I've been an Apple Computer fan since the day they came onto the market when I was just a teenager. I love their products and currently own the iPhone 5. I am happy with the iPhone but honestly, its noting special and the size of the screen is just too small. I love the operating systems of the iPhone just as I love their OS X operating system.
However, I had a chance to play with the Galaxy Note 2 for a couple of days and all I can say is WOW, I'm switching. I just ordered two Galaxy Note 2's and got a great deal through Amazon of 99 dollars a phone. There is a Santa.
At first, the Note seems a little too big. Use it for a day or just a few hours and your find that you just can't go back to the iPhone. The features on the Note appear to be never ending man is it great for watching video, the screen is truly beautiful.
What caused me to finally switch to the Note was a visit to the Apple store where they AGAIN seem to think their "crap" doesn't stink. I went to return an Apple iTV device and they told me that there was already two people in front of me for a return and they have been waiting 14 minutes. He said there was no one to help me. I asked him, what about you? He said he needed to direct customer coming into the store. So now, i'll have to make yet another trip to the store for my return because I didn't have that much time during lunch break to make a simple return. If i wanted to buy something, he could help me immediately. Come on apple...really? Thankfully there is a phone that could pull me away from the grasp of apple.