Rec'd a statement from John Britt on 6/29/2012 stating you all lied. Especially ALE Putnam.
He saw the drugging and when he was intervied he tried to tell you that.
But you are idiots.
Innocent til proven beyond the shadow of doubt. Yeah right.
All you (George Laughrun) kept saying Drunk wrong way they got him.
You did not know where his blood was in March of 2006.....
We had a fight over the phone on Aug. 5 , remember that?
Get an SBI report after that.

I am so glad there was no contract with you. You did no work. You sat ON YOU THUMB......where the sun doesn't shine.
I know you were monitoring these on topix.
So if you see this let me know if you would like a copy of a statement from a person that was actually there and saw the fight and the drugging.
Oh and Jeremy P. is sticking to his story. He is a drug dealer, and a lier , and a thief.
Peter Demas left on a one way ticket to Greece cause he thought he was going to be charged for murder.
Marsha goodenow 's witness was Peter Demas.
At the motion she Marsha Goodenow was prosecutor and (WITNESS)
?What kind of idiots still work in the courts that are such idiots???????