BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen...

There are 239484 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jan 8, 2009, titled BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen.... In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider Friday whether to take up a lawsuit challenging President-elect Barack Obama 's U.S. citizenship, a continuation of a New Jersey case embraced by some opponents of Obama's ...

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Shreveport, LA

#122595 Nov 2, 2012
wojar wrote:
<quoted text>
It may seem that way if you have a serious cognitive deficit.
Play Justice Dale seems to believe that the 14th Amendment states “all persons subject to the jurisdiction of the United States are citizens” without any other limitations.
Was he kicked in the head by a horse when he was a child?
<quoted text>
You've been proven wrong over and over slopuke. Just aren't man enough to admit it huh? runny stool

Shreveport, LA

#122597 Nov 2, 2012
Osambo should be impeached for treason.
Jacques Ottawa

Diamond Bar, CA

#122598 Nov 2, 2012
What am I doing here? This is so confusing.

United States

#122599 Nov 2, 2012
I don't know my azz from a hole in the ground.

Since: Jan 12

Location hidden

#122600 Nov 2, 2012
Guru wrote:
just reported....electronic voting machines are registering votes for obama if you hit Romney now in several swing states...never the other way around...
You got that backwards. The report was that the voting machines in those states, mainly OHIO are from a company that was invested in by TRIG ROMNEY. Clean out you're effin' ears. BTW, see Florida 2000. The Republicans have no right to talk about election stealing.

Of course, I think it's just another scare tactic and won't have anything to do with the actual election.

Burbank, CA

#122601 Nov 2, 2012
LRS wrote:
Osambo should be impeached for treason.
Bilbo from la believes FAUX NEWS. That's rich.

Chico, CA

#122602 Nov 2, 2012
KCS wrote:
<quoted text>Bilbo from la believes FAUX NEWS. That's rich.
You mean there was no hurricane?

Burbank, CA

#122603 Nov 2, 2012
Guru wrote:
<quoted text>
...the reason for this thread is because they totally outed obama's fraudulent and amateurishly forged birth certificate, Selective Service card that was federal fraud with jail time, his SS# which is a stolen nu8mber which doesn't pass E-verify, and several other things- all Federal crimes. WND ran that spearhead, and law enforcement officers nailed it beyond any doubt whatsoever in over 1,200 forensic tests, and gave it to Congress, and showed every bit of it on live TV.. That goes for several other countries' investigators as well. They concur. So does Bill Clinton, and Hillary. In fact,Bill Clinton is the original birther and is the father of the movement by his statements that obama is a foreign national, not qualified to be the POTUS.
You have a fraud in the WH, born in Kenya, and used fraud to get in office, then covered it up, just like he did in Benghazi, which is treason. That is all this guy has. And that is all he has to keep him out of a Federal Penitentiary. If you think for a second that he will get in office again- think again. He knows he is out, and his new $35M home is in escrow in Hawaii, scheduled to close in early JANUARY, 2013 by his supporters.
3 days left. Then you will have a new POTUS.
Ok slow your roll Orly Taitz. You have issues way worse then Obama being President.

Canyon Country, CA

#122604 Nov 2, 2012
KCS wrote:
<quoted text>Ok slow your roll Orly Taitz. You have issues way worse then Obama being President.
...let's see if you can say that on Nov 7th.

Winston Salem, NC

#122605 Nov 2, 2012
This has to be one of the dumbest arguments in the world. This would have obviously been an issue the first time he ran.

Shreveport, LA

#122606 Nov 2, 2012
Ellen1 wrote:
<quoted text>
There is exactly as much controversy over Mitt Romney's college and graduate school grades as about Obama's college and graduate school grades.
Trump could have given the $5 million to charity himself, but he didn't. Or he could have offered the $5 million to Romney to release his grades, and if you think that Romney really cared about the poor, then Romney would have released the grades and the poor would have gotten the $5 million. Or he could have offered the $5 million to both of them, which would have given him a 50% chance perhaps that one of them would have showed the grades, or if both of them did, then the opportunity to give $10 million to charity.
BUT Trump did not do that. He made an offer only to Obama, who just happens to be the first racially mixed president of the USA, for his grades and no offer to his opponent for the job, who just happens to be white. And YOU think that it would be a good idea for Obama to honor that kind of an offer.
Well, there are as serious offers being made to Trump right now. One of them offers $1 million to charity if he shaves his head. Another offers $1 million if he can "dip his balls" in Trump's mouth. Both are insulting, deliberately, but then the offer of $5 million for the grades of the first racially mixed president of the USA is also insulting. IF Trump had been smart enough to make the same offer to both candidates, that might be viewed differently. But he is not smart.
Re not knowing who will win in Ohio. A lot of people do not know who will win in Ohio.
There's just no other way to put're stupid!

Thornton, IL

#122607 Nov 2, 2012
...let's see if you can say that on Nov 7th.
KCS on Nov 7th 2012 wrote:
<quoted text>Ok slow your roll Orly Taitz. You have issues way worse then Obama being President.

