IN trying to understand the value of a black life in American society I am struck by the difference in value black communities across America assign to a single black persons life.

In Florida a single black persons life ended in violence brings out a vocal majority of the community demanding justice and closely following the trial of the person accused of the crime.

In Chicago several hundred black people a year are shot killed and many more wounded and hardly a peep out of the black community.

These hundreds of deaths a year add up to thousands of deaths over past five or more years, yet not a word from city officials, city, state or county law enforcement officials, and total absence of black leaders or leadership voices in the black community.

So it appears that no one in Chicago gives a rats rear end how many blacks are wounded or killed in da city of Chicago.

So if your black and plan to be shot wounded or killed in street violence your best chances at revenge or holding people accountable for your death are in Florida where people will at least care about you and try to see that justice is done on your behalf.

Getting shot wounded or killed in Chicago, Detroit,
and some other America cities just means you stop existing and the sad fact is no one in those cities knows why you were shot or even cares that you stopped existing.

So what is a black life worth in Chicago these days??

what does this say about values or life in the black community??