From an un-named soldier in Iraq - "Dear friends and family. We lost two Illinois Soldiers, my prayers and thoughts are with their families. French and Romanian Soldiers attended the service and my platoon performed the 21 gun salute (They did a great job). The day before our event, six suicide bombers entered the ministry of justice, ministry of finance, education and prison. Most of them were successful and detonated themselves causing a lot of casualties. One of them was shot and killed by Afghan police. Two went inside the ministry of justice, killed a few guards and barricaded themselves, an Afghan commando group was called in and the remaining two suicide bombers were eliminated. The Taliban and Al Q'aeda are well organized and well funded. With this kind of attacks we can judge their level of expertise, determination, and coordination. I know in my heart we can defeat these evil people on their own ground, but it will take time and a lot of resources. We can take this, we are trained and ready for it. I'm just glad its happening over here and not close to our families and friends. I know you are still praying for us, don't get tired doing it. We are your troops and we are counting on you for support. Be safe and God Bless all of you."

Right now, at this moment please say a prayer God for their protection.