face da facts Chicago just can't be saved or salvaged.

The blacks have the entire south side of da city which is laying in ruins.

Houses abandon, torn or burnt down, now empty house lots with the mayor and official Chicago tearing down over 200 houses in roseland 103 rd & michgan south to blue island at 127th.

Business buildings store fronts abandon ruined not producing anything or paying taxes. businesses closed by excessive numbers of robberies by local citizens and aggressive union strong arm tactics
or over whelmed by city county and state excessive taxation over regulations.

wonder which tax or stupid regulation was the one that broke business back forcing them to close forever ????

bottom line on all this is way too many properties have been taken off the tax roles on the south side of the city.

which begs da question where is all the money needed to pay off the excessive promises made to greedy union members as they retire???

takes a lot of bread fred to support one union moron in retirement.

so when do you think the city will fail go into bankruptcy court unable to meet its financial obligations??

then once the city fails as the south side drags the city down the sewer , where will all the drug dealers go??? out to the suburbs?

If I were buying drugs I would be afraid to drive into the city cause the Negros there are so out of control and gun happy they may shoot anyone anytime cause there is no law on the south side of the city.

how soon do you think it is before Chicago fails and becomes another Detroit totally dysfunctional?