This is not true. The only thing that giving the NRA money will do it to keep them in $800.00 shoes,$2000.00 suits and driving $80,000.00 cars.

I will tell you what is true. I was a life member until 1983 when I resigned although I knew I couldn't get my money back. I didn't want to be associated with a yellow bellied organization. I told them at that time that the American hunters weren't designing weapons of war but the government was and soon the government would out gun us in everyway. Is it true? Do they have the best automatic firearms, do we?

I spoke to NRA headquarters many times about this but always received the same answer, That blood would be spilt and they are trying to avoid that. I am grateful that the founding fathers of this nation didn't feel that way and that those great men who fought WWII also didn't feel that way.

The only way to defeat the anti-gunners is to kill them otherwise they keep coming back like poison ivy. Kill them, take back our country and be done with it. I was young then but am old now. Old people like myself should fight first as we let it get this way and we are at the end of our lives anyway. We should be the front line to try and save our precious children as out fathers did in WWII.

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre tells supporters guns and contributions can protect them from murderers and Michael Bloomberg

At the group’s annual meeting in Indianapolis, Wayne LaPierre urged supporters to ‘stand up and fight’ for gun rights. LaPierre also showed a video in which NRA members vowed to give contributions to counter former Mayor Bloomberg’s pledge to spend $50 million to defeat the gun-loving group.

BY Dan Friedman /


Friday, April 25, 2014, 11:31 PM