From the shadows, Anonymous battles S...

From the shadows, Anonymous battles Scientology

There are 446 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jul 24, 2008, titled From the shadows, Anonymous battles Scientology. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

With their dark suits, leering masks and signs warning of what they call the "cult" of Scientology, the protest group Anonymous may startle a few visitors to Millennium Park on Saturday.

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United States

#3 Jul 24, 2008
You can't save someone from themselves. Someone who gets involved in a cult is looking to get schnookered anyway. The Scientologists happen to be one of a myriad of options for someone looking to get schnookered.


#4 Jul 24, 2008
Yes... all that is necessary to show people the insanity that it is.

Run fast - run far.

United States

#8 Jul 24, 2008
The one thing missing from this article is a reference to the meat of the problem of Scientology. That it uses a bogus "stress test" (which everyone flunks) to deceitfully lure people into paying increasingly exorbitant sums for amateur therapy (auditing), all the while hiding from the uninformed consumer that he or she is being slowly brainwashed into believing Hubbard is the Word.
Maple Leaf

United States

#9 Jul 24, 2008
I once took the stress test while killing time downtown in an overseas, English-speaking country. I listened to what they had to say at the end of the test. I turned down every attempt to sell me a book that would help me through my "crisis" and in the end I left a little more educated about what Scientology is about and their methods to attract people. Thankfully the person administering my test was very nice and once they realized I wasn't going to buy anything wished me well on my travels and was very pleasant. But I guess getting all mean about it wouldn't really be a good first impression.

Mount Prospect, IL

#10 Jul 24, 2008
Thank you for this, Melissa.
An admirably even-handed article with a lot of good information.

Perhaps more of the media will pick up on this behavior?
We can only hope.

Toronto, Canada

#12 Jul 24, 2008
Thank you Ms. Patterson and the Chicago Tribune.

scientology is a criminally convicted, money grabbbing cult invented by a bad science fiction writer who died with psychiatric drugs in his bloodstream = l ron hubbard - google for the facts.

scientology became a "religion" only after a secret IRS deal. scientologoy is not considered a religion in many countries and enjoys a tax break from the IRS that no other religious group in the USA has - even if you aren't a member they are taking your dollars - wake up people!

some scientology front groups: CCHR (citizens commission on human rights), WISE, Applied Scholastics, Narconon, Criminon, etc.

The people and the government need to shut this cult down.

Perth, Australia

#13 Jul 24, 2008
Nice work, Melissa. Thanks for persevering with us.

Buffalo Grove, IL

#17 Jul 24, 2008
Religion is good business

Chicago, IL

#19 Jul 24, 2008
AUDIT$ are a scam.

Coeur D Alene, ID

#20 Jul 24, 2008
Narconon is NOT Narcotics Anonymous.

The people I've known who "graduated" from Narconon and entered Scientology proper were, in my opinion, severely screwed up from the experience. They were into the drugs and booze harder than ever -- one of them, a twenty-something dude in L.A. told me that he was "at cause over addiction". Which I presume meant "hey, I'm in control"...

I hear consistent reports of drugs being sold INSIDE Narconon facilities, and there seems to be a pattern of people dropping dead in those facilities as well, such as Patrick W Desmond, who died Wednesday, June 11 of this year in Georgia. Perhaps giving people with liver problems an overdose of Niacin, then cooking them in a sauna isn't such a good idea after all...

Oh, and Scientology keeps trying to get their hands on tax dollars via their "secular" Narconon program.

Watch out for the Drug Free Marshalls too.

Google "narconon death".
A Watcher

Medford, MA

#23 Jul 24, 2008
Marcus: a piece of advice.

Get out. NOW. While you still can.

NOBODY is buying what you're selling anymore. I have seen this same argument time and again on various articles with comment sections and NOT ONCE have I seen anything even remotely address the accusations that are being leveled at your 'Church'. Come up with a new argument. NO ONE BELIEVES YOU. If your not going to address them, the countless accusations of disconnection, child abuse and child labor, forced abortions, tax fraud, indoctrination, billion year contracts, mysterious deaths and God knows other counts of human rights violations, than you're no better than those who turned a blind eye to the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.

“Slick | Just Bill”

Since: Jul 08

Location hidden

#24 Jul 24, 2008
Falseanon wrote:
Their protests have gained no support.
You WISH!!!

I've been there. The support for the Anonymous protests is wonderful and just about universal from everyone who passes by. Lots of honking and thumbs up.

You live in a little, tiny, fantasy world.

Honolulu, HI

#25 Jul 24, 2008
Thank you Melissa Patterson!!!

Any PR is GOOD for Scientology and for Anonymous. People finding out more is exactly what will take down the organizational structure. Enter Scientology into google and the #2&3 listings are wikipedia and With a heading like "The Inner Secrets of Scientology" it's a no brainer - automatic click. People can't ignore the facts they find on the internet (the verifiable ones) but they can ignore Scientology after they find the facts. And that's the point!

