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#1 Jul 30, 2014
DEAR ABBY: My husband's family are hypocrites! They talk about everyone and their problems, yet when something arises in their family, they want it kept hush-hush.

My sister-in-law, "Gina," had a baby recently. Her husband, "Allan," was suspicious because their sexual relations had stopped years ago. He did a store-bought DNA test (twice) and realized the baby was not his. When he confronted her, she wouldn't tell him who the father is, but said she had discussed the pregnancy with the father, and they had decided it would be best for her to raise the baby as her husband's.

Well, Allan and Gina are now being divorced, and he's having his name removed from the baby's birth certificate. Of course, everyone but me wants this to stay quiet. I want the wife of the man to know, and I want all the people my in-laws trash all the time to know!

Perhaps this seems mean, but dang it, why shouldn't everyone know that Gina isn't Miss Perfect? What do you think?-- TICKED OFF IN LOUISIANA

DEAR TICKED OFF: Please don't act on impulse. I think that as disgusted as you are with your in-laws, you should keep your mouth shut. If you spread this around, it could become the talk of the community and eventually embarrass the child, who is blameless in all this.

DEAR ABBY: I am a man who has recently fallen in love with a beautiful male-to-female transgender. She considers herself a woman, but on social media lists herself as male.

I am wondering whether I should consider myself gay, bisexual or straight? I always considered myself straight until recently.-- NO LONGER SURE IN TEXAS

DEAR NO LONGER SURE: Because the person presents herself to you as female, then you are a straight man who has fallen in love with a transgender woman. If you were attracted only to members of the same sex, then you would be a homosexual. People who are attracted to both men and women are bisexual.

DEAR ABBY: I use public transportation to commute to and from work. I use the time to read and unwind from my day. People often start talking to me, and I find myself trapped for the next 45 minutes listening to an unwelcome monologue about their lives. The fact that I have earplugs in and a book on my lap is no deterrent.

I don't want to be rude. What's the best way to tell someone I prefer to chill out and not listen to his/her ramblings?-- BOOKWORM IN CALGARY, CANADA

DEAR BOOKWORM: Smile at the person and say, "I need this time to catch up on my reading." That's asserting your right to privacy, and it's not rude.

“reign in blood”

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#2 Jul 30, 2014
1- of course it would be best to raise the baby as her husband's, let's the dude off the hook. But yeah, keep your yap shut, it's noneya

2- it doesn't matter if dude now has breasts and grew his hair long, he's still a dude. You're gay

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#3 Jul 30, 2014
1 Jealous much? Jeez, just stay out of the drama, you will be happier.

2 If you have always considered yourself straight, then you are. You cant suddenly turn gay, you are either born that way or you arent.

3 Flip them the bird...


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#4 Jul 30, 2014
L1: What? So you want to be just like the in-laws you despise? Stay out of it.

L2: It's a label. If you really are unsure go to a therapist. Personally, I think you're straight and the whole transgender thing is throwing you off. And Edog, you're just so wrong.

L3: Start a "quiet car". No talking, no cell phones (ringers off)-- sorta like a library. Only absolutely necessary talking allowed. Need to use your cell phone? You have to go to the vestibule. We have 2 on each train. It makes the commute so much better.

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#5 Jul 30, 2014
Toj wrote:
And Edog, you're just so wrong.
Who says? It's the unsolvable dilemma of the universe. If you're attracted to a woman who used to be a man, are you gay or straight? Is a chick with a d*ck really a chick or a dude? Who's to say? I'm calling the guy gay and I don't think I'm wrong at all
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#6 Jul 30, 2014
LW 2: I don't know who is more screwed up. It's probably a good idea to stay away from each other.

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#7 Jul 30, 2014
Lw2: f that. Edog is right. The dude is NOT straight. He's either bi or gay. Transgender my ass. Its not a woman. He's into a man playing extreme dress up.

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#8 Jul 30, 2014
LW1: I think it sounds like a Jerry Springer episode. While I think she's no peach, I think you are really jealous of her and that's why you want to damage her. I think that's a really ugly trait on your part, and I also think you should MYOB. None of this concerns you in any way.

LW2: I dunno what you are, but I do know that straight dudes donít date he-shes. Thatís a man law etched in stone.

LW3: If they talk to you, take your earphones out of your ears and say, excuse me, I couldnít hear you with my music on. When they repeat what they said, be short with your responses and then put your ear phones back in your ear. They will get the picture.

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#9 Jul 30, 2014
LW1: Not your circus, not your monkeys. MYOB. And team Toj.

LW2: That's a MAN, Maury! Sorry... I say you are Charlie Sheen or Eddie Murphy.

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#10 Jul 30, 2014
LW1 Jerry Springer is on Line 1. MYOB and don't forget your own birth control.

L2 sounds like the plot line from the James Garner/Julie Andrews movie Victor/Victoria.

IMO, until he gets cut and presents himself 100% of teh time as a woman, he is still a man.

If he becomes a dear friend, that's one thing. If it gets physical and LW responds physically ( meaning he gets hard), LW is either bi- or gay.

L3 I agree with Abby

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