Mrs. Bush: History will vindicate her husband

Full story: Newsday 54,546
First lady Laura Bush acknowledged President Bush 's unpopularity, but said Monday that history will vindicate her husband's two-term presidency. Full Story

Homer Glen, IL

#51 Jun 9, 2008
Mav wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually, the terrorists started it.
Regardless, maybe you should go work in an embassy. It will give you much needed exposure to the REAL world we live in.
The terrorists started the war in Iraq?

And the world I live in is more real than Bush's will ever be.
Get out the hook

Fort Lee, NJ

#52 Jun 9, 2008
Don't hold your breath.

And it won't change at all under McSame McBush. The Manchurian Candidate, the neo-con McPuppet.

Chicago, IL

#53 Jun 9, 2008
mbmom wrote:
<quoted text>
The terrorists started the war in Iraq?
And the world I live in is more real than Bush's will ever be.
Uh yes, do you believe that we would be fighting in Iraq if 9/11 had not happened? If you answer "yes" to this question, then you are TO far a leftist to even begin debating 'on the merits' with.

Oh, and just pretend that Obama has asked you to go work in an embassy. I'm sure you would do whatever he commands.

Hemet, CA

#54 Jun 9, 2008
Mav, the "terrorists" didn't start the war. The "terrorists" don't belong to a single country. They are an eff'd up group of people who are just generally unhappy. Some for good reasons. Sadam also opposed the "terrorists" by the way. Sure, with W in place, everyone was a terrorist. Then we got tired of hearing him say "quick run and hide, I need more power to protect you from yourselves". Personnally, I consider W to be a cowardly, illiterate, fool. I do applaud Mrs. W standing by her husband though. Unfortunately, I don't believe he would stand by her.
Mav wrote:
<quoted text>
Uh yes, do you believe that we would be fighting in Iraq if 9/11 had not happened? If you answer "yes" to this question, then you are TO far a leftist to even begin debating 'on the merits' with.
Oh, and just pretend that Obama has asked you to go work in an embassy. I'm sure you would do whatever he commands.

Hemet, CA

#55 Jun 9, 2008
Mav, Yeah, I'd take an embassy job. Funny how W's people won't do it in Iraq.
Blame The Republicans

Waianae, HI

#56 Jun 9, 2008

It's time to clean up the MESS the REPUBLICANS have made!

A VOTE FOR MCCAIN IS A VOTE TO CONTINUE BUSH POLICIES and MORE TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH, while Low and Middle Class Americans continue to suffer.

Restore HONESTY and INTEGRITY to the White House!




Hollywood, FL

#57 Jun 9, 2008
What is she smoking????

Fort Lee, NJ

#58 Jun 9, 2008
What is she smoking????
Whatever Karl Rove left in the medicine cabinet.

Homer Glen, IL

#59 Jun 9, 2008
Mav wrote:
<quoted text>
Uh yes, do you believe that we would be fighting in Iraq if 9/11 had not happened? If you answer "yes" to this question, then you are TO far a leftist to even begin debating 'on the merits' with.
Oh, and just pretend that Obama has asked you to go work in an embassy. I'm sure you would do whatever he commands.
Of course we wouldn't be fighting in Afghanistan, either, if 9/11 didn't happen. But it did, and maybe things would be going better in Afghanistan by now if troops weren't diverted to Iraq.

By the way, I am not in lockstep with Obama, either.
Blame The Republicans

Waianae, HI

#60 Jun 9, 2008

The "FEAR MONGERING" by REPUBLICANS against BARACK OBAMA hasn't worked thus far. What makes you think it'll work this time.

REPUBLICANS ARE NERVOUS, trying to "GRASP AT STRAWS" on every little thing they "THINK" might persuade undecided voters to lean more to the "right!"

But they know that Americans have had enough of BUSH politics which McCain want's to continue.


The state of our ECONOMY is a result of REPUBLICAN leadership, or a LACK if it!

Restore HONESTY and INTEGRITY to the White House.



Glenview, IL

#61 Jun 10, 2008
The MAJORITY of Democrats in the U.S. Congress voted AGAINST the war in Iraq.

Do the math, folks!

The Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 was passed by Congress in October 2002 as Public Law 107-243.

At the time there were 208 Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives and there were 50 Democrats serving in the U.S. Senate. Thus, there were a total of 258 Democrats in the U.S. Congress.

Of these, 126 voted against the resolution in the House and 21 in the Senate, for a total of 147 Democrats voting AGAINST the Iraq war resolution. 147/258 = 57%.

Thus, 57% of Democrats in the U.S. Congress at the time voted AGAINST the Iraq War Resolution.

Rego Park, NY

#63 Jun 10, 2008
I bet none has a dead son or daughter or severely wounded family member who was sent into Iraq for Bushes and his cronies mental incompetence.Bush is, and all of his cronies are, criminals and history will make our children wonder what the f... we as adults were thinking about by accepting this nitwits leadership

Since: Jan 07

Location hidden

#64 Jun 10, 2008
L. Bush is even more vapid and ignorant than george... what a sick tragedy imposed on the USA to have those two dim witted morons running the USA into the ground.

Like having Charles Manson as head master of an all girls school.

