way to go Chicago.

keep up the good work black folks killing those black folks living on the south side.

hope this reduces the welfare rolls a little.

this is almost as good as the suni vs shiete murder crap that has been going on since the year 850 ad.

wonder how many muslims have been killed by other muslims over the years.

we know the number, but we actually don't care how many blacks have been shot killed in Chicago in the past 25 years by other blacks.

its tens of thousands of unsolved gun homicides of blacks by blacks and no one on the planet surface cares.

Not even obozo who is from Chicago. you think he would call his lame attorney general and request he launch a full scale civil rights investigation, Ops wait this is black on black crime no one cares about that.

wonder if they will build his library in da hood??

Better stock it with coloring books cause no one there is da hood can read thanks to the dysfunctional Chicago public schools and union teachers.