BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen...

There are 241622 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jan 8, 2009, titled BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen.... In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider Friday whether to take up a lawsuit challenging President-elect Barack Obama 's U.S. citizenship, a continuation of a New Jersey case embraced by some opponents of Obama's ...

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Chico, CA

#122654 Nov 3, 2012
Sources find Obama admin financed Bengazi attack!


Since: Oct 11

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#122655 Nov 3, 2012
Pdamerica wrote:
<quoted text>
The Real Boston Tea Party was an Anti-Corporate Revolt
CNBC Correspondent Rick Santelli called for a "Chicago Tea Party" on Feb 19th in protesting President Obama's plan to help homeowners in trouble. Santelli's call was answered by the right-wing group FreedomWorks, which funds campaigns promoting big business interests, and is the opposite of what the real Boston Tea Party was. FreedomWorks was funded in 2004 by Dick Armey (former Republican House Majority leader & lobbyist); consolidated Citizens .
The real Boston Tea Party was a protest against huge corporate tax cuts for the British East India Company, the largest trans-national corporation thenIt Arthur Vandenburg and Populist Democrats like Henry Steagall.( Glass-Steagall.)
Today there are zero moderate Republicans and Obama and most Democrats are corporatist and not liberals.
Obama ‘s Health Care is a massive giveaway to the HMO’s just like the Bush Republican Senior Citizen prescription drug bill in 2006.
Seniors and all Americans are still paying the highest medicine prices.
This fool proves artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
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Indianapolis, IN

#122657 Nov 3, 2012
Real Change is Coming wrote:
<quoted text>Thank you for wasting your vote,(D)emocRAT.
Typical blind party lemming (Skid would be proud)

Sorry Tacky - voting one's conscience is NEVER a wasted vote

(Did you waste your vote on McCain? I mean he had no chance of winning)

Pathetic moron

“Facts trump speculation”

Since: Dec 08

United States

#122658 Nov 3, 2012
akpilot wrote:
<quoted text>
You should grow up. This is completely irrelevant. The Congress which drafted and adopted the 14th Amendment were very explicit as to what they meant by the term- JURISDICTION.
An Amendment is no different than any other contract, it requires a "meeting of the minds", this process occurs through the Congressional and State ratification debates. At that time the terms are hashed out, and an, if ratified an agreement is reached as to the terms. Those terms cannot change until such time as there is another Amendment.
So in this case, it matters not how the term Jurisdiction was used in 1790, it only matters how it was used in 1868.
UR making up Play Law rules and Play History.

The Congress was quite definite what they meant by "jurisdiction" and that the definition of the term was exactly per its subsisting meaning. They were fully aware of the rules of constitutional and statutory construction as applied by the courts and that the intent of the first sentence would be determined by the ordinary meaning of the words in the clause, unless expressly stated otherwise, and not from colloquy.

What is "hashed out" is which terms and what language to include. If any controlling definition of a term must be applied which differs from its ordinary meaning or particular legal definition in use at the time, then that definition must be expressly recited in the article or statute. That is how it was done in 1789 and 1866, and that is how it is done today. Play Law doesn't count.
wojar wrote:
<quoted text>
BirfoonBoy doesn't know what he thinks.
<quoted text>
"In the first section of the act of Congress approved March 26, 1790 (1 Stat. at Large, 102), it is enacted:
‘That any alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and UNDER THE JURISDICTION of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof.’"
Grow up.
Grand Birther

Oregon, OH

#122660 Nov 3, 2012
Robert Laity wrote:
I have started my FIFTH YEAR of Blogging on TOPIX.
Obama IS STILL running around free purposely destroying America. God Help US..
Bob, why do birfoons such as yourself insist on choosing the least effective arena to spread your lies?

You do realize that topix is an Internet backwater that has no influence on the political narrative whatsoever, don't you?

Further, this is not blogging. You're commenting on an article from '09 that was published in a crappy newspaper. If you want to blog you'll have to learn how to write ON A BLOG.
Grand Birther

Oregon, OH

#122662 Nov 3, 2012
Robert Laity wrote:
It is UNCONTROVERTIBLE. obama's Birth Certificate IS a FORGERY. Obama IS a Usurper!
Bob, you may have missed it, but the above is complete BS.


Speaking of BS, have you met my buddy from Kentucky. He's batshit crazy like you. I think you'd get along swimmingly.
Grand Birther

Oregon, OH

#122665 Nov 3, 2012
Change my Diaper wrote:
<quoted text>
Name a publication that has never published any misinformation.
Kentucky, it's true -- other news sources have also published incorrect information. Some, but not all.

Here's the difference between them and WND: When a real news source makes a mistake, the make a retraction or correct it; WND is purposely misleading you birfoons for the sake of revenue.

