Black face in the mirror

Black face in the mirror

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Nashua, NH

#1 Feb 14, 2013
Black people of Chicago Detroit need to Look in the mirror. That face with the blank, empty eyed stare in the mirror, that is the face responsible for the rat hole mess of a life you find your self in today if you live in Chicago south side or Detroit.

It started years ago when liberal democrats lured you in with welfare, food stamps free stuff for doing nothing, doing Nothing that is except selling your soul, your freedom, hope for a future, hope for your the future of your children, but all that is gone now because of choices you made.

You sold your soul to the democrats along with any hopes you had for your future , your hope for a positive future along with the hopes of your children and they requested your votes at election time in exchange for welfare, public housing some of the worst slums on the planet. Frankly black people you guys got the worst of the deal.

Frankly you would have been better off, lived longer on a plantation in 1860 than you do in Chicago in 2013. The planation population did not have black drug dealers with guns killing off your children with impunity.

I'm surprised the aclu or some civil rights group hasn't taken the government to court to over turn this one sided bad deal unsuspecting, uneducated black people were lured into.

you see without welfare you would have had to become productive working citizens, some of you could have started businesses, become inventors, educators, amounted to something had some pride in who you are and what you do for a living.

Your working life income level certainly have given you choices as to where you would live the kind car you drive, where your children went to school & college. As a working professional you never would have had to live in a government slum building like those at 42 & south park, infested with poverty and everything including drug gangs.

Your working life income level would have kept you & your children out of the high crime areas, away from negro gang gun fire, and certainly out of cemeteries until much later in the natural cycle of life.

I know you don't see much hope or future in that face in your mirror, but there is some if you look real hard.

You will have to actually do something.
clean your self up, get a news paper, network find a job that pays more than welfare, take that job work hard, keep searching for a better opportunity out there, there are opportunities all over the country.( Just not in the hood)

people come from all over the world to take your potent job or the job you never bother to apply for. Remember that job the new comer took could have belonged to you if you had bothered to go after it. so you should hustle after it or other jobs out there.

only you can change the face in the mirror.
get what belongs to you.

* more on this soon*
benselys view

Nashua, NH

#2 Feb 14, 2013
There was a study done by the Department of health and human services titled Harlem 1850 to 1970.

I heard Dr Walter Williams a Black PHD in economics and history at George Mason university talking about the study on the radio.
Dr. Williams is an excellent speaker.

Harlem was selected for the study because Harlem has been a stable black community since 1850 so there is a lot of accurate historical data to examine.

The short case on the findings are these.

From 1850 to 1970 Harlem had about the same rate of two parent head of households 89% as did the larger white community around them.

Two parent head of household was defined a husband and wife for the purpose of this study.

this next one was a shocker.

From 1850 to 1970 Harlem had a slightly lower by 3% rate of children born to unwed single mothers than did the larger white community around them.

After 1965 those number totally reverse.

After 1965 only 49 % of households in Harlem were headed by two parents

less than 45% of children born in Harlem were born to married woman.

The liberal democrats started the black community on the road to were they are today.

Slaves to welfare. robbed of hope, jobs, future,
commended to live in substandard slums in slum neighborhoods, no father figure, no authority or authority figure in the home or community.

just a block of voters who exchange hope and a vote at election time for a welfare check and lots more of nothing.

For the record I was born on the south side in a liberal catholic strongly democratic family.
but when I saw what my party was doing to America and the black community I got sick to my stomach.

Daley stealing the election in 60' by having dead people vote. construction of slums for blacks it was too much for me.

I remember & have picture of what the south side of Chicago used to look like.
Detroit, Chicago south side now look like a third world country

Fremont, CA

#4 Feb 16, 2013
Tghis is horrible you rayciss!

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