Hillsborough, NC

#65 Jun 10, 2008
<quoted text>
How do you know what kind of power Bin Laden wields? Do you know him personally or did you get your opinion from a "talking head"?
How do you know the situation in Iraq is improving? Have you been there recently or did you get your opinion from a "talking head".
How do you know what the muslim world thinks? Are you a muslim? Are you a middle east political expert or did you get your opinion from a "talking head"?
It amazes me how totally full of siht some people are.
There are SO many Al Quada heads that have been captured. The problem is our media NEVER covers those stories. They only cover the bad. I am TOTALLY NOT a fan of BUSH, however, many terrorist threats HAVE been averted. I know many who have served in IRAQ and say the American people are NOT getting ANY of the good stuff sent our way. WAKE UP AMERICA - IF we put Obama in office you will look back and think "Bush wasn't our worst president." WAKE UP AMERICA OBAMA WILL DESTROY THE USA
Pdamerica org

Shirley, NY

#69 Jun 10, 2008

January 19, 2004 issue / The American Conservative
Open Door Policy
A strange thing happened on the way to the war.
By Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski /

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, a former Pentagon insider, concludes her observations on the run-up to the Iraq war in this last of a three-part series.
In my study of the neoconservatives, it was easy to find out whom in Washington they liked and whom they didn’t. They liked most of the Heritage Foundation and all of the American Enterprise Institute. They liked writers Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol. To find out whom they didn’t like, no research was required. All I had to do was walk the corridors and attend staff meetings. There were several shared prerequisites to get on the Neoconservative List of Major Despicable People, and in spite of the rhetoric hurled against these enemies of the state, most really weren’t Rodents of Unusual Size. Most, in fact, were retired from a branch of the military with a star or two or four on their shoulders. All could and did rationally argue the many illogical points in the neoconservative strategy of offensive democracy—guys like Brent Scowcroft, Barry McCaffrey, Anthony Zinni, and Colin Powell.

I was present at a staff meeting when Deputy Undersecretary Bill Luti called General Zinni a traitor. At another time, I discussed with a political appointee the service being rendered by Colin Powell in the early winter and was told the best service he could offer would be to quit. I heard in another staff meeting a derogatory story about a little Tommy Fargo who was acting up. Little Tommy was, of course, Commander, Pacific Forces, Admiral Fargo. This was shared with the rest of us as a Bill Luti lesson in civilian control of the military. It was certainly not civil or controlled, but the message was crystal.

“People are fun to watch”

Since: Aug 07


#70 Jun 10, 2008
Just Saying wrote:
Things usually look different when viewed from an historical perspective. For instance, Harry Truman was so unpopular that he couldn't wait to leave office, because of the public bashing he took over the Korean War and other foreign and domestic issues. Now his Presidency, when viewed through the perspective of history, is rated fairly highly.
Then there's Bill Clinton, who was fairly popular while in office, but whom many historians now rate as less than sterling after reevaluating his Presidency, and analyzing the effect of his policies on the current situation we are facing as a nation.
George W. Bush is also unpopular now, but who knows what people will think of him in 10 or 20 years? A lot will depend on what happens in the future, and how much it will be influenced by the events of the past 8 years.
In other words, it's too early to tell, and the First Lady may well prove to be right. We'll just have to wait for the verdict of history, although judging from some of the comments posted here, some people have already made up their minds.
Harry Truman had the lowest approval rating for a sitting president, including Nixon, until just recently when Bush got to his present low rating. History has since viewed Truman as one of the greatest. So who knows.

I am amazed at people who continually say that Bush and Cheney should be arrested or impeached. Uh, which part don't you understand? They have not committed a crime or violated the constitution. Just because you disagree with their politics doesn't make them criminals. We have had presidents actually commit crimes and prove their low morals and then presidents who were vilified for thier decisions in the press. I think of Hoover and Clinton for the first and Abraham Lincoln for the second. No telling what history will say.

Since: Apr 08

Location hidden

#71 Jun 10, 2008
Papa wrote:
ben dover
You liberals are pathetic and really should pull your heads out of your asses. Jimmy Carter is by far the worst president we have ever had and continues to be an embarrassment to the country.
i will mislead you
War Crimes? War Crimes? Please give one example of a war crime.
voice of truth
What would you like the president to do to fix the country? Keep giving lazy baby factories hand outs so that they have no reason to workor improve their situations.
Partial list of crimes committed by the U.S.A. during the occupation of Iraq after the end of hostilities by the military forces of the former Republic of Iraq:

1. Attacks against civilians
2. Torture of prisoners
3. Depriving prisoners a fair trial
4. Unlawful deportation, transfer and confinement
5. Sexual humiliation of prisoners
6. Religious humiliation of prisoners
Stop crying

Line Lexington, PA

#73 Jun 10, 2008
She is living in a bubble like her husband.
Never spent a hard earned dollar! Because they never had to earn one.

Shorewood, IL

#76 Jun 10, 2008
I can't stand liberal ideology. I have a real hard time wanting a socialist society. I can't get there. Sorry. GW is taking alot of blame for a consensus decision to attack Iraq. He also was advised on how to proceed. time to look elsewhere for all the blame. High oil prices? Democrat controlled congress? Hmmm...... Barney Frank. Nancy Pelosi. Harry Reid. Dingle. Rangle. Dingling. I feel nausea at the sight of this entire motley crew. And now this sham for president. God I will pray for help. Maybe he will.


Since: Oct 07


#77 Jun 10, 2008
It is amazing there are still eight or so dumb facsist Neocons crawling out of their caves long enough to defend this war criminal and his band of thieves. Your time has come, as America will now spit you out like the phlegm that you are. You are nothing but Fasists who hate America and you can't hide that with a lapel pin and a prayer. F*** You!

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