I have a petition posted at signon.org concerning UNFAIR and DECEPTIVE debt collection at a local "non-profit" community hospital. Grace Hospital is now calling itself "CMC of Morganton" but that is just a new name. For many years now, debt collection at GH has been similar to tactics used by the MAFIA, and a recent experience prompted me to create a petition and try and get signatures to send a "LOUD" voice to Grace Hospital and tell them 'enough is enough' already.

If you will sign my petition, here's how to find it:

Visit: signon.org
Select: find petitions (bottom left of page)
Type: unfair debt collection by Grace Hospital

When you get to the petition page, you can read and SIGN the petition. Signatures are a great way to send a "lOUD" message that the people who worked and built Grace Hospital are TIRED of the BULLY tactics and desire and deserve RESPECT from our "community built, non-profit hospital" Please sign the petition, and tell at least 5 of your email and facebook friends about the petition. Signatures make a BIG difference !


Richard Garrison

Morganton, NC 28655