You carefully select your brand new mobile, and you want to give it a perfect protection with stylish look. You are looking for a case that provides the best performance both in functionality and safety. There are many different ways in which you can customise your great mobile device with one of them applying protective and decorative cases.
PDN Case ( ) takes you have a look at 5 of the different types of cases.

*Bumper Case. There is a wide variety of bumper cases, giving your device greater protection from bumps, scratches and the occasional accidental drop to the floor. These cases have thicker edges to help in situations such as dropping your phone, or if it slides off of a table.

* Gel Cases. Gel cases are often a whole multitude of colours or designs and are flexible and easy to fit onto your phone. The gel cases are very slim and lightweight, but offer comprehensive protection against small bumps and scratches.

* Hard Cases. By far the most popular type of case, the hard cases offer a wide range of protection against scratches, bumps and dirt. The cases come in unlimited types of designs and colour ranges for all the different types of people out there.

* Leather Cases. There are many different types of leather case available in a wide array of colours. The leather cases are often bulkier than normal cases and cover the whole phone, as opposed to just the back and sides of it. This gives it ultimate protection for when it isn't needed to be used. Leather cases add more class to your phone and come in varying designs and colours.

* Screen Protector(Okay, so not a case...). This may not be a case itself, but it is an incredibly important part of maintaining your phone. If you get yourself an phone Screen Protector, you are severely helping your battle against the outside world. Screen protectors help protect your screen against scratches, dust and other interferences and prolong your phone life tenfold. The screen protectors are easy to fit and can be taken off just as easily. Usability isn't affected by using the see through screen and if the protector becomes damaged, you can replace it due to the fact that the pack comes with 12 sheets.

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