greyhound lost my luggage
russ wage

Courtenay, Canada

#21 Oct 23, 2008
<quoted text>..All in All...GREYHOUND BUS OKAY...!!! NEED a good .now and then,tooo booot!!!'!!G OD
Quit snorting bus fumes Paul and please quit making stupid posts.
ivory dove

Helotes, TX

#22 Nov 4, 2008
Help me understand: Why would you take more with you than you can
carry in your own arms if you must take the greyhound bus?

Vancouver, Canada

#23 Dec 5, 2008
Im a driver at greyhound, I agree with some of the problems that people have posted here, however, in 10 years of driving, I have never had a passenger's piece of luggage lost off any of my trips. There may have been delays in transfers, eg. Edmonton, transfering onto a southbound, when there may only be 20 minutes between arrival and departure. Many times I have had luggage loaded, say in Kamloops, going to vancouver.. it has a Kamloops destination tag on it....(?) what is with people who like to collect destination tags on their luggage? or you are going to Langley and you have a Vancouver tag on it....because it is close....(?) NEW REGULATIONS ARE COMING OUT more carry on luggage now where are you going to hide your 6 pack or crown royal? you know where you can stick your crack...
yolande n

Washington, DC

#24 Jan 3, 2009
I just lost my luggage at greyhound this afternoon after a 16h trip.They don't even give a damn for what happen.

Wylie, TX

#25 Mar 19, 2009
I travelled from Grambling, Louisiana on December 17 to Dallas, Texas. I had my two luggages with me. When I arrived to my destination at Dallas, I couldn't find my luggages. Now it had been 3 months since i lost my luggage. I 'm having really hard time.

That travel has worsen my life. I'm an international student and I just transferred from Louisiana to Dallas for my study. It has been 5 months i came to USA. Since i'm international , all these things are new to me. And I'm so ignorant. So Greyhound is taking advantage of my ignorance.

I called more than 100 times to Greyhound. And they are still getting me in trouble. I had my all clothes, my all meant property that i brought from my homecountry. All my memories from my country, my memory of my family, my clothes, my books, all my items which meant a lot to me. Now I don't have them.

I don't have clothes to wear. I'm sort of money and Greyhound created a nightmare to me. I'm so tired of fighting with greyhound.

I had also claimed my luggage. I had my stuffs worth more than 2000 dollars. I had my all stuffs in that two luggages. And after 3 months long, what greyhound has to offer is only $250 dollars. Shit!!!!!!!!!

Just $250 . That sucks man. I called several times and now i'm tired. I said i don't need money. Help me find my luggage. I just need my luggages , i don't need damn $ 250.$ 250 can't buy anything in this expensive usa.
It really had been a nightmare for me.

I have nothing in this big country. The value of my two luggage is just $ 250. I don't agree that. My luggages worth more than that. I'm so tired of fighting with greyhound now.

And the customer service is also worst. They don't give adequate service. And the number for baggage claim, they don't receive the damn phone man.

I'm so helpless in this country.

[email protected]

Albany, NY

#27 Apr 4, 2009
This place is he worst !!!! I left from schenectady, ny to NC for a military graduation. 1st trip travling by myself and being olny 20 i was very nervous. Took grey hound thinking there would be no problem BIG MISTAKE. Travled July,1 and it is now April 4th and still no baggage. They lost my suitcase, ppl at desk in nc were very rude told me to wait for 48 to file a claim, did just that hen when i go to file a claim get attitude asking why i didnt file it that day ??? woahhh excuss me i thought then ad to wait till i arrived back home to file. Just a week ago was informed it was in dallas, and it would take 3-4 days ok well see !!!!! Should i demand some type of reempersment anyway for waiting soooo long for my belongings and ruening my trip !?!?!

Brentwood, TN

#28 Apr 10, 2009
Because I arrived at the airport too late to check my bags, my friend shipped my suitcase to me using Greyhound Package Express (why he chose them, I'll never know). It's been 4 weeks and still no suitcase. They have no way to track your package! Why in the hell would you have a package shipping company with no means of tracking the damn packages??? This is absolutely the worst customer service I have ever received (Yes people, it's even worse than Lowes)! We have talked to about 10 different Greyhound employees and have been told 10 different things. Not to mention the fact that none of them can even offer any advice for finding the bag. I took it upon myself to contact all of the Greyhound stations that I thought my bag would go through, but no luck. Not once have any of them even apologized for the lost bag. At least my friend had sense enough to insure the bag for $1000 (although that doesn't cover the equipment that was in the bag). Now I have to wait 60 days for the lazy Greyhound people to see if they can find the bag! Then I get to start the fun process of filing a claim. I can only imagine what kind of nightmare that's going to be. It is now my personal mission to spread the word about this lousy company and their crappy customer