Toll road alternative to Highway 74

Toll road alternative to Highway 74

There are 158 comments on the WCNC-TV Charlotte story from May 19, 2009, titled Toll road alternative to Highway 74. In it, WCNC-TV Charlotte reports that:

The North Carolina Turnpike Authority is moving forward with plans for a toll road from Matthews to Marshville, despite concerns that funding for finishing I-485 could threaten the project.

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Bozeman Montana resident

Bozeman, MT

#21 Jul 27, 2009
I agree with Jennifer Harris when she said the Toll Rd will help with the bad gas in the air. The air will be cleaner because less time will be spent on the road by commuters. If someone can get to their destination within 30 minutes rather then 2.5 hrs, do the math. Yes, the air will be cleaner. Even the trucks will get to their destination faster and truck drivers will not have to stop every two miles for a light. This type of driving is not safe for any commuters or our air quality in Union County. All those involved in making decisions on the Toll Road needs to come together and begin construction as soon as possible to save our air quality, our people from killing themselves on the road, and to prevent accidents from occuring due to no fault of the commuters and most importantly our elderly who depends on commuting everyday to go to doctor's appointments. Union County, NC residents needs to come together and assist in getting this road built. After several studies I believe this road will bring good to all in Union County. It will bring in jobs to areas that is now depressed and people will want to come to Union County to do business.
E Tarleton New Salem

Sanford, NC

#22 Jul 27, 2009
I dont think they will build it in my lifetime. They keep putting it off saying they don't have enough money.
They been raising my taxes every year saying they need the money to build the road and they charge a toll to ride on it. What's wrong with this picture?
Marshville Resident

United States

#23 Jul 29, 2009
Yes, most definitely, I agree that this Toll Road will be good for Union County.

I also agree if commuters don't want to pay the little it will cost to use the Toll Rd, they will be other frontage roads also other alternative routes for them to take. But again, it will cost them more to take those routes. So, the Toll Road is good for everyone.

Jennifer Harris is correct when she said "less time spent on the road will amount to less toxic fumes in the air", I agree.

Yes, we do have to think about our elderly.

Lets come together and agree to get this Toll Road build as soon as possible.

Union County resident

United States

#24 Aug 6, 2009
Anyone knows the latest on the Toll Rd?

What is the final now? Is this road going to be build or all of this is just talk again.

Does anyone know exactly where the final exit will drop. I heard its near Forest Hill High School Rd.?

I am an elderly in Marshville and I would like to know where this Toll Rd exit will drop.

Waxhaw, NC

#25 Aug 7, 2009
The eastern end will be about two hundred feet toward Marshville from the present stoplight at Forest Hills High School Rd.
Union County resident

Waxhaw, NC

#26 Aug 13, 2009
Griffin, do you mean coming from Monroe into Marshville after the light at Forest Hill High School Rd approx. 200 ft from that light? Do you know which end of Union County they will begin construction. If it's the last exit in Marshville I am hearing they will begin construction from the last exit which is Marshville and work their way down to the first. I believe reasons for the last exit to not have so much disturbances in traffic patters for commuters. Do you know or have heard anything else?
elderly in Union County

Waxhaw, NC

#27 Aug 13, 2009
Does anyone have an idea how this frontage road will help or hurt us? I heard the frontage road will be a road along side the Toll Rd to alternatively help traffic or anyone to access properties along Highway 74 instead of using Toll Rd. Can anyone explain what's the reason for frontage roads?
living in union county

