BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen...

There are 234403 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jan 8, 2009, titled BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen.... In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider Friday whether to take up a lawsuit challenging President-elect Barack Obama 's U.S. citizenship, a continuation of a New Jersey case embraced by some opponents of Obama's ...

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Just me

United States

#125006 Nov 9, 2012
Hey Mr. Sheeple, here are more for you:

Gomer's Fried Chicken "Owner Dimitrios “Jimmy” Milis purchased the Gomer’s Plaza restaurant, at 615 E. 99th St., in 1995, but he said new lease negotiations didn’t work out with his landlord so he will close the restaurant Dec. 30."

Meanders "Though we’d wanted to keep the West Seattle shop open through December, it’s become pretty darned clear that we need to focus our resources on the White Center shop. This past weekend was an amazing turnout; much more than we had thought, so our kitchen got backed up pretty significantly. In order to bring our best to you in the new space, we’ll be closing the West Seattle shop this week.

So, tomorrow will be our last day in West Seattle. Ed’s on the grill today, and I’ll be cooking tomorrow. Come say howdy…I’ll miss the West Seattle shop dearly, but I hope to see you all in White Center!"

"The Roses Store "The Roses store on Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem will shut its doors, the Winston-Salem Journal reports.

The discount department store's landlord, Faison & Associates, wants to use the building for something else and did not renew the lease, according to the newspaper."

Fresh Market in Burlington, inconclusive. Business opened 35 years ago but was sold five years ago. The current owners put the market up for sale 2 months ago and seem to be very secretive as to why. They put a sign on the door stating "Closed for Inventory" and never reopened.

Townsend Booksellers "The Townsends say e-books haven't affected them, but two other developments have. Libraries are digitizing rare books, so anyone can access them without owning them. And the advent of print-on-demand technology allows companies to make new copies of books that are out of copyright, to-order by the customer.

"Print on demand has really hurt us," Mrs. Townsend said.

Read more:

It's pitiful that people are erroneously blaming Obama for these businesses closing.
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#125007 Nov 9, 2012
Guru wrote:
<quoted text>
Utah company fires 100, blames Obama...
CEO reads prayer to staff, announces layoffs... OLIVER STONE:'I find Obama scary'...
HUGO TO BARACK: Fix your economy...
Where'd you see that Obama shut down drilling out west THREE days after his re-election? Why do you make up lies? Don't you lie naturally enough? Do you have to make them up?
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#125008 Nov 9, 2012
Guru wrote:
Petreaus resigning right after the elections and just before the hearings is a NIGHTMARE now for obama.
This guy will rip obama a new one for sure! He knew obama was there, now obama can't control anything he says or does.
OBOT"S are pissing in their pants over this one. Far bigger than Watergate, people are dead, lies and coverups.
you morons that voted for this creep are now going to have hell to pay everyday in here and all across the nation. EVERY SINGLE DAY! Even the lame stream media will have to report this now.
Can't wait for those hearings!!!!
NEXT WEEK!!! they start!
BRW....all those military votes were burned in the plane that suddenly crashed carrying them to the states.
Yes, if that plane hadn't crashed, and we know Obama made it crash, yes, if that plane hadn't crashed, and those votes counted, Romney was the winner.

Stick to plagiarism and cut-and-paste, guru. That way, you just look stupid, instead of acting it.
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#125009 Nov 9, 2012
Guru wrote:
Petraeus now is going after obama...just reported here...he has mountains of data, and obama was going to blackmail him about the affair if he said anything before the election.
So he is taking one for the country...and obama can now explain all of this...on the stand!
Watergate 2....but far worse.
LOL! morons voted for this treasonous bastard!
"just reported here?" Where please? You're sitting on your brain again. Get up, umlimber it a bit.

Canyon Country, CA

#125010 Nov 9, 2012
Jacques Ottawa wrote:
<quoted text>
Where'd you see that Obama shut down drilling out west THREE days after his re-election? Why do you make up lies? Don't you lie naturally enough? Do you have to make them up?
Here JACKOFFJACKAZZ...just for you you FKing moron!

