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Rape is not a joke

Cresskill, NJ

#50 Mar 26, 2009
Rape is not a joke wrote:
HELLS ANGELS and their men friends and supports
Rape is funny for hells angels and their support sewage?
making fun of childrens first and last names is another hells angels Hobby?
Hells angels should try to understand the disgust normal men feel about a gang of coward in the angels that have harmed and murdered so many women and children that hells angels should not Joke about Rape No one should Joke about Rape.
the real Associated Press

Santa Rosa, CA

#51 Mar 26, 2009
High way 81 1percenters wrote:
what joke?? just fact...and the video will show this
Post it on YouTube please.
we shall see


#52 Mar 26, 2009
the real Associated Press wrote:
<quoted text>
Post it on YouTube please.
Ive got to get the ok first...I dout if they say do it..besides it might be usfull in court
We arent that bad


#53 Mar 26, 2009
I cant belive some of you realy think this person is realy a rape victom...this clown has been doing this for years...but this ...this is by far the one that takes all...he is just sitting back and hehaing to himself
ask him about his own arest in the late 90's I wont say what it was for..but if the kids dad ever gets hold of him..lets just say mike would pee the same...so wise up folks..see it for what it is..some middle aged man that gets his jollys getting people stired up

Cresskill, NJ

#54 Mar 26, 2009
Hells angels No Honor No pride

To me the hells angels red stands for the blood of all their women and child victims

to me the hells angels white stands for pure as snow innocents of all the children Victims of the Hells angels

God Bless all the women and children victims of the hells angels motorcycle club
I agree

Cresskill, NJ

#55 Mar 26, 2009
the real Associated Press wrote:
<quoted text>
Post it on YouTube please.
CHEYENNE, Wyo.-- A former Nevada brothel owner has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for his conviction on two child pornography charges in Wyoming.
David Burgess was sentenced Friday in U.S. District Court for possessing and transporting child pornography.

U.S. District Judge Alan B. Johnson also sentenced the 55-year-old Hells Angel motorcycle club member to 10 years of supervision upon his release, lifetime registration as a sex offender and a fine of $20,000.

Investigators found two hard drives containing thousands of images of child pornography in Burgess' motor home after a traffic stop last summer in western Wyoming. A jury convicted Burgess in April on both charges against him.

only a pig would watch these tapes

United States

#56 Apr 2, 2009
This party was a really good time. Great food. Great music. Everyone was happy and sociable, so far as I saw (and it isn't that big a place, so I would have seen).

Not like the snarling dogs who seem to post to this list.

Cresskill, NJ

#58 Apr 2, 2009
I guess to the hells angels and their support..

all those horrible crimes against women and children show how tough hells angels are.

Ha are real out of shape losers that can only type and talk.

Cresskill, NJ

#59 Apr 2, 2009
Hells angels No Honor No pride

To me the hells angels red stands for the blood of all their women and child victims

to me the hells angels white stands for pure as snow innocents of all the children Victims of the Hells angels

God Bless all the women and children victims of the hells angels motorcycle club

HA has No Honor at all. Their support or members get online and assault and harass innocent family members of men hells angels do not like.

Any other MC would throw those kind of cowards out . it appears hells angels embrace all cowardly acts against women and children and innocent family members.
81 support

Cresskill, NJ

#61 Apr 3, 2009
support your local

Houston, TX

#62 Apr 4, 2009
Well hear I am ...in front of
my freaking computer...4:58am ..its been like this for 3 weeks!!! I had i5 years clean...

know here I am Spining ....Every theing is falling apart..Is there any one whos in Recovery in here..Im gonna smoke some more

Gaffney, SC

#63 Apr 13, 2009
I read all of this bullsh_t from the the sick minded cowards putting down the Angels, Why don't you no back bone cowards grow some back bone and tell this bullsh_t face to face to a live Angel. I surport and back the Angels 100%. Hells Angels Forever!