Waxhaw, NC

#28 Aug 13, 2009
Lets hope for the best. They have been talking about building this road for over 25 years. I am sure lots of us are very tired of all the talking that is going on and not enough getting done. Everytime Union County, NC decides to raise our taxes again we need to ask "where is the road". Let's hope our president gives our COUNTY some of that money that he has been laying out there for grabs to assist in getting this Toll Road built. Charlotte is getting what they want, and all the other counties are getting what they want but we need a road that have been on the drawing board for over 20 years and not a damn thing have been done about it. All we hear is talking. Our elderly is getting in accidents everyday on Hwy 74 trying to get to a doctor's appointment on time. Our elderly who is still driving wants this Toll Road built to prevent so much lights and unnecessary change in speed limits. My elderly neighbor got two tickets this year because he was driving a little over the speed limit because it's hard to tell what speed limit is five miles ahead of you when you are going 45mph. Why don't someone who have the power do something. Driving on Hwy 74 E going to anywhere is like driving with my life in my hand everyday. Don't know which idot will run into me because he/she is frustrated at waiting on lights and trying to get to work. I am very tired waiting on this Road. I do believe that this Toll Road will help Union County to grow especially on Hwy 74 corridor. Now, it looks dead. All other highway properties everywhere else is prospering besides Hwy 74 corridor. Let's bring life to Union County, NC. I will do my part.
elderly in wingate

Waxhaw, NC

#29 Aug 13, 2009
Griffin, can you tell me where you get your information from on the 200 ft from the light going into Marshville? Where will the Frontage Road begin and end, do you know?
Norma Griffin Carpenter

Mooresville, NC

#30 Aug 13, 2009
I moved back to Marshville in 1987 after being gone for almost ten years. All I have heard is the "Monroe bypass" for all these 22 years!!!!!!!!!

The bypass is supposedly coming in where they displaced Clara Mills and Mr. & Mrs B. D. Edwards, took these people's homes, uprooted them in their later years and for WHAT? Mr. & Mrs. Edwards have both passed away and STILL no road. They could have spent the rest of their lives in their home. But NO, the "guvmint" came in and displaced them, not to mention the other families right there also! That has always really made me angry, thinking of Mr. B.D and Mary having to move in their old age.

So I will believe there will be a bypass when I see it completed and cars on it. Until then, I believe it is just a myth.

Kershaw, SC

#31 Aug 13, 2009
elderly in wingate wrote:
Griffin, can you tell me where you get your information from on the 200 ft from the light going into Marshville? Where will the Frontage Road begin and end, do you know?
I don't know about a frontage road. This is the first I have heard of one. There wasn't one on the map I saw at the Library.

I know that there will only be one interchange between 74 and 601. That will be Austin Chaney Rd north of the Wingate U. football stadium.
elderly in wingate

Marshville, NC

#32 Aug 14, 2009
Yes, Griffin thank you for your answer. There will be a Frontage Rd along side where Forest Hill High School begin, right where the bypass will drop its last leg, the frontage road will allow access to all the property owners along side hwy 74. They bought land from property owners on hwy 74 already to put in the frontage road, maybe not showing on the map. They cannot just build a bypass/toll road and cut off residents from access their property. The frontage road will be built at the same time they are putting in the bypass/toll rd last exit.

Not talking about interchange, it will be a road for residents who have property on Hwy 74 who will be cut off from using their property because of the Toll Rd. The frontage road will give them access to get around from using the Toll Rd.

I was told the frontage road will be included.

Charlotte, NC

#33 Aug 14, 2009
The Citizens of Wingate have been promised for years by a sucession of Mayors and Councilmen that commercial development would follow the mystical Monroe Bypass like water down a roman aquaduct. They have made no effort to increase business growth while using the mythical road as a touchstone of when prosperity will blossom through the land. Will it be built? Who knows. But we can't wait and leave progress in limbo in the meantime.
Norma Griffin Carpenter

Mooresville, NC

#34 Aug 14, 2009
Progress?????????? In the eastern side of Union County??????????

Circa, July 4, 1987, my daddy at the lake (Tillery) in Norwood (where Denise's brother murdered Broadus Davis).........

Daddy told me then, "Marshville is becoming the asshole of Union County"..........

He died on July 17, 1987.

I moved back here Labor Day weekend, 1987.

His prediction has come to fruition.

And if he knew the sister of the murderer who had him so upset all those years ago had become Mayor and twice Council person of this town, well the dirt in the Marshvegas cemetary would be so ruffled no amount of smoothing by Charlie Boyce would even touch it.

