come on man!

ya black shooters gots to get better, that should have been one wounded and six killed.

now get yer lazy black butts over to the range or the school yard start practicing those kill shots.

sounds like some of ya all going to be needing prescription glasses which will be covered by obozo and welfare so don't worry you won't have to spend your drug profits on new glasses.

no one ever going to fear ya or tremble in your wake if all you do in wound people.

Remember they gots to be DOA when they hit the sidewalk.

Like that book of poems for children " by shel Silberstein, where the sidewalk ends" is where your going to find out of dead black people

I know you black drug gang dealers aren't big on reading & stuff by your babies might like those poems while they are still alive...cover the pages in plastic so they don't get blood all over the illustrations which can ruin the fun of reading for surviving kids.( if ya got any??)