Is that hard for you to understand?

Yes, the owner and editor-in-chief of the primary source of birfoon information publically admitted to lying to his readers.
the Duke

United States

#122667 Nov 3, 2012
If Obama does get re elected, the United States will become a third world country

“On Deck”

Since: Aug 08

French Polynesia

#122669 Nov 3, 2012

"As for the thief, both male and female, cut off their hand. It is the reward of their own deeds, an exemplary punishment from Allah. Allah is Mighty. Wise."

Qur'an 5:38

Canyon Country, CA

#122670 Nov 3, 2012
Rogue Scholar 05 wrote:
Guru (from Shitcago)wrote:
...let's see if you can say that on Nov 7th.
<quoted text>
<quoted text>
They say that imitation is the most sincerely form of flattery and that is why Libtards like to borough a person's pen-name. Silly Libtards, they think they are so smart and can confuse us.
;))...thanks bro...! You got that right! You outta copyright that one! After this, I ain't never going to that place.

I hope this election really nails obama and the MSM...after they double-downed on obama ...everyone that does that loses in the end. The dems will have the biggest meltdown of all of them.

Those voters in line in the above post of mine say that they people in line have a look of absolute serious resolve and determination on their faces. I read that as the Republicans showing up and jamming this election down these libtards' throats. They can't wait to vote. Neither can I.

Canyon Country, CA

#122672 Nov 3, 2012
some comments...

Jay Comeau · Top Commenter · San Diego State University
I see it much like Barone does and I think it all boils down to voter enthusiasm. You can not keep the anti-Obama voter from the polls with razor wire. Outside of Obama's core supporters , the lack of enthusiasm this go round tends to dampen the party atmosphere, and we know the hip crowd shuns "loserville" parties. I don't even see it as close.
Reply · 6 ·
· 12 hours ago

Gary Thomson · Top Commenter · University of Memphis
Jay, you are spot on with your comment "you can not keep the anti-Obama voter from the polls with razor wire." Every person I've spoken to who is remotely leaning conservative can't wait to vote out Obama. They are ready to walk across hot coals, 5 miles uphill in a driving snowstorm, cross a pond of hungry alligators and wait in line hours to get to register their votes. Perhaps even more importantly, after people have gotten a chance to know Romney better, they are enthusiastic about him. I hear good comments from many of my conservative friends who, almost in a surprised manner, are favorably impressed with Romney. Romney / Ryan = win November 6th!
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· 10 hours ago

Dan Culton · Top Commenter · West Plains Senior High
Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia are looking good for Romney. Looks like early/absentee voting is going Romney's way in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Colorado. Barry made a trip to the NW corner of Iowa which gets in in the Minnesota media market (you wouldn't actually see him set foot in Minnesota right now), the New York Times ran an article that Pennyslvania was tilting to Romney, New Hampshire is looking like it may go Romney's way as well. A little cherry on top all of this is that Romney has a fighting chance of picking off an electorial vote in Maine.

So far so good....
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· 11 hours ago

Brian Marksberry · Top Commenter · Miami University
Several "blue" states, including California, have signed on to the Popular Vote Movement, I say in the weeks in between Nov. 6 and the day the Electoral College votes in December, that we pressure these blue states to give their EVs to Romney. You know, pressure them to put their money where their mouth is.
Reply ·
· 7 hours ago
Tim Turner · Top Commenter · DeVry University - Federal Way Campus
You know...

The Electoral College is based on the Senate (100 votes Senate, 435 votes House). This means that if there is disproportionate representation, it's that darn Senate getting in the way. This is going to be a fun fact to point out the next few years if Republicans control the Presidency and the House while the Democrats keep the Senate.
Reply ·
· 6 hours ago

Steve Lodahl · Top Commenter · University of Wisconsin-Madison
Today was the last day for early voting in my N Tx community ( pop. 15000). I waited until after 2Pm thinking that there would be a rush over lunch hour. When I got there, a line of 50-60 voters wound around city hall, waiting to vote. It took about a half hour to get to the voting booth. When I finished voting, the line was still there, if not even longer than before. The people in line were cheerful, but had a very determined appearance about them........
Just Sayin

Toledo, OH

#122673 Nov 3, 2012
October 25, 2012 | 1:19 pm

Paul Bedard
Washington Secrets
The Washington Examiner

Jeep, an Obama favorite, looks to shift production to China

Wisconsin company announces layoffs ahead of Biden arrival

Obama hints at handgun restrictions too

Obama in Ohio: Magic gone, the president grinds it out

Jeep Wrangler behind the president as seen in his new second term agenda binder.

