Rumbling noise in the sky (Victoria)

Victoria, Canada

#124 Sep 6, 2012
If it's seismic, why would it only happen during the day? It seems to me that if it was tectonic, it would be occurring at night and there would be a fair bit of scientific or media coverage of it.

Stanwood, WA

#125 Sep 7, 2012
I don't know about other areas, but what we're hearing on Camano is mostly at night (usually after dark and into the early morning hours) and only sometimes during the day.

Singapore, Singapore

#126 Sep 10, 2012
Im in Singapore and have just listened to this low grade 'jet' rumbling for almost exactly an hour (3:30am-4:30am). I had to keep turning off the aircon and opening the window to listen, as it was so completely bizarre. I am thinking I still hear it, but I think it's residual. My dog is snoring away and not affected in the least. In the distance to the west, I can see pulsing lights in the skyline over the trees. Our military base is in that direction, as well, so I'm thinking it's military-related (small island, active military, daily). Anyway, tons of posts, but not seeing any real possible answers as to what it could be. Definitely NOT thunder. And since Singapore does not experience natural disasters, can't be tornado or earthquake activity. A little freaked out that this 'phenomena' is so widely reported, but no apparent, valid reasons as to the cause....hmmmm...

Barrie, Canada

#127 Sep 17, 2012
I live in Victoria (Tillicum and Burnside area), for last 3 or four nights I have been hearing wierd noises at night time. I thought some sea gulls were making these noise but my husband said that some body's car alarm has been going off. These siren kind of noises go on for about 5 mins then stop and then start again. My kids think it's police car siren. Has anyone else heard these noises?

Singapore, Singapore

#128 Nov 9, 2012
Hi...I live in Singapore, the North side. I have been hearing this continuous rumble every night in October 2012....It sounded like a passing jet, remnants of the sound that is but it doesn't stop. A little like the ends of the sound of thunder but again it is not possible as it is continuous.
My pet cat shows no signs of being affected by it. I got my sons to hear it but they could not. However, my cousin said she heard it too. My sons attributed it to the fact that I am 40, old enough to hear some low pitch sound.:-) Anyway, the constant rumble only started after I heard several booming sounds at night which I thought was life firing exercise.
I decided to check the internet and I found that I am not alone. What could be the cause of these booming sounds and constant rumble?
Is it because we are worried about 21 Dec 2012 that our ears are now alerted to all kinds of sounds which are probably already there? As I see people moving around as per normal when the rumbles continue. Is it only some few of us who heard it? Is it in our minds?

Victoria, Canada

#129 Nov 26, 2012
I also live in Cordova Bay near the water and hear these noises frequently. They have been happening for at least a year or more, with no particular pattern in terms of days, although I have never heard them in the daytime. Tonight the 3 "sessions" I heard seemed especially loud to the point where my dog actually tilted her head sideways and I seriously thought it was an earthquake. While somewhat intriguing, I must say at the same time Ifind it quite disturbing and it leaves me wondering what next can we expect... Did anyone else hear the noises tonight?

Victoria, Canada

#130 Nov 26, 2012
I was performing high rise window cleaning duties in Cordova Bay area today, and heard these Rumbling noises periodically throughout the entire day. I couldn't figure out were it was coming from. Also today was a big day for Chemical contrail spraying over Vic.

Victoria, Canada

#131 Nov 27, 2012
Well it's November 27 and again the rumbling. It started at 5:18 this evening, then again at 5:31. I'm guessing there will be a few more incidents throughout the evening.

Thank you Tyler, for confirming that I'm not crazy and hearing things :) I said, I've never heard the noise in the daytime and it's interesting that you did. Don't know if the contrails have anything to do with it, but don't think they do that at night do they?

Not sure if, where and from whom we can get any answers to this issue, but it would certainly be interesting to know what is causing such a strange and mysterious phenomena.


Victoria, Canada

#132 Nov 28, 2012
Hi Lukeboy

I live on Laval Ave in Gordon Head and have been hearing these rumblings noises for the past year or so. They pick up every now and then with the latest cycle having started in the past 24hrs.

I can hear it as I type this actually. Seems to last for about 20-30 seconds every 5 minutes. My girlfriend hears it as well, however no one else seems to (of course...) In my opinion it's quite hard to miss.