The numbers of Exes is just to large and the kids don't lie.

You don't need the CoS to attain spiritual freedom. You just don't.

Riverside, CA

#28 Jul 24, 2008
Thank for for the fairly balanced article. Great journalism! For the uninitiated, the purpose of these protests is to change in the Scientology from it's current form, a tax-free religion, into what it TRULY is... A pay-to-play self-help program that charges thousands of dollars to reach it's "top levels" and should pay their taxes for it.

Since Anonymous has come on the scene, Scientology has spent more money than EVER on advertising (As a matter of fact, there's an ad on this page right now), more money on city permits used to block/remove our protests from their storefronts, more money on private investigators and lawyers to track down people expressing their first amendment rights.

We have all read Scientology's nonsense. We have investigated their claims. We have listened to their lies. Enough is enough. It's their turn to listen to us...

From the article:

"Davis said the church has reported to authorities thousands of cases of alleged harassment, threats and other crimes by the group."

Yet, to this date, not a single Anonymous protester has been arrested for anything regarding their activism against Scientology.

Make up your own mind about how truthful their claims are.
A concerned citizen

Downey, CA

#30 Jul 24, 2008
Anonymous is not concerned with raising awareness about the cult. The only thing Anonymous asks is that people do the research on it, there are plenty of sourced of information.

Look at the court records, look at the Times article and the resulting lawsuit from the CoS (which the Times won), look at wikileaks for the information that the CoS swears is not a part of their doctrine (yet file copyright claims over). Feel free to talk to scientologists, or look at their websites that they always point to as the true source of information about the cult.

Ask yourself what would have happened if the world had just asked Hitler what was happening in Germany, if Ed Murrow had just asked McCarthy about the validity of his red-scare tactics, if we just accepted the truths that Enron presented us (never mind that turned out great!)...

When you see discrepancies, ask yourself what other organizations can only point to their information for proof of benevolence, ask yourself why a church has copyright over all of it's doctrine and denies that which clearly exists, ask yourself why their claims often don't check out.

If you can do this and then turn a blind eye without conscience feel free to do so, but if you see, as Anonymous does that this is a business that NEEDS to be held accountable for its transgressions against humanity, then join the cause and answer the call of Anonymous.
Christopher Mudkips

Cape Girardeau, MO

#31 Jul 24, 2008
Why does Scientology have a tax exempt status that is more favorable than that of other RELIGIONS?

When a Scientologist pays money to take Scientology "courses" - their own terms not mine, they can write it off in their taxes? When I send my child for religious education, the tuition that I pay cannot be written off. This is because the USA government chooses not to subsidize religious education because it would violate the First Amendment which tells us that the government cannot favor one religion over the others.

I thought I lived in a country that does not establish/favor one religion over other, but obviously this is a case of the USA government favoring Scientology over everyone else. I want this illegal privilege REVOKED.
Thankful Observer

Fairfield, OH

#32 Jul 24, 2008
It's about time someone protested the criminal organization of Scientology. Brilliant thinking of doing it in masks. Those who have tried to do something about their illegal acts -- like infiltrating the United States government back in the 1970s as part of Operation Snow White, and what they did to that poor writer, Paulette Cooper in "Operation Freakout" -- have really been attacked by that bunch of terrorists masquerading as a "religion." Now that people and media outlets are paying attention, I beg the public to research "Fair Game" and ask themselves if America can be tolerant of a so-called religion doing stuff like that, and getting tax-free status while they're doing it.

Thank you, Anonymous, whoever you are. Keep up the good work!

Oakton, VA

#34 Jul 25, 2008
Good, people SHOULD be looking into Scientology. Bringing attention to the cult and its abuses doesn't mean that more people will join. It means more people will take the time to read the truth and stay away from such a distructive organization!

United States

#35 Jul 25, 2008
Marcus wrote:
I've also spoken to many Anonymous protestors. The bulk are college kids who know zero about my religion other than what they hear from people that have been excommunicated for unethical practices.
This is a canard. I have talked to many Anonymous and they are all extremely well-informed about what goes on within Scientology (ironically, more so than most Scientologists). They know, for example, that most of the claims Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard made about himself and his organization are fraudulent. They know about the abuses committed by the church against its own members and its critics. And they know about the Xenu story, which is only revealed to upper level Scientologists who have invested huge amounts of money into their auditing.

These claims are well-documented by media investigations, court cases and, most importantly, by the ongoing statements and actions of the church itself.

Oh, and by the way, Scientology isn't a religion.
LR Hubbard


#36 Jul 25, 2008
I cried a little over the article, now I cry a little for Marcus. Get out or GTFO!

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