Illinois income tax rate may rise by 50%

Illinois income tax rate may rise by 50%

There are 800 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Mar 13, 2009, titled Illinois income tax rate may rise by 50%. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Gov. Pat Quinn is considering raising the Illinois income tax by 50 percent in a politically risky bid to address one of the biggest budget dilemmas in state history, sources said Thursday.

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Chicago, IL

#653 Mar 13, 2009
Earnest in Evanston wrote:
<quoted text>
Nobody voted for Quinn or Roland Burris who took Obama's senate seat.
They were appointed by fellow Democrats who refused to call a special election to let the voters decide.
No Dems in 2010.
I voted for Quinn and so did most of the people in the state. That's how it works, Einstein.

Saint Louis, MO

#654 Mar 13, 2009
If you think anything unfairly benefits downstate IL then I have a senate seat to sell you. Ridiculous!
partisan blindness

United States

#655 Mar 13, 2009
rosco wrote:
Its time we raise taxes on an equal rate, no discount for the rich.
What do you mean by 'equal rate' and 'no discount for the rich'?

Northbrook, IL

#656 Mar 13, 2009
hmm wrote:
<quoted text>
Illinois has one of the lowest state income tax rates in the country. Higher than most of our neighboring states. Are they moving here to aviod their taxes and take advantage of our low taxes? Go ahead and move. At least we lose one more whiner who does not know the facts about what they are complaining about.
It doesn't matter, any money out of our pockets right now is a bad thing. Even if it was justifiable, now is not the time! Same with stroger, that bum, bad timing. And daley too with the parking meter fiasco, BAD TIMING!!
And just for the record, I don't think any of it is justifiable. If they ran the state and county efficiently, they wouldn't need to do any of this.

Chicago, IL

#657 Mar 13, 2009
Proletarian wrote:
No way to any tax increase until:(1) state government is pruned of every unnecessary employee at every level; (2) pensions of all state employees, including retirees, are made subject to the state income tax; and (3) all contracts with state government have to be completely transparent. I'm not holding my breath here. As a single taxpayer, I'm sick and tired of being gouged to pay for all these lower class "breeder" families who use far more resources than anyone else. Sympathy for them? H--l, they are the ones whose taxes should be raised since they are the ones using the most state services and resources.
Exactly. I'm sick and tired of hearing about the poor and those with large families needing tax cuts. If they want tax cuts, they can stop voting for crooked politicians that promise more handouts.

And just to be fair, if Republicans want tax cuts they can stop supporting needless wars and corporate welfare.
partisan blindness

United States

#658 Mar 13, 2009
Lottery wrote:
Why don't we raise the price per lottery ticket to help subsidize IL's inability to balance a budget?
OK; it is one of the truly voluntary taxes. Many poor buy lottery tickets and this is the only tax some of them pay.
partisan blindness

United States

#659 Mar 13, 2009
mike h wrote:
I'm still wondering why we are paying 78 bucks for a sticker for my car plates? remember when ryan doubled it for the Illinois first project - road construction and we got to see all those blue signs with ryans name on em. ok, everybody is broke, raise the taxes - But.... pass a law that increased taxes are good for 1 year and have to a special vote every term and not be buried in some 1000 page budget report.
Just what I need, more taxes on my unemployement.. feds add 25, state takes away 5 (not counting increased fee's on car, etc.).
Yeah its great to increase the exception, but 1st you have to survive the year in order to get the exception on your tax.
I wish I could pay only $78 for car tags in Indiana. We pay an excise tax based on the value of the car and tags can be hundreds of dollars.

United States

#660 Mar 13, 2009
Oh just wait until all your costs go up - thanks to your "man of change" and his $650B energy bill. Gas, electricity, food, anything manufactured - all of the costs will be put upon the people. Obama is raising your taxes folks - he's just being sneaky about it!
Chicago Al

United States

#661 Mar 13, 2009
...the public needs to realize that Illinois “has a mountain of debt” that he inherited from Blagojevich.

Here's an idea that's worked very well with my personal finances; when my debt has been larger than my income, I've cut back on my spending. Now I know that this way of thinking could be hard for a democrat to grasp, but it's worked every time for me. How about we give it a chance, just this once. If it doesn't work, you can say 'I told you so Chicago Al. You conservatives are too dumb when it comes to money'.

United States

#662 Mar 13, 2009
OK - that did make me laugh!! I still can't quite figure out why people voted for his father!
Todd Stroger wrote:
Memo to Rich:
Boss, my crack team is going over this list we can come up with some new taxes, we all agree down here at the County Board this list is way to short.
Yours Truly
Toddy Stroger
A man of the people
<quoted text>

Elmhurst, IL

#663 Mar 13, 2009
A memo to all for understanding Democratic philosophy, from an insider...

The democratic party lives for one purpose: CONTROL. Control over everyone (this means you).

To accomplish this requires a large, overbearing government.

That, in turn, is accomplished by disempowering the populace via heavy taxation, as well as targeted entitlement and welfare programs to maintain a needy, beholden votership to keep us in power.

Within said populace we must also cultivate a culture of envy, fear, and government dependence -- easily accomplished via a liberal, non-centrist agenda and associated class warfare psychologies. Twisting morality keeps everyone off balance.

