Cougar shot on North Side

Cougar shot on North Side

There are 1627 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Apr 14, 2008, titled Cougar shot on North Side. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

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Orland Park, IL

#1577 Apr 15, 2008
<quoted text>
I heard that the police used an excuse that they didn't have tranquilizers. They had plenty of time to call animal control to get it tranquilized. They knew what they were doing when they went out looking for the poor cougar with their guns drawn. The cougar didn't try to attack them like they said. It was just an excuse. Any animal backed into a corner is going to try to defend itself. It sure wasn't the cougar's fault. Hopefully justice will be served oneday and the police will do jail time and loose their jobs.
Are you mentally ill? Was this your cougar?

Lyons, IL

#1578 Apr 15, 2008
Poorly handled. What a shame - They use a gun to kill this animal out of fear that it may attack? Are you kidding me - give me a break. And how many shots? In a neighborhood.- I am embaressed how we try to defend such stupid actions.

Schererville, IN

#1579 Apr 15, 2008
Why do we have to see those pictures of that poor animal dead?? Isn't it bad enough that he was shot, we have to see the poor thing dead?

Wheaton, IL

#1580 Apr 15, 2008
tigermaniac4real wrote:
Chicago, IL Reply
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tigermaniac4real wrote:
i know for a fact that the cougar could have been easily captured. for one, the cat had been running through the streets and hadn't hurt anyone at this point only tells me it was a captive bred cat with some socialization with humans. i myself could have captured the poor cougar in a matter of 20 minutes with a little ketamine/rompom.i beleive the cat did not charge them, its not their behavior,a cougar will lay down when stalked or threatened. those cops had no experience at all with big cats. IT COULD HAVE BEE SAFELY CAPTURED..........R.I.P cougar!!!!!!!
p.s. i have raised 3 generations of tigers. had about 250 big cats in my life so far, and got my first cougar when she was 2 weeks old and lost her at 20 years of age..........
You should do a head count on your cats. Maybe he was yours...
Is that legal in your state?
Check it out
I don't think anyone is disputing the fact that the ideal situation would have been to have the cat tranquilized or caught by a person with animal experience. However, I think it is unfair to judge the police since that is not their area of expertise. They did what seemed appropriate at the time. I can guarantee tha if the cougar hurt someone, todays comments would have been "all of the cops carried guns..they did nothing, and now an innocent person is dead". Damned if they do...damned if they don't.
take a minute and think

Chicago, IL

#1581 Apr 15, 2008
all of these posts of people saying the things that could have happened... it's sad. animals don't typically attack unprovoked and that is the truth. also, if someone was scared, why didn't they do something that involved a little bit of common sense, like um, throw it something to eat? ANYTHING as a first step other than A)i'm doing nothing B) let's shoot it. it may sound silly now, but i bet everyone reading this has tried that trick on many smaller pets, or bigger dogs. i think a lot of the people who are upset just see that there is an entire spectrum and you don't always just shoot to kill first, we don't do it to people because "they may have robbed and killed me" why do we do it to animals?

United States

#1582 Apr 15, 2008

When the Omaha police shot an 80 pound cat with a tranquillizer dart, it took 7 minutes to put the cat down.

Anyone else thinking about writing a comment about the CPD using a tranquillizer dart, please stop typing your thoughts now... you are wrong.

Elmhurst, IL

#1583 Apr 15, 2008
"That's because people are inherently ignorant. Animals are not. They live by instinct and are kind and loving by nature. They are more of a true friend than any human could ever be. They are not jealous or envious nor would they stab you in the back to get ahead. They are truly much kinder and loving than any human could ever be. Animals love not matter what."

You're right, and they all are vegetarians, play acoustic guitar, hold hands/paws/claws and sing Kumbaya in the forest every night at sunset.

Orland Park, IL

#1584 Apr 15, 2008
SoxFan wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually I'd call Animal Control
Then you'd be waiting all day.

Chicago, IL

#1585 Apr 15, 2008
It saddens me that so many people criticize our cops who risk their lives everyday. Until you've lived with a cop, been a close relative of one, you'll never understand what they go through. Cops are trained to make decisions within a matter of seconds! It wasn't like they had sufficient time to wait for animal control. The cougar would have been gone, still roaming the streets. I agree with their decision. Like others have said, they're trained to protect people, not animals.

Schaumburg, IL

#1586 Apr 15, 2008
People should read the stories before they post. A lot of these questions were already answered in Trib articles.

I am an animal lover and it is very sad, but they said there weren't any officers trained in tranquilizers there and there were people and children all around and the cougar supposedly charged an officer. Cougars are not protected in Illinois since they are not considered part of our natural ecosystem.

United States

#1587 Apr 15, 2008
Scott wrote:
What would Obama have done?
Obama wouldn't have done anything but talked to it....about "hope" and "change".....

Orland Park, IL

#1588 Apr 15, 2008
DONNA wrote:
<quoted text>
All 25 police should be jailed and lose their jobs. They are useless anyway and do more harm than good. The cougar was MURDERED in 1st degree and the cops should be facing murder charges. The mayor needs to tighten up the noose on the animal rights.
Holy sh!t are you the craziest of them all!

Chicago, IL

#1589 Apr 15, 2008
Typical Chicago Police. Good work Chicago.