...and BTW you FKing moron,...can't you read you FKing moron?!! I NEVER said anything about "3 DAYS"! FKing moron!
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#125011 Nov 9, 2012
Guru wrote:
<quoted text>
GPB buttfan is exactly that...plenty worried! They are worried as hell now they won't have the MSM to support him anymore.
obama will resign soon enough. He has already vried twice, watch him either resign or pull to the middle so fast he pissses off his base. But I doubt he could do that. Socialists like him always go down in shame at some point.
A few days ago, the same "libtards" (Rogue tm reg'd )were worried for Obama on Nov 6. Remember? And you birthers were already celebrating. Why, Romney even had to try to return his fireworks for a refund, ha ha. Worried? You're not smart enough to be worried.
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#125012 Nov 9, 2012
America Got Stupid wrote:
<quoted text>
You are an IDIOT RETARD!
George Romney was born in Mexico as a Natural born US citizen.
He was born in Mexico of a U.S. citizen Mother and Father.
His son Mitt Romney was born in America of a U.S. citizen Mother and Father.
Can't say the same about the fraud known as Obama, huh?
An American born in Mexico is a Mexican-American. Neme-calling on your part will NOT change that. Where is the document that renouces his Mexican citizenship?
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#125013 Nov 9, 2012
Guru wrote:
source of my last post above:
Why do you have to be reminded so often to give your sources? What a plagiarizing phoney.
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#125014 Nov 9, 2012
Justice Dale wrote:
<quoted text>Why not, then Joe can a point Hillard as Vice, then Joe will have health problems, we all know he ain't all there.
What you have, the first Marxist female POTUS.
Would that make her the first Black Woman to be POTUS! Yep, it sure would, we know she carries a great southern slang.
Are you

a) and adult?
b dumb?
c) uninformed?
d) a dreamer?
e) locked up in an insane asylum?
f) or all of the above except adult?
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#125015 Nov 9, 2012
Guru wrote:
while the Repubs in the House make a deal with obama to not go over the fiscal cliff so he could get re-elected. obama has already made a deal with the bigs on Wall St to get re-elected and he will remove the cliff, give them tax cuts, spread the taxes over a broader base. obama will give them this, and he will get immigration reform...and let in 20 million mexicans. Some other side deals will invole them not being able to vote, pay taxes, fines, and obama will set up shelters for them to learn, child care, get jobs and get into the system. Some form of this.
Americans have all been screwed --again.
Is this prediction as accurate as :

1) Tuesday's election?
2. The 168 BC court challenges?
3. The U.S. supreme court decision on Obamacare?
4. etc?
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#125016 Nov 9, 2012
Guru wrote:
obama is now the perfect patsy. they have him by the balls, and he knows it. Now they can move him into any direction they want. That is Wall St, big banks, the FED, all of them.
...and the morons in here thought they won something.
Yes, and he will be impeached, just like in his first term. He can't last more than a month. How old are you again? Did you finish grade 3?
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#125017 Nov 9, 2012
Rogue Scholar 05 wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, he received a political appointment from the state, So what? Before running for mayor here in Jacksonville he was the county's tax collector so I am sure he is qualified for other jobs.
By the way, Mayor Alvin Brown seems to be doing a very good jobs here in Jacksonville. He is not an Idiotard Progressive and he is taking on the hard decisions. Even though he is a Democrat, I may very well vote for him next time.
Oh, the previous mayor, Mayor Peyton, is a Country Clubber RINO and if it was between Peyton and Brown, I would vote for Brown today.
Twenty years ago I voted for Sam Nunn for Senator in Georgia even though he was a Democrat. Nunn is a Blue Dog Moderate Democrat.
Yes, I have voted for Democrats before and may do so again in the future. But I will not vote for a Progressive Idiotard like Obama.
But you said that only dems make patronage appts, never Repubs. How's that changed? And he was the only qualified Floridian for the job, right? Was there a competition, was the job vacancy made public so others could apply?
Grand Birther

Oregon, OH

#125018 Nov 9, 2012
Goober wrote:
<quoted text>
heeeey, GRAND BUTTFK...all the EVIDENCE is coming out in the hearings next week. You have a coward and a lying idiot in the WHITE HOUSE! LMAO!!!
The evidence is going to come out next week and in the following weeks. he is OUT! Holder is OUT! Clinton is OUT! is all over the news here can spin that right up your sorry ass!
...and the various jobs that are letting people go in the thousands NOW even as you read this GRAND all over the news. THAT WILL ONLY ACCELERATE AS YOU TRY TO SPIN IT AS HAVING NOTHING TO DE WITH OBAMACARE, OBAMA, THE ELECTION...WHATEVER YOUR SPIN IS ALL GOING RIGHT UP YOUR ASS.
Go ahead GRAND BUTTFK....spin it! Show us how smart you THINK you are!
Goober, why are you trying to change the subject?