->->In another potential blow for the president's Ohio reelection campaign, Jeep, the rugged brand President Obama once said symbolized American freedom, is considering giving up on the United States and shifting production to China.

->->Such a move would crash the economy in towns like Toledo, Ohio, where Jeeps are made and supplied, and rob the community of the economic security they thought Obama's auto bailout assured them.

Obama is such a fan of Jeep that he included a picture of himself speaking at the Toledo plant in his newly released second term agenda binder. In his address to the plant in 2011, Obama said, "I just took a short tour of the plant and watched some of you putting the finishing touches on the Wrangler. Now, as somebody reminded, I need to call it the 'iconic' Wrangler. And that's appropriate because when you think about what Wrangler has always symbolized. It symbolized freedom, adventure, hitting the open road, never looking back."

Well it appears that the taxpayer bailed-out Chrysler is looking back and now considering cutting costs by shifting production of all Jeeps to China, which has a strong desire for Jeeps.

In a Bloomberg interview, Jeep's president said the automaker plans to restore Jeep production in China, suspended in 2009, and is considering making all Jeeps in China. "Fiat SpA, majority owner of Chrysler Group LLC, plans to return Jeep output to China and may eventually make all of its models in that country, according to the head of both automakers' operations in the region," reported the business wire service.

Mike Manley, chief operating officer of Fiat and Chrysler in Asia and president of the Jeep brand, told Bloomberg, "We're reviewing the opportunities within existing capacity" as well as "should we be localizing the entire Jeep portfolio or some of the Jeep portfolio" to China.

Chrysler builds Jeep SUV models at plants in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. Manley said the firm is in talks with China's Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.
Grand Birther

Oregon, OH

#122674 Nov 3, 2012
Change my Diaper wrote:
<quoted text>
It is a controversy without a satisfactory answer.
It has dogged Obama throughout his failed and illegal pResidency.
And you still wonder why Obama has failed.
That is laughable.
Only 3 more days until Obama gets his pink slip.
Kentucky Klown Kar, did you ever notice that it's only a manufactured controversy (a nontroversy if you will) and no one cares except birfoons.

Do you know what tautological means, Klown Kar?

Also, not one birfoon has been able to articulate what a Romney win would have to do with birfoons. Other than voting Republican as they would have anyway, what effect have birfoons had on the 2012 election.

Just post the verifiable data and well analyze it together, Kentucky.

Canyon Country, CA

#122675 Nov 3, 2012
the Duke wrote:
If Obama does get re elected, the United States will become a third world country
CA is close to it now.
Grand Birther

Oregon, OH

#122676 Nov 3, 2012
Change my Diaper wrote:
<quoted text>
The evidence says conclusively otherwise.
Since you are not a Birther, why are you stealing my moniker?
You have NEVER made one post calling out the fraud Obama for his fraudulent birth certificate, SSN that was not issued to him, or his fraudulent Selective Service number.
Obama ass-kisser would be a more appropriate moniker for you.
Kentucky Klown Kar, did you ever notice that birfoons just made up "evidence" in the absence of the real thing?

Sorry, birfoon, but this is my original screen name. You're the loony toon trying to claim otherwise. Clearly I am the original Grand Birther.
Grand Birther

Oregon, OH

#122678 Nov 3, 2012
Change my Diaper wrote:
<quoted text>
I asked you to specifically name a publication that has never published any misinformation.
You just admitted that there isn't one.
Kentucky Loser, you are illiterate and wrong as usual.

I wrote that real news sources have perhaps made mistakes. They then issue retractions and correct the mistake.

WND purposely misleads birfoons. They need to perpetuate the birfoon fantasy so you continue to go to the website and they continue to make advertising revenue.

Do you understand the difference?
Just Sayin

Toledo, OH

#122679 Nov 3, 2012

Canyon Country, CA

#122680 Nov 3, 2012
Wall Street donors opening their checkbooks for Mitt Romney
The financial industry's support for the Republican nominee marks a sharp reversal from four years ago, when the industry supported Barack Obama over John McCain.

cha-ching! Wall St bets on winners. AMERICAN IS ABOUT TO COME ROARING BACK!

obama says things can't change. obama says you have to settle...

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Indianapolis, IN

#122681 Nov 3, 2012
ARGUING with IDIOTS wrote:
Sources find Obama admin financed Bengazi attack!
Blather blather blather. Is there any lie you won't paste?
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Indianapolis, IN

#122682 Nov 3, 2012
Real Change is Coming wrote:
<quoted text>Psst, MORON, if I was a blind party lemming, I would still be a DemocRAT like you, voting for the usurper Obama, RETARD!
it must suck to be wrong every day of your life Tacky. Why don't you take a day off?

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