this is not rocket science!

there is an axiom in economics which clearly explains what's wrong with Chicago and the democrats who mismanage the city economy.

" What you tax you get less of what you subsidize you get more of"

now look around Chicago see a lot of jobs or middle class people?
no they have moved out because Chicago has over taxed or regulated business and the middle class.

now look around again, notice all those welfare queens, illegal immigrants, drug dealers?? they are all subsidized by the sanctuary city chicago and they are encouraged by the city therefor you have more of them than you do middle class working people or jobs to support the middle class.

so if you want more jobs and middle class people lower taxes reduce paper work and make the environment business friendly and you will get jobs back to Chicago.

or you can keep doing what you have been doing for the past 50 years and Chicago will be an empty garbage dumb of human refuse just like the south side of the city is today.