Shreveport, LA

#122608 Nov 2, 2012
KCS wrote:
<quoted text>Bilbo from la believes FAUX NEWS. That's rich.
Bilbo? Lame. I know what treason is and apparently you don't. dumbazz

Lakeport, CA

#122609 Nov 2, 2012
Siouxweety wrote:
"The “insanity” isn’t isolated to New York, which was among the hardest hit by the storm Monday night into Tuesday morning. Fox News reported that utility workers in Connecticut are now under police protection after being harassed by some residents and even had eggs thrown at them."
Hmmm friends of Wojar? They are in Connecticut where Wojar resides, so I mean after all, they all have that same "I am better than you" attitude just like Wojar does. Slimeballs one and all.
Why doesn't Little Barry borrow a ton of money from China as he did to help that cesspool Haiti?.....I would rather my grand kids pay for their own than a cesspool that delivers human trafficking and drug trade... Just a thought.... Things that make ya go hummmmm

Shreveport, LA

#122610 Nov 2, 2012
KCS wrote:
<quoted text>Ok slow your roll Orly Taitz. You have issues way worse then Obama being President.
Please learn the difference between then and than! dumbazzes

Diamond Bar, CA

#122611 Nov 2, 2012
Guru wrote:
...let's see if you can say that on Nov 7th.
<quoted text>
I was gonna say the same thing.
Noway Duh

Clearlake, CA

#122612 Nov 2, 2012
UninformedOhio Republican wrote:
Pauly "Ayn Eddie Munster Rand" Ryan puts over 2 million more dollars into his congressional race.
Seem like an odd thing to do for a guy who supposed win VP job in election by a landslide.
What a disgusting, complete and utter waste of money, which could have gone to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.
What a sick and vile individual.
How much campaign money has Oblama put towards the victims of hurricane Sandy?

For that fact how much time has he spent down there with the visitors of the hurricane before he rushed off to campaign in Vegas?

Yah, what kind of individual is he you brain dead, obot zealot, loony left, twit?

Lakeport, CA

#122613 Nov 2, 2012
UninformedOhio Republican wrote:
23 days since Mitt Romney has taken a question from reporters.
Unheard of cowardness never seen before from a presidential candidate in the history of the United States.
How about Your POTUS bowing to Saudi Royals and apologizing for the USA's arrogance ... I could go on till the next election about the embarrassing and cowardly things Your POTUS has done...So Shut Off about "cowardness" which BTW is not a word

Canyon Country, CA

#122614 Nov 2, 2012
obama's legacy...

Drivers Waiting 6 Hours For Gas in NYC...
Tempers Rise in Wake of Storm...
'Finding bodies left and right'...
Restaurant, hotel prices skyrocket...
CRAIGSLIST:$15 a gallon...
Utility workers pelted with eggs...
'We have nothing'...
Residents Furious RED CROSS Offering Cookies & Hot Chocolate, Not Blankets Or Clothes...
Jet Fuel Supply Fast Becoming Concern At Airports...
Staten Islanders Plead for Help:'We Need Food'...
'Please don't leave us'...
VIDEO: Stranded New Yorkers Defecating in Apartment Buildings...
NJ counties enact 70s style gas rationing... Developing...

also, fraudulent documents, forgery, treason...

Benghazi- letting our guys die without even trying to help them when they were all begging for help...

doing practically nothing in 4 years in office but play golf and campaigning...

state of the union speech was nothing but a campaign speech

hardly gave any press conferences in 4yars, none in the last year...

4 years of campaigning...

upset and ruined all of our trust by our allies...

bowed to kings from other countries...and our enemies...

called people names constantly while in office this year...

refused to meet with Congress the entire 4 years on anything...

re-decorated the Oval Office to look like a cheap sheiks' crib for a harem of belly dancers...

spent hundreds of millions of vacations, buses, trips...

spent a $BILIONS on bankrupt projects like green energy and solar...

bailed out the banksters to the tune of $Trillions that are now for you to pay the bill for their gift that you never asked for...

failed to protect homeowners at all with the bailouts...

gave $TRILLIONS to the banks for foreclosures which they caused, then refused to make the banks lend it back out. Banks enriched themselves and bought up everything they crashed, and gave themselves record bonuses with our money, that WE have to now pay for for generations...

reduced our military dramatically...

overturned whole countries in the middle east that are now on fire...

got our Ambassador killed and our troops and did not care when they got in trouble and let them die....

then lied about it for weeks...a massive coverup that even if he is re-elected will take him out for sure...

angered our military, who might turn on him now...

Fast & Furious coverup exactly mirrors Benghazi and his dozens of lawsuits to keep the public from finding out what is on his records...

has put our military men in jail for suing to get access to his records...

went to Vegas while our guys died...

went to Vegas with the entire eastern coast is decimated and people are starving and dying of cold...

could not pass his budget, was stricken down 99-0 by his own party...

caused the most massive loss of democrat seats in the House in 78 years in 2010 as people were fed up with him for doing nothing for half his term...this will continue and get worse for him in 3 short days when he will be thrown out of office in a landslide...

the list goes on and on...

Now obama wants your vote to keep from getting thrown out of office in 3 days. He thinks he is entitled to remain in office for another 4 years, and maybe forever rather than to bear the shame of his horrific record in office.

Who in here is ready to VOTE?

I am!

Canyon Country, CA

#122615 Nov 2, 2012
Guru wrote:
...let's see if you can say that on Nov 7th.
<quoted text>
troll alert!

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