"The Bathroom Bill" has scuttled more than one proposed TG Rights bill. This is a stumbling block for all of us. At the core of this opposition are two things; The idea that you can't really change males into women and therefore, although they (TGs) may look like women, we are still really men. In other words, it's men invading "womenspace". The other objection is the unrealistic fear that these laws will be used as a ruse for men to get in to a ladies room legally (To spy on them?). Both are flawed! The DNA that they love to fall back is what causes the hormone ducts to produce. Science bypasses this with testosterone blockers and supplemental hormones.
It takes an enormous amount of conviction for a male bodied person to go in public cross dressed. It's getting easier, but I can never foresee the day when it will be easy.
Regards, Terri