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#2 Jul 12, 2013
1- Um, stop trying to pick up straight men. They will not want to date you.

2- Well, if he's given you an STD before, then I think you have a valid worry. Bring it up by saying you don't want to risk another STD.

But I do take issue with your stereotyping and generalization of men. Believe it or not, a happily married man can go a year without sex, even with females present.

3- Abby's right, you're throwing off their checkbook. They're elderly, don't give them something else to confuse them. Send the check back and explain you're 32 friggen years old, stop sending you money!

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#5 Jul 12, 2013
Letter 2

DEAR ABBY: My husband is in Afghanistan for a year. When he returns, I want to ask him to get tested for ST Ds before we have sex. I do not have any specific reason to think he would be having sex with someone while deployed, but let's face it. He's a man, and a year is a long time to abstain when there are females present. I have seen text messages from his buddies that read, "What happens on deployment stays on deployment," regarding them cheating on their spouses.

How do I approach the subject in the most effective way? I know that when I do, he will be mad, but it's not the first time that ST Ds have been a problem in our relationship. Help!-- THINKING OF MY HEALTH

DEAR THINKING OF YOUR HEALTH: One would think that a man who loves his wife would want to be absolutely positive that he wouldn't give her a sexually transmitted infection. However, because your husband has given you one before, it is perfectly logical that you tell him it is the reason you want him to be tested before resuming your marital relationship.

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#6 Jul 12, 2013
Letter 3

DEAR ABBY: I'm a single 32-year-old who lives across the country from my family. I have two sets of grandparents who both send me birthday and holiday cards containing checks.

The problem is, I earn close to six figures, which is far more than my grandparents' income in retirement, and I have only myself to support. I typically shred their checks when I receive them.

Should I continue to do this, or should I tell them that as much as I appreciate the sentiment, a simple card would be fine?-- SECRETLY SHREDDING IN SEATTLE

DEAR S.S. IN S.: When a check isn't cashed, it is obvious to the check writer, and it can cause problems in balancing the person's checkbook. I think your solution to tell them you no longer need the checks is a good one.

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#7 Jul 12, 2013
Letter 1 and Letter 3 won't post for either Edog or me. Someone else give them a try.

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#8 Jul 12, 2013
2 I think you should tell hubby before he gets home. He can easily have the test done and the results ready for some boot knocking in the airport parking lot.

3 Tell them you dont need them, then is you still get them just cash the damn things and buy some homeless person a hot meal.

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#10 Jul 12, 2013
There was a website in her response. Took that out and it should be fine.

For L2...LW didn't say her husband gave her an STD in the past. She said they have been a problem. Maybe she is the one who brought something home, and is concerned that he will get angry about her accusing him of her own failures. Just throwing that out there. Either way, tell him that you both need to be tested, and then go do it.

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#11 Jul 12, 2013
LW2 - So, your husband screws around on you, gets STDs, and passes them on to you. I guess the STDs so far have been curable. Next time, it's going to be HIV or hep. Yay! Yes, ask him to get STD tested *after* he gets home. Considering your history together, he can get tested and then pick up herpes while in-flight home.

LW3 - Sigh. You are an idiot. So if you don't NEED a present, you through it away? If your grandparents gave you a perfectly good sweater, but you can buy your own darn clothes on your 6-figure paycheck, would you dump in the grandparents' sweater in the trash too?

Cash the checks. Write thank-you notes. Send your grandparents generous gifts.

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#12 Jul 12, 2013
What Cass said for both L2 & L3. Although taking L2 at face value, the LW is worried that her (cheating) hubby will get mad if she asks. I'm sure he will, out of either righteous indignation or guilt and cover-up. Sounds like they need counseling AND testing.

LW3's attitude pisses me off, on top of his/her totally impractical way of handling "unwanted" checks.

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#14 Jul 12, 2013
LW1: I don't think many straight men are going to want to date you.

LW2: If he's given you an STD before, I don't think you are being unreasonable to ask.

LW3: Tell them.

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#15 Jul 12, 2013
Sublime1 wrote:
LW1: I don't think many straight men are going to want to date you.
"LW1: I don't think ANY straight men are going to want to date you."

There. Fixed your typo. Your welcome.

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#16 Jul 12, 2013
I dont care how smokin hot s(he) may be, there is just no getting around the knowledge that there used to be a pair of balls down there.
Mister Tonka wrote:
<quoted text>"LW1: I don't think ANY straight men are going to want to date you."
There. Fixed your typo. Your welcome.

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#17 Jul 12, 2013
LW3: I know the LW's heart is in the right place, but it's really kind of rude to do that. They are giving you a guft because they WANT to give you a gift. They know they don't have to, they want to. You cash the checks and send them an appreciative thank you card in the mail.

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#18 Jul 12, 2013
If you start out with male equipment but think you are a female, and before you have any changes made you ( as an inner female) like men, doesn't that leave you externally as a male liking men?

No way is a straight guy going to date you. If you are really really lucky, people will want to hang out with you for your own , gender-immaterial sake, but then your letter would belong on Amy where she is discussing hanging out as opposed to dating.

It sounds rough, but this is the hand you were dealt and you'll need to learn to deal. Isn't that what all the pre-cut psychological prep is about?

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#19 Jul 12, 2013
Mister Tonka wrote:
<quoted text>"LW1: I don't think ANY straight men are going to want to date you."
There. Fixed your typo. Your welcome.

So, true.

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#20 Jul 12, 2013
LW2: I'm pretty sure this guy is not going to take it well to be asked for an STD test after he's been serving his country for a year.

Let's face it, you don't trust him. Why are you still married if you don't trust that he'll be faithful while he's deployed? Have *you* been faithful? He has just as much reason to worry about that, yanno.

Just tell him you're having problems with your birth control and need to use condoms.

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