Richmond, VA

#65 Apr 22, 2009
There seems to be alot of internet tuff guys out there,these are the same tuff guys that piss themselves when we walk thru the doors of their local watering hole and and yet they buy us beers and want to be like us and ask us for support gear and what not,then they try and talk sh-t about us when were gone.Real tuff guys right?Remember everything that is said about about us or written about us is twisted and edited so the feds have public backing when are civil rights are violated.If you still feel like taking any of us on come on down to any clubhouse anytime or just sit behind your computer a dream of being something you will never be.
Low Man On the Totem Pole

Winston Salem, NC

#66 Apr 23, 2009
I found this forum while looking for info on a Brother lost last night, and I see this idiot who runs his sewer on different forums all over the net with the same old tired garbage is on here. "Mike" or "Willie" or whatever he calls himself nowadays. Know this, fool ... the net isn't as anonymous as you might think. One day perhaps you and I can discuss your views face-to-face? I'd really like that. ;o)

Love and respect to the Rock Hell Nomads this morning. "T" was as cool as they come.
dragon momma

Conway, SC

#69 May 8, 2009
I live in Myrtle Beach,SC and I have been privileged to know members of the Hells Angels Brutal Beach Squad. The members of the Hells Angels that I have met are nothing like the crap I have just read. I don't see any police harassment of any other group of people the way they harass the Hells Angels when they get together for a poker run to benefit someone in need or do the Toys for Kids run, or have a ride to honor a dearly departed friend. This is a complete waste of taxpayer's money and I resent that their freedom to be who they are, colors and all, is hindered. My colors are red, white, and blue, and I will always support the Hells Angels right to exist!!
Support Act


#70 Jun 11, 2009
My my. It seems this page has attracted an agent-provocateur posting under many names. Doesn't fool me, though. It might assist you to remember (you with the multiple personality disorder) that the Angels don't accept for membership ANYONE with a conviction for child porn; likewise cops and anyone who's ever applied to become a cop is ineligible for membership. Sorry if that ruins your plot, but it's a fact. Now kindly fuck off.
Child Porn Hells angels

Cresskill, NJ

#71 Jun 16, 2009

ili chuck


#72 Jul 2, 2009
so who is MIke? and for the red and white good bro's so if you don't like them go to a run a nd tell them to there face not behind you PC

Flourtown, PA

#73 Jul 5, 2009
Keyboard Badasses crack me up,GET A LIFE! You hide behind your keyboard and make FALSE accusations about men you don't know or ever will.
Know the facts before you open your pie hole not the BS the leo's put out or the media but the REAL facts. Real men and real bikers don't hide behind a keyboard and call people names they wear their colors out in the open not under their flannels,till they get there. Cowards hide! So Mike if your ever around Pa Look me up I'll show you how out of shape I am and how I can't fight. I hate yellow bellied cowards that hide behind a keyboard.

Columbia, SC

#74 Jul 7, 2009
Not a ha support punk wrote:
I guess you cowards never told Kenny that hells angels chicken out of real fights all the time
Its a good thing Kenny is sticking up for you Cowards.
Its only right you cowards Tell Kenny that hells angels are punks and Cowards and can only beat men if hells angels out number them.
Tell kenny that angels can handle women and children on their own. I have a partial list you can show him
tell him angel men TCB and then teach him how to call 911 and other useful Hells angel tools of war LOL at all you hells angel Cowards
Make sure to tell Kenny your most important tool to grow is the internet
thats why most hells angels have their very own web site.
It seems what is said online means everything to a hells angels because I think they want people to believe what they say truth or not .
I think thats the only reason chapters all have a web site because whats said online people believe right Kenny?
First of all they don't harm women and children, so get your shit staight before you open your mouth. & all the stuff on the news is a crock. All members were aquited! Cops look for reasons to mess with these guys. I've meet some and they seem like normal guys to me.

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