Ex-con held in gun spree at Fox View ...

Ex-con held in gun spree at Fox View Apts.

There are 26 comments on the Beep! story from Sep 22, 2007, titled Ex-con held in gun spree at Fox View Apts.. In it, Beep! reports that:

Bond was set at $100,000 Friday for the 27-year-old man accused of going on a shooting spree at Carpentersville's Fox View Apartments on Aug. via Beep!

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#1 Oct 4, 2007
When is carptersville going to get it?
this housing project does not serve a purpose to the general public it is a safehouse for criminals from all over the chicago land area and surrounding suburbsthere is a highschool next to this animal cage how can people let this go on ?
time to close this hell hole and send everyback to where they came from!

Herndon, VA

#2 Jun 18, 2008
I agree with aeastdundee to a certain degree. What do you mean send them back to where they came from. Fox View is a hell hole but the problem with the majority of Americans is making judgement on everyone because they live in a particular place. It's how you live not where you live. I stayed in Fox View for 3 years with my kids and the day I moved in that was the day I said." I have to get out of the hell." And I'm sure I wasn't the only person that said that.But the management there is not doing anything about the gangs, drugs, shooting, or fights that happen down there. If the Police Department really wanted to clean Fox View up they can, instead of talking and joking with the people that they know are the top dope dealers in Fox View. But everything is about money. And that's how that poor dirty town make their money of Fox View. That place is evil and if you don't get out of there you will be doomed.
foxview is good

Lake In The Hills, IL

#3 Jul 13, 2008
foxview is not the ebst place.....but its gotta be somewhere for these people to live...if it wasnt in carpentersville it would be in another city...but it happens to be in c,ville so if u odnt like it move to a city with out a ghetto

United States

#4 Jul 24, 2008
i you live in foxview you need to get out it is extremly dangerous to be raising your children there

Gary, IN

#5 Aug 3, 2008
I lived there for 8 years and raised two high school graduated and they never been in jail, there is good people who can't afford to move and wish they could get away from the crazy people moving in now, And i want to know why would a person be so stupid to say send them back to where they came.Don't judge them all by a few bad seeds. The office should worry about what to do about the young women who move the trouble in with them and not what car parks where. Focus on the big problem.
young c

Hammond, IN

#6 Aug 23, 2008
foxview is not bad and at the same time its not good its just susposed to be for single women and children but some women bring there drug dealing boyfriends and their boyfriends turned fox view to hell any one who doesnt live in foxview or know any one in fox view should stay outta foxview apts. cause it can get really messy but dont judge fox view apts. and say send them back where they came most of the people who live in foxview go to work AND HAVE VERY NICE RESPECTFUL KIDS THE KIDS DOESNT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THESE GROWN ASS MEN FUCKING SHIT UP FOR OTHER PEOPLE AND THERE KIDS FOXVIEW USED TO BE A GREAT PLACE BEFORE DRUG DEALERS CAME

Mchenry, IL

#7 Sep 1, 2008

Melrose Park, IL

#8 Sep 2, 2008
So what you are saying is that it is alright to deal drugs & shoot guns at people? Next to a high school (DRUG FREE ZONE)?

Lake In The Hills, IL

#9 Jan 28, 2009
Im living in foxview and I hate it been here 2yrs i was told it was a place for women with children so i thought i just went through a divorce and very low on money but my god when i move here I cried I never let my kids play outside I took them too the bus stop every morning, well this weekend Im moving thank God, some people are nice here but management really needs too be on these people butt they give you a oreintation on what the rules are but no one follows them but they always trying too get money out of us for stupid stuff, anyway I just found out they have been sold and that they will have camera which they should have done that many years ago, The women need too stop bringing there drug dealing boyfriends and they need too teach there kids respect and not cussing, I seen 2 grown women fight and cuss like sailor early in the morning at the bus stop of little kids and i was standing there with my kids they dont have no respect, they need too clean the place up and they too have mentors come in and talk too the young ladies and maybe get some help. anyway I wish foxview much love and I pray for the children.

