Cougar shot on North Side

Cougar shot on North Side

There are 1627 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Apr 14, 2008, titled Cougar shot on North Side. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

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United States

#337 Apr 14, 2008
If 25 officers were able to get there don't you think they could hav gotten animal control there to tranqulize the animal. Once again the Chicago Cops shoot first. Who panicked? Or maybe they found a gun at the scene that the cat was carrying.

Hanover Park, IL

#339 Apr 14, 2008
Animal lover wrote:
I do not know if this has yet been addressed, but I did NOT want to see that picture of the fallen kitty. Please, Tribune, show some restraint.
But those pictures are why I know what a beautiful thing it was. And why I'm so ticked off.

But maybe they could have put a "Younger and More Sensitive Viewers" type warning on the first page of the slide-show.

Since: Mar 08

Chicago, IL

#340 Apr 14, 2008
They don't give police officers training in big cat capture and Lincoln Park Zoo isn't sitting there waiting to hand out tranquilizers and tools needed to get it in a large cat.

Animal control was patrolling the area all day since about 900am after numerous sightings. The police were called and could not direct the animal to animal control. It was a large dangerous predator that was being chased in close quarters.

Safety dictated lethal force and that force was used. Sorry cougar. I knew there would be dozens of morons who would criticize police for doing a good job and sure enough, there are.

Why didn't one of you animal lover folks get out there and help capture that animal? No, instead you criticize officers doing a difficult and dangerous job without proper training or equipment. go get a latte and shut up.
The R

Chicago, IL

#342 Apr 14, 2008
Melissa Niksic wrote:
First of all, I cannot believe that the editors at the Chicago Tribune think it's appropriate to post a photo of the dead cougar on the home page of your Web site. Would you post a photo of a human being that had been shot and killed? It's the same thing. As an animal lover, this choice sickens and offends me.
Secondly, this whoe story makes me absolutely crazy. I cannot believe the cougar was shot and killed. Of course the poor thing turned on the police officers when it was cornered: it was scared out of its mind! Why couldn't the cougar have been tranquilized? The search for the animal went on for most of the afternoon, so the authorities had ample time to dig up a tranquelizer gun, as well as find someone who knows how to use it.
People throw a fit when the police shoot at criminals who are pointing loaded guns at the officers' can people just sit back in silence when something like this happens? the cougar was killed for no reaso at all! I am beyond horrified.
Um, Melissa, cats are not people--no matter how hard you try to make it otherwise.

Also, please realize, the cougar, a predator, was running loose, in a city of 3 million, and in densely populated neighborhood, to boot. It is very elusive, and hops 6-foot fences in a single bound. Given the situation, tranking the cat was not an option--the CPD doesn't exactly have a lot of experience in dealing with such animals, you know?

Saint Paul, MN

#346 Apr 14, 2008
Why is this tough wrote:
Picture yourself in the situation:
Your small kids are playing in the backyard, and suddenly a 150 pound cougar shows up on the scene. Just let that image soak in for a minute: Your kids - Cougar. Same yard. Nothing standing in the Cougar's way.
Now - if your first reaction is, "I sure hope the police don't kill it", then you deserve to have your kids eaten.
Totally agree. What a bunch of whiny Monday evening quarterbacks - people who've never been in Roscoe Village with no reckoning of the people young and old outside in their yards or on the street of a high-density neigborhood, have never seen a frightened cougar and have no idea what it might do. Faced with letting the animal escape to roam farther, you take the shot when you can. The do-gooders should save their weepy compassion for all the neglected and abandoned dogs and cats out there. People, go adopt a homeless pet if you want to save an animal life.

Lafayette, IN

#347 Apr 14, 2008
A very sad story indeed. It's a terrible shame for an animal like this to be taken out like this. But this rush to judge the CPD is amazing to me. We don't know what kind of time they had, we don't know if they had access to tranquilizers, we don't know if the cougar was posing an immediate threat. We DO know that the cougar is one of the most dangerous wild animals in North America, and we can reasonably guess that if it was right in the city, it was probably semi-domesticated so therefore less fearful of people and more likely to be aggressive.

A year or two back a cougar got a mountain biker in the Angeles national forest -- the usual cat way, attacking from behind. While the cops and animal control should go for tranqs if at all possible, they also have to be aware of what can happen if there's any delay in dealing with the animal.

Cougars are making a comeback in the wild in isolated parts of the Midwest but to have one in the city like this is nothing short of incredible -- and once again, an ex-pet wild cat like this would be more dangerous than a genuinely wild one.

Chicago, IL

#348 Apr 14, 2008
race wrote:
what a horrible shame, to have to kill such a magnificent animal.
but it was the right thing to do; had Mr. Greene's children - or any children for that matter - been outside, the cougar would have undoubtably killed them. Cougars are well known for taking humans as prey.
'Course if Mr. Greene & his kids were black, the cops would've had a much tougher choice,

"Hmmm, should we shoot the cougar, shoot the kids, OR tie some steaks onto the kids and leave...decisions, decisions..."

United States

#350 Apr 14, 2008
To all the cougar-sympathizers,

Give me a break. If the critter had jumped over your fence into your backyard, you'd have been throwing flower pots, grill utensils--anything heavy or sharp--at it. You're not going to reason with a cougar, nor is Animal Control going to arrive on the scene in any sort of speedy fashion.

The CPD did the right thing. Put it down with the means at hand before it jumps into someone's backyard with kids at play.

I will say that it would've been interesting to seem them try a Taser on it, but what do you do once the shock wears off? Hmm...

Chicago, IL

#351 Apr 14, 2008
People, get real! On the news they said that the police came and it CHARGED at them, it was shot, then it jumped a fence and ran into another yard before being shot again.
Surely if a person had been walking to their garage or even just down the sidewalk and the cat charged at them, then would have only been mauled at best, killed at worse. It is a shame the cat died, but it was a dangerous situation. Many on here just don't realize the situation, or don't want to...