The hearings next week will be exactly like all the others. Nothing will happen. republicans wil put on a show for people like you because they need you to vote for them. This witch hunt is like kabukke theatre, but more dramatic.

Mark my words, there will be no consequences for anyone.

Canyon Country, CA

#125019 Nov 9, 2012
Jacques Ottawa wrote:
<quoted text>
Why do you have to be reminded so often to give your sources? What a plagiarizing phoney.
quit FKing your dogs and your mom take a reading course you FKing MORON!!!
Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#125020 Nov 9, 2012
American Lady wrote:
TurboCare, Oce laying off more than 220 workers
ATI plans to lay off 172 workers in North Richland Hills
SpaceX claims its first victims as Rocketdyne lays off 100
CVPH lays off 17 as part of fiscal belt-tightening
FirstEnergy to cut 400 jobs by 2016, cites lower prices, competition
Career Education cutting 900 jobs, closing 23 campuses
Canceled program costs 115 jobs at Ohio air base
AMD Trims Austin Workforce
100 Workers Lose Jobs As Caterpillar Closes Plant In Owatonna
Exide to lay off 150 workers
TE Connectivity to close Guilford plant, lay off 620
More Layoffs for Major Wind Company
Cigna to Lay Off 1,300 Workers Worldwide
Energizer to Slash Workforce by 10%– Or About 1,500 Jobs
Fox News?
Is that as reliable and truthful as Pravda?

I HAD to watch Fox News towards the end of election night. HAD to. God, it was nice to see them squirm. This Petraeus thing is a gold mine for them. For now. They'll soon fall flat on their faces, though, and come up with more fabrications. It's the Goebbels way.
Noway Duh

Clearlake, CA

#125021 Nov 9, 2012
America Got Stupid wrote:
Fox News analyst Ralph Peters on Friday called the timing of Gen. David Petraeus’ sudden resignation as CIA director “just too perfect for the Obama administration” and speculated that “tough Chicago guys” held onto knowledge of the affair until they needed to push the spy chief out.
Peters, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, said on Fox News that just as the administration initially called the assault on the Benghazi consulate on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks “purely coincidence,” it’s again “purely coincidence” for the affair to surface after the election but before Petraeus went to Capitol Hill for questioning about Benghazi. CIA Acting Director Michael Morell will now testify instead of Petraeus.
“As an old intelligence analyst, the way I read this — and I could be totally wrong, this is my interpretation — is that the administration was unhappy with Petraeus not playing ball 100 percent on their party line story,” Peters said.“I think he was getting cold feet about testifying under oath about their party line story, and I suspect that these tough Chicago guys knew of this affair for a while, held it in their back pocket until they needed to play the card.”
He added,“Right after the election and right before Petraeus is supposed to get grilled on Capitol Hill, it just really smells.”
It more than smells! This is just like him waiting so long to produce any kind of documentation that he was born on US soil, letting a soldier go to jail because he would not produce documentation, then just a couple of days before a tell all book on Oshites fishy BC issues, poof here we have BC, an obvious forgery, that looked like it was put together by a fifth grader with a computer!

Canyon Country, CA

#125022 Nov 9, 2012
Jacques Ottawa wrote:
<quoted text>
Why do you have to be reminded so often to give your sources? What a plagiarizing phoney.
hey JACKOFFJACKASS...NOBODY reminded me, I put it up on my own volition. Not that I have to explain anything to you you FKING MORON!

YOU need to quit jackingoff at the mouth in here you FKING TROLL!

Jacques Ottawa

Toronto, Canada

#125023 Nov 9, 2012
Jacques Ottawa wrote:
<quoted text>
What 's the difference? An ignorant fool is an ignorant fool to ANYone, American or foreign.
Justice Dale wrote:
<quoted text>The big difference, I was not speaking to you! I was speaking to the citizens of the "UNITED STATES", this would exclude, "YOU", even if you were visiting!
That being said, you are still an ignorant fool. In Africa, they wouold call you "foolish man". The height of insults.

Canyon Country, CA

#125024 Nov 9, 2012
JACKOFFOTTOFK must be an illegal alien...that is why he spews in here at everybody!


whatzamatter moron...getting nervous!?!!


“zero nuclear weapons”

Since: Sep 08


#125025 Nov 9, 2012
Guru wrote:
<quoted text>
you must be!
Never touched stuff
Strongest thing i drink is 5 shots of espresso.

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