Algonquin, IL

#10 Jan 29, 2009
they recently hired new security, who aren't afraid to do their jobs.. for how long, until the dealers pay them to look the other way, who knows?

Saint Charles, IL

#11 Feb 12, 2009
First we shouldn't judge or we will be judged in the same measure we give out. I agree that management play a vital role in what is happening in Foxview Apts. I know there was a changing of the guards there some three to four years ago, for the betterment of the people who live in Foxview and C'ville. The statement calling Foxview an animal cage and send them back where they came from I pray that God softens that stoney heart of yours to be part of the solution and not the problem. The police are very much aware of what goes on in Foxview. Management and Police Dept. HELLO

Carpentersville, IL

#12 Feb 13, 2009
i live in fox view apartments and i am not a criminal and i dont have a boyfriend who is a criminal.i am a 27 year old single mother of four.
i feel that the project management is not to blame it is the people in this project.a lot of women move down here from chicago or what ever city they are from and they have no goals.they bring baggage with them such as drug dealing men, disobedient children,and the belief that they are to stay here forever. i seen this very same thing happen in chicago with many of the projects there and the result was generation after generation of sick habits being born there. carpentersville should enact a program where all low income residents have to go to school, work or be thrown out much like the program that chicago enacted.i feel this program would weed out the resident that want to do nothing except create trouble and live here for the rest of thier lives. think about a solution ,talk to your legislaters,and stop complaining.

Chicago, IL

#13 Mar 26, 2009
Fox aint the only ghetto in c'ville. Most of c'ville is a ghetto. I hate it there and wish I had never been brought there. There are good people in the veiw, its just unfortunate that they have to deal with the bad. We all do, no matter where we live. Most of the people that live there are so called black people (Israel). These conditions are prophesied in the bible. So who is anyone to change what God set forth. Israel is hard headed and always have been, We betta wake up before its too late. I love my peoples, but my peoples lack knowledge of self.

Carpentersville, IL

#14 Mar 26, 2009
I live in Fox View apartments and i am not a criminal either, nor is my fiancee', i take very good care of my children and i go to work everyday. I am also in school working on my bachelors degree. I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth and therfore i have to work hard to get to the top, and unfortunately right now i have to stay in low income housing until i can do something better. That does not make me a criminal though, i can't help what some people choose to do around here. There are some murderers and child molesters in some of the best neighborhoods, but that doesn't say anything about the other people in the neighborhood! So please don't judge everybody...when you don't know their story.
get a grip

Lake In The Hills, IL

#15 Apr 14, 2009
i moved from the west side of chicago to fox view, im reading all these stories about how bad fox view is people are you kidding me do you look at the news every week some teenager is getting killed in chicago the west side the south side little village are you serious if you think fox view is bad everybody that hasnt experience chicago life has no idea what bad is i agree it is ignorant people out here but come on, they have nothing to do but drive from lot to lot and stand around and drink thats nothing compared to coming home and drug dealers are standing in your doorway hiding drugs in your mailbbox shitting and pissing in the hallway hypes out at 4am selling drugs, you have to constantly watch your back in chicago if your afraid of fox view dont go to chicago, these are fake thugs everybody is in the house by 9 ,in chicago ,roosevelt, chicago ave ,division street man those people are out all night this is not bad ,these people out here are not real criminals how lame can you be walking around with a shirt spray painted that says fox view that is a joke the only person to be afraid of is the carpenterville police because the always pulling us over for bullshit i wouldnt be concern if you keep to yourself and dont stand out, youll be good compared to living in the hood in chicago compared to this, this is the surburbs ,fox view aint shit to be scared of and if so i think your just a scary person period these people out here aint shit to be scared of these fake ass thugs. stop listening to everybody this is a piece of cake we have to be worried about the gangbangers that stand around on ill 25 at the gas station and store but nobodys saying shit about that and there latino doing what they do best bringing gangbanging to every surburb they too scary to come in foxview but theyll give you dirty looks when there in a group at the gas station you called this the projects these are the best looking projects ive evered seen in my life because its subsidized dont mean its the projects atleast now since new management has tooken over theyre remolding all the units and they look nicer, me and my daughter get a good laugh out of these people because they are trying to be hood but there not i can get up at 1:00 am and go outside and check my mail and not be afraid in chicago i wouldnt dare go down stairs to the mailbox and check my mail ill probably get arrested or robbed or rapped people know your facts before you write and for the record its not just blacks that stay here so you go back to were you came from racism will forever exsist and it will not go away and thats sad.