“Isaiah 60:10”

Since: Nov 07

Drake CO

#354 Apr 14, 2008
If EVER there was an unnecessary killing in the city, this was it.

This wanton destruction of a resourceful, beautiful animal was senseless and disgusting.

Chicago, home to one of the finest natural science museums in the world, destroys a fine animal.

Shame on all who participated in this hunt.

Lemont, IL

#355 Apr 14, 2008
I reported seeing a cougar in the southwest suburbs about two months ago.

It looks like they may be back!

Chicago, IL

#356 Apr 14, 2008
That's Chicago's police for you. Shooting animals or victims without any knowledge. I guess tranqing the cougar was out of the question and maybe releasing it back into the wild, in lets say Montana, was out of the question. But I guess the Chicago cops can do what they want, right?

Chicago, IL

#358 Apr 14, 2008
K_Mayo wrote:
I am shocked at the lack of intelligent planning by the Roscoe Village Police which could have saved and relocated such a beautiful, rare, wild animal in this area. To think of the survival skills this cougar needed to make it from a kitten to an adult in a big city warrants a chance at a peaceful life elsewhere via a simple tranquilizer dart and relocation. The police department needs a new policy to call in either the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, or some other agency that's a bit more competent in handling wildlife issues.
I must disagree with you. There simply wasnt enough time to bring a vet or animal control officer with a dart gun to tranq the poor thing.
Cougars, while indeed rare, are extremely dangerous creatures, with a long track record of taking humans are prey.
This animal most likely escaped from someone's private collection, or was a pet, abandoned when its owner realized how dangerous it had become. Either way, this animal was cared for for all of its life. There simply is not any way for a creature of its size and predatory habits to survive in the Chicagoland area for long enough to become an adult from a cub without being spotted, and without killing pets or people for food.
While I agree with you that this animal's death is horrible, and I would have preffered that the animal was captured alive, I have to side with the police in this instance. They were right to shoot to kill; it most certainly would have injured or killed one of them, otherwise. As I said, cougars are well known for taking humans as prey. The fact that it did not kill anyone is more evidence that this cougar escaped from someone's care, and was unused to hunting for itself. Even so, a 150 pound cougar can quite literally rip a human being limb from limb, and cornering it - which the police had to do, given the fact that there are children living throughout the area - would simply make it extremely terrified, and thus make it react with extreme violence. Someone would have been at least seriously injured had the police not killed the poor creature.
Actually from Chicago

Chicago, IL

#360 Apr 14, 2008
This is so sad. The photographs are morbid. What a depressing comment on our culture that we couldn't take better care of this animal.

Lafayette, IN

#361 Apr 14, 2008
Chicagoan wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree and I have family on the job who said these guys flushed it out and it NEVER charged anyone. It was trying to hide under a porch. These guys in 19 are weekend warriors and made fools of themselves and are liying about how this went down. Truly sad !!!!
If this is the case, it might well suggest a wild animal more than a domesticated one, which would be remarkable this deep in the city. If the cops tried to flush it out on their own without animal control, they are simply idiots and at a minimum require some better training. But I'm still not willing to second guess them any further without more information. Ideally you would tranquillize it and relocate it, let's say in natural habitat like the Black Hills of South Dakota. But we need to know what kind of time the cops had and what animal control's role was.

Chicago, IL

#362 Apr 14, 2008
RFB-IL wrote:
If 25 officers were able to get there don't you think they could hav gotten animal control there to tranqulize the animal. Once again the Chicago Cops shoot first. Who panicked? Or maybe they found a gun at the scene that the cat was carrying.
The 25 officers weren't there right when the cat was shot. That came later. I'd love to see your reaction if a 150 pound wild animal - you would be begging for someone to shoot it as you were being torn apart, but it makes you feel morally superior to moan about the cat being shot. Sad for you!

United States

#364 Apr 14, 2008
Tony wrote:
Are some of you people really this stupid? You have a 150 lb cougar roaming around a neighborhood that is heavily populated with families and pets. What else are the police supposed to do? I live not even 2 blocks from where this happened and while I am sad that the cougar was killed, police had no choice. I really would not want to have let my dog outside and see a cougar sitting in my yard.
Oh poor you. People in the southwest learn to live among wildlife. You don't think they could of tranq. this animal instead of flushing it out of the porch it was hiding in?
Senseless killing by cops who just want to shoot something. No one was in danger. It walked right behind a cop and could of killed him easily but was trying to hide. People much rather kill something instead of cohabitating with wildlife. What about all the gangbangers, they cause more havoc and violence, why not hold the same attitude towards them. You children are in more danger from them than wildlife.
Pathetic attitude you have.

Chicago, IL

#366 Apr 14, 2008
Chicago wrote:
I think it's poor form to run the photo of the dead cougar. Completely unnecessary. This animal didn't hurt anyone - why couldn't they just have caught it and handed it over to a rescue group.
This was just what the pathetic owner wanted. The cat tranquilized and sent to a resort somewhere. CPD was right to shoot the Cougar. Let this be a lesson to you other morons who are caring for exotic animals within city limits.

Chicago, IL

#367 Apr 14, 2008
I agree with Melissa. Animals are just like humans, however I did not hear any news of a cougar killing. But how would you like to see a family member or just another human being on the front cover?

Berwyn, IL

#368 Apr 14, 2008
CPD should check with Wisconsin DNR. They have DNA from a Cougar spotted and tracked throughout Rock and Walworth Counties between January and March. The Cougar, first one seen in Wisconsin in many years, had a cut paw and left bloody prints. Anyone wanna bet it's the same guy?

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