Let's just PRAY for the bypass, so it can bypass the squalor that this town has become!!!!!!!!! Sad, sad, sad. And I do not HESITATE to put my name to this post!!!!!!!!!! I will not hide behind a screen name. And I am NOT running for office. However, in the coming weeks, I will expose Denise's pawns she has put up to run for council in Marshville.
elderly in Union County

Marshville, NC

#35 Aug 15, 2009
This reply is for Norma Griffin Carpenter.....
Norma, you seems to enjoy using people's name loosely. I know there are freedom of speech but that does not give you the right to cut people down and talk about people by using their names such as Charlie Boyce. I know Charlie Boyce personally and I think, along with lots of people in Marshville, he is a very very good person. Whatever your problem don't know, don't care. Whatever bitterness you may have for whatever reason please curb it. Do you think you own Union County or do you believe you are the only one that lives here and is having a hard time. We have elderly here who are just surviving and wants to read and hear something good everyday, but all we read about your gossip. Why don't you run for office, your mouth is LOUD enough. Open it a little more, you might get something done. Have some respect for yourself and others. You will be loved for it.
Wingate resident

Marshville, NC

#36 Aug 15, 2009
Does anyone knows exactly where the bypass will be? I have been reading these comments and someone said its 200 ft after the light at Forest Hill High School Rd. Is it on the left or the right side of the road. I don't know much about road building but I wonder if its in that field we see when driving coming in to Marshville or on the other side of the road where the High School is? Is it going as far as the Pride Plant, if it does, then they may have to move? Please if anyone knows which side of the road it will come it I would like too know.
Norma Griffin Carpenter

Mooresville, NC

#37 Aug 15, 2009
Charlie Boyce mows the cemetary. Geez. I said nothing bad about Charlie. I like him. He keeps the cemetary smooth. Please read that.

He does a good job. There and at my place too.

No harm intended toward Charlie Boyce and if you think I said something bad about him, please reread it.

There are a few people in office right now who are there for the wrong reasons. For personal gain and to feel important, not to help the town.

I am thinking the people of Marshville are FINALLY going to take the municipal election seriously this time. I am glad.
It is too late to run this time, but some good people are running and I hope everyone pays attention in the next few month, maybe this place can be turned around and head into the future.
just an observer


#38 Aug 15, 2009
I would agree !! Some readers here need to brush up on their reading comprehension. Not a word was spoken against Mr. Boyce!!!
elderly in wingate

Marshville, NC

#39 Aug 15, 2009
Thank you for clarifying that "just an observer" and "Norma Griffin Carpenter". I agree. Maybe I don't know how to read and write graduating from Harvard and all. Maybe I should start talking like you all. Then, I maybe able to understand the english language as spoken in Marshville and NC. Thank you for your clarification. Nothing was said wrong about Charlie Boyce, what about the other people. Are you all offended, tough. Maybe you all need to watch what you say and about who you all choose to talk and gossip about. You don't like who is in office, that you'all business, you all put them in office. Now its you'all turn to vote them out. I am just here for possible a couple years more and then I am gone. We were talking about the bypass/toll road and then old talk came in about people and their lives. What is wrong with you all. Maybe you live too happy and have too much time to spare on your hands.
Norma Griffin Carpenter

Mooresville, NC

#40 Aug 15, 2009
At least if I say it I own it. My name is on my posts.

Not offended at all. I enjoy the tar out of this, it is quite funny!!!


I just hope it wakes people up to how we have been shorted on this end of the county and how it has been going on for years, even before my daddy passed away.

People do need to be LOUD..........they have been quiet far too long and let a handfull of people do stuff that has not been good for our town and it has gone downhill in the 22 years I have been back here.

It is good to see people sitting up and taking notice.

So you keep on saying whatever is on your mind, Mr. or Ms. Harvard graduate. I am proud of you. We all have a right to our opinions.

And for the person asking, I understand the bypass is coming in right where they took up the old Griffin 88 plant, where Paul had the candle plant and they tore it down. I have never seen plans, but they tore it and all those houses down, years ago. And nothing has happened. It will be west of Bakery Feeds. There are stakes all out there if you can slow down enough to look without getting run over.

Now personally I need to get to work.

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