Carpentersville, IL

#19 May 24, 2009
I think that FOXVIEW is'nt bad is just some of the people, they label and put all of us in the same category,I am a single mother of four, and i work, i think it's all what you choose to do, I don't like to be judge for some other idiots mistakes. Management needs to do put cameras up, and put locks on the hallway doors, and stop all the lotering. I am not Carpentersville police or FOXVIEW management. Don't judge everyone because of where they live. Judge what u see and know!
Truth Be Told

Geneva, IL

#20 Oct 27, 2009
I'm glad to see that most who have commented on this discussion have evolved with the current times. Most of you realize that "people" make community circumstances what they are. To "aeastdundee", please specify who you are speaking of when you make reference to "them"? I know who you're speaking of even if you are too much of a coward to spell it out! So the trailer parks (believed to be inhabited by predominantly whites) and the nicely manicured suburbs full of pill popping and alcoholic soccer moms (who torture their children with their weak, addictive ways) are better? Maybe we should send all of the drugged out Caucasians back to the mountains on all fours where they come from! See how ignorant and shallow that sounds? I say all of this in the hopes that the shallow will be able to parallel theses situations. Middle/upper-middle class neighborhoods fall victim to drugs and violence that is precipitated by members of their own communities as well. Is vehicular homicide and all other crimes against the richer communities any less a burden on those communities than the crimes of poorer communities? The substandard management team in Fox view is at fault for the escalating crime because they tolerate it and the women who make it possible...just like the police in the richer neighborhoods who let drunks and addicts off because they go to the same church; the doctors who fill the prescriptions cause they get paid to; the kids, teens, men, and women of these neighborhoods that think that their similar destructive behaviors are any better because they do it in a house rather than in a project/high-rise! Remember, anything that is not growing/evolving (two of the criteria to be biologically considered alive) is dead. Mental growth therefore is a necessity! Those who make shallow comments to this or any other discussion like it, may as well be dead! Such comments show you lack of growth and the certainty that growth, for you, is not possible. Live and love one another.

Huntley, IL

#21 Oct 28, 2009
Truth be told, you sound like Hitler...very intolerant to others opinions. You should be dead. I sure am glad that I live with pill popping soccer moms, in a comunity full of doctors ready with a pill pads. Sounds like you are unhappy, becuase your not white. Bleach you skin, dye your hair...you'll still be stupid. By the way, my brothers friends uncles neighbor knows a black man that lives in a trailer park.

Lake In The Hills, IL

#22 Oct 28, 2009
Get a grip, they may be "fake" thugs but the drugs, guns and violence are real. Sorry we're not fortunate enough to have lived in Chicago with the "real" thugs. Truth be told, I agree with neosapian, i would rather live in a so called "rich" neighborhood with people that keep there problems inside their homes and aren't injuring innocent people. I think it's really sad that in ghetto c-ville I have to be afraid to let my kids play outside, with the recent child prowlers loose and a shooting that killed a young man by house. I'm not racist, but the facts be told most violent crimes are not of white ethnicities.
Yea _ Its True

Richmond, IN

#23 Aug 24, 2010
Fox View is just that a hell hole !!! There are guys driving around in cars that dont belong to them and playing loud music !!! Having babies with multiple women in the same complex or across the street , making babies and not takin care of them , kids growing up with problems and no goals ! there are sluts and drug dealers and some people with absolutly no goals!!! And they plan to live there forever! If u work and go to scjool and ur fiance works u should be able to pay for a better plae to live!!!!!! Burnem down

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