Anyway the best theory I've come across so far is that it is jets doing training flights across the water at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. Check this out, especially the comments section at the bottom. #

Victoria, Canada

#133 Nov 28, 2012
Hello Rocketeer--

Appreciate those comments and thanks for the interesting read...and a good theory. Not sure if that's the answer tho...... Last night I heard it four times. Tonight 3 already and the times are different from last night. Hmmmm...guess if nothing else, it makes life a little more interesting...

Since: Sep 12

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#134 Nov 28, 2012
Does the rumbling kind of sound like a diesel truck left running?! I'm forever hearing this annoying sound. Usually at night. I live in a condo complex so no need for a vehicle like that to be around here at that time of night. Drives me coo coo. There's been times it gets loud enough I have to turn up the tv. By rights you'd think it was right outside my place but nothing. I go right out and look. Nothing at all. Just this insane noise. Sometimes it's a constant sound other tImes its like it's stalling out and having to be started up again.
If I lived near train tracks that would make sense too but there's non at all.
I dunno. Wish it'd stop. It's kinda annoying.


Victoria, Canada

#135 Nov 29, 2012
I have been working in Oak bay the past couple of days, and have been hearing the same rumbling noise above me at different times through out my day. Although it is harder to hear through the traffic noise of the city, it is very much there. I look up and all around me every time, I see no plane. I kn ow this is not a jet, the sound is too deep,constant,and seemingly surrounds the sky. To me the sounds resembles a landslide of rocks falling from a mountain in the distance, but when I look up I do not see a mountain above my head, only the sky where the noise is coming from. What the heck is that? I have looked online and this same noise, and other noises are being reported all over the world, including on this blog. This makes me want to rule out the American fighter jet theory, although one can never be sure seeing as that American fighter jets are quite frequently invading the skies that are not their own more and more often these days.
Cordova Bay

Victoria, Canada

#136 Jan 17, 2013
The Rumbling has once again reared its ugly head. For the past couple nights and starting between 10 am and noon (at least) today the noise continues. Does anyone know the origin?

Victoria, Canada

#137 Feb 4, 2013
February evening
and those rumblings are happening again. The best explanation is that it is coming from the US air base on Whidby Island.
victoria bc

Waterloo, Canada

#138 Feb 7, 2013
Live near the cfb in esquimalt, about this past sunday 2:30ish-3:30ish am, heard some sound outside my window, it wasnt loud, sure was no car or plane. I heard it for 10 mins. Most of all my window was closed . I lived in the area for 7 years never heard that before.
Anyone else here anythin by chance ??
Ken Moore

Sidney, Canada

#139 Feb 15, 2013
Jim wrote:
February 15 2013. I was walking near Cordoba Bay, Victoria and heard the same low rumbling sustained sounds as described above. They seemed to be airborne and arriving from vaguely from the south of Cordoba Bay. Maybe about eight times around 1-2 pm today. I was looking out over the ocean towards the sounds. As I type (4:30pm), I'm sitting about ten miles north of that on the Saanich Peninsula and am hearing the same thing. Nothing I've heard before resembles this. It's also a bit like hearing a very large jet taking off from a distance.

Victoria, Canada

#140 Mar 13, 2013
We're in Vic bc and have been hearing these on and off. Like a helicopter directly over the house. But it's far to close sounding to be that. Almost more multidimensional. And often person specific Either I will hear it only
And not others, or my girl will and not me. Very strange. Seems like something out of the norm.

Victoria, Canada

#141 Mar 14, 2013
I'm in the Cordova Bay area and my spouse and I just heard and felt a rumbling this morning at 10:10
Dr Jacob Marley

Williams Lake, Canada

#142 Apr 3, 2013
Just went for a walk at 7:30pm at Willows Beach and heard rumbling sounds coming from the direction of the San Juan's. Had never heard this before so I googled it and found this thread. Very strange indeed.

Victoria, Canada

#143 Jun 28, 2013
I have been hearing the RUMBLING often and I know they aren't Jet's.I live in Portage Inlet,the noise sounds like the onset of an Earth Quake. I have even heard it very early in the morning.....

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