the year, briefly going over the "fiscal cliff" is preferable to accepting a bad deal.
“Is it better to deal with this issue in the next session rather than accept a bad agreement in this session?” Sanders said during a press conference at his Burlington office. "Yes, it is.”/
Jacques Ottawa

Oshawa, Canada

#126394 Nov 13, 2012
Guru wrote:
this is just the beginning. Everything obama does is fraud, lies, theft, forgeries,...
Multiple newspapers reporting this....
"This election was thrown massively".... ? A joke, an unfunny joke like you.

"Multiple newspapers reporting this...." Name one, dreamer. One respectable one, not your supermarket sensationalist rags.

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