So you see, money is just a tool we require for control purposes, to control you, to keep you disempowered and enable us to continue controlling you. Feeling a bit helpless? Good.

As to the case of Illinois raising taxes at this time, why would anyone expect anything less from us? After all, crisis is opportunity, and we wouldn't want to let it go to waste.

Oh, and our beloved President is doing the same thing at a federal level, and believe me, he's just warming up. Currently, he's ramming through his social agenda as fast as he can before the economy can recover.

That stimulus bill was a beauty, don't you think -- so many imposed limits to ensure that it'll really only benefit our beholden votership (including friends and family of illegal aliens, of course) while drastically expanding government and furthering our control over you and your dependence on us -- for generations.

Don't even get me started as to our goal of the socialization of America. Whereas we've moved slowly in the past, our new President is really stepping it up. You'll all soon forget what America used to be like. Trust me.

Thank you for your time. Well, not really.

Romeoville, IL

#664 Mar 13, 2009
With the idiot BO's new energy taxes the average household energy bill is expected to rise $1300.00 per year. This will not end until we are all living on goverment cheese. BO has set the tone now states are jumping on the bandwagon tax increases everywhere.
nancy wrote:
Oh just wait until all your costs go up - thanks to your "man of change" and his $650B energy bill. Gas, electricity, food, anything manufactured - all of the costs will be put upon the people. Obama is raising your taxes folks - he's just being sneaky about it!

Mission Hills, CA

#665 Mar 13, 2009
The party of the working man and woman.Income tax hike means you have to have an income.Lets give more to those that dont.

United States

#666 Mar 13, 2009
quills wrote:
Illinois people, realize you have been paying low state taxes for years. An increase is needed and there hasn't been one for 20 years. Name something else that hasn't increased in 20 years? Can't find one can you! Wake up people ans accept something that is needed.
Quit being a suckhole. You sound like a state employee.

Romeoville, IL

#667 Mar 13, 2009
This pretty much sums it up:

SPRINGFIELD — In the time it takes you to read this sentence, Illinois taxpayers will be another $200 deeper in debt.

The state’s pension debt will exceed $44 billion this summer, increasing at a rate of about $120 per second, according to Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s administration. The debt already tops $42 billion — enough to give every one of Illinois’ 12.8 million residents a check of $3,300 or buy 937,000 Cadillacs at $45,000 a pop.
partisan blindness

United States

#668 Mar 13, 2009
Josh wrote:
<quoted text>
Unconstitutional how? In fact, the founders were very much supportive of estate taxes as they did not want the sort of aristocracy to develop in the United States that had left behind in Europe.
Where in the constitution does it address an estate taxes, pro or con?

Since: Jan 09

Gurnee, IL

#669 Mar 13, 2009
It's time to start a recall drive for Quinn. Let's add in all the other thieves, er, politicians while we're at it. Just for good measure.

Louisville, KY

#670 Mar 13, 2009
WE NEED TO ELECT SOME REPUBLICANS. Taxes are by far my number one expense and I can't afford these politicians any more.

United States

#671 Mar 13, 2009
now you know why they want to take our guns away
Rogers Park

United States

#672 Mar 13, 2009
Karl wrote:
Nearly all of the posters here don't understand how Illinois' Income Tax works. It is a GROSS Income Tax of 3 percent. That means NO deductions (unlike some of the other states posters have mentioned).
Second, It is a flat tax. That means that the folks in Lake Forest are paying 3 percent of their millions as opposed to 3 percent of the low wages downstate. Those of you who scream for a flat tax should ponder how much easier it is to pay 3 percent of a million as opposed to 3 percent of $20,000.
Let's set the record straight. Illinois has the lowest income taxes in the Midwest IF you make $100K or more. If you make $10K, you'll pay the HIGHEST taxes in the Midwest. In Chicago, you'll pay the highest combined tax rate (income, sales, erc.) in the Midwest on buying a toothbrush.
Corporate taxes are also capped at a percentage of the individual tax rate. Again, a flat rate.
Why? Because the Illinois Constitution mandates a flat tax and a corporate tax cap. This keeps Illinois hospitable for the North Shore crowd and means their corporations won't be forced to ante up their fair share of the burden.
Solution? Many states have gone to a gross receipts tax on business (Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, New Jersey) to partially solve this mess.
A few years ago Gov. Blagojevich proposed replacing the flawed corporate income tax with a gross receipts tax on business. This would have shifted more of the Illinois tax burden from the poor to Corporate America. Of course, Corporate America dispatched its lobbyists and accolytes to tell everyone how "terrible" the proposal was. You see, the real reason it is "terrible" is that the gross receipts tax is difficult for big business to avoid.(Ask anyone who does tax planning in Texas!)
Naturally, these business interests would prefer the public to ineffectually rail about Dems vs Reps while the corporate geese get fat.(And I don't hear Tribune Company complaining, either.)
Large corporate interests and the North Shore are taking the rest of Illinois' residents for a ride. And as long as the general public remains clueless as to the tax structure, they are going to continue to get away with it!
Ultimately, if you want reform, replace the Illinois Constitution with something more equitable.
The most intelligent post I've seen here today.

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