"Officer Was Jogging When He Says Dog Followed, Tried To Attack Him. The officer told investigators Capone began chasing him and attempted to attack him. The initial police report quoted the officer as saying he fired 12 rounds at the dog."

Another Story

"The officer apparently got out of his vehicle, and one of the dogs, named Rusty, apparently came toward the officer. The officer pulled out his gun and killed the dog with three shots. The officer was found to have followed procedure."

Another Story

"The lawsuit claimed that a police officer entered his yard while persuing a suspect and aroused his 10-year-old Akita. He claims that the officer shot the dog dead before continuing the chase. The city has agreed to settle, but admits no wrongdoing."

Why is it the CPD stories never add up? Considering CPDs criminal actions over the years i'd say they screwed the pooch on this one.

Save Illinois seceed from Chicago.

Since: Jan 08

Allentown, PA

#1593 Apr 15, 2008
Agreed that this is tragic when a beautiful animal is killed.

There is a danger when a wild animal has comfortably encroached into an urban area. The creature's "normal" reactions cannot be counted on when outside of its natural habitat.

I lived on the Wasatch mountain range and can attest that a wild animal can behave unpredictably when in an urban or suburban area.

Please defer to the knowledge of wildlife experts before condemning our human race again.

As "Bummer" stated, the odds of a CPD squad having a trnq gun is nil. Also, what would have been the public response if CPD waited for animal control of some sort to arrive and the cat escaped, possibly attacking out of fear?
Phill from Plainfield

Plainfield, IL

#1595 Apr 15, 2008
redshoe wrote:
everyone screaming that the cougar should have been killed because it could maul a child are the same folks who insist that their pit bull is a sweet loving lap dog.
I like the fact that a cougar was patrolling the city--kick butt. Nature at it's best. We live in a scary world not a cotton candy park-- We take our chances when we wake up and go outside and yet somehow feel it's our right to destroy anything seen as a threat to our beloved way of life. Oh heaven forbid.
How do you think people who live in Alaska, Wyomming, Montana and Canada survive all those spooky mean mauling wild animals??? OH MY
People in those states are allowed to carry a gun! They can put the animal down their selves, and you'd never even here about it on the local news!!!

Maybe you'd like to visit some wild animals in an unprotected environment and have to protect yourself with your bare hands. But than again, you probley wouldn't be here to critisize other people then?

United States

#1596 Apr 15, 2008
I dont think the cops used good judgement and didnt care for the animal. Dont they have stun guns? At least try before they slaughtered the cat. Its more of the same old thing how with animals it doesnt matter that aimals can be beaten, hurt, killed and with no concern disgarded like trash. How sad. They
are part of Gods creatures and feel pain, love etc like us.

Since: Apr 08

Gilberts, IL

#1598 Apr 15, 2008
Chicago Coyote wrote:
Where was their tazers?
They everybody else
I wondered the same thing. I bet no matter what they did, some folk's would be mad. Still, sad this animal had to die.

Mesa, AZ

#1599 Apr 15, 2008
[QUOTE who="Slickster]As a fellow Arizonan, one who has been privilege to see lions in the wild a few times, I understand your points exactly. But, as I stated, those who do not wish to understand, never will.
BTW, from up around Strawberry way.[/QUOTE]

Greetings! I've been through Strawberry a couple times. Truth be told I stick pretty much to the Phoenix/Tucson/Los Angeles Corridor. I'm native to BosWash so the major cities are my native habitat. ;)

Thanks for the words of support. I got the same vibe too. While I understand where these people are coming from re:CPD (after all, we have Sheriff Joke Arpaio), I still think the cops did absolutely the right thing. I'm a cat lover and I would have shot the lion too.

I simply never cease to be amazed at the ignorance and short-sightedness of humanity.

Chicago, IL

#1601 Apr 15, 2008
Vic wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree 100%. That was actually my first thought when I heard about this. Someone might have had it as a must have gotten away somehow and they couldn't report it fearing all the charges they may face.
Nope, there was an article in the Trib a few months ago talking about Cougars being spotted in Peoria and other places because they're being forced East....
avid outdoorsman

Manteno, IL

#1602 Apr 15, 2008
JoeyB wrote:
<quoted text>
Ok mr avid outdoorsman, at that very close range, how many shots from a handgun would it have taken you you to at the least disable if not kill the cougar? 1? 5? 10? 18????
Joey, a whole bunch of cops didn't all line up and shoot 18 shots all at once. Multiple shots were fired while the cat was being chased. We don't know the actual number of shots fired, do we? The 18 shots number was a guesstimate from a person nearby. A moving target isn't very easy to hit. Did you see the picture of the dead cat? I saw ONE bullet hole. Maybe it was shot several times. GOOD. Make sure it's DEAD, not WOUNDED, when it could become extremely dangerous.

All of you people who say "poor, defenseless animal," WAKE UP. This was no kitty-cat. This animal was NOT DEFENSELES! A 150 lb. lion can easily take down a 300 lb. deer. A human is NO MATCH for this super-predator. WILD ANIMALS ARE UNPREDICTABLE, and cougars, as the top predator in N. America, are killing machines.

It didn't hurt anybody? Why wait for it to kill someone? Predators kill, that's what they do for a living, folks. They eat other animals. A lion would eat a person, given the chance, don't doubt it.

Again, I say THANKS to the CPD for doing what was the right thing.

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