Winter is coming everyone. And with winter comes brutal, intolerable cold, snow, ice, which is especially intolerable I am sure for Chicago's homeless population. But luckily, there is great hope for those of you homeless looking to escape the deep freeze. That hope can be found in the Des Plaines River, the DuPage River, Salt Creek, and the Fox River. For everyone's information, all 4 of those rivers eventually drain into the Illinois River, which flows south until it drains into the Mississippi River, which in turn flows into the Gulf of Mexico. And with the Hoffman Dam having been demolished, homeless people from much farther upstream from Lyons on the Des Plaines River now have a straight shot down the river. All you have to do is tie a few logs together using vines and/or whatever you can get your hands on, to make a raft, and ride the river all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. One warm city that in fact straddles the Mississippi River is New Orleans, Louisiana.

All homeless people, if you have been homeless for a significantly long time and want to escape the cold and brutal Chicago winter, the time to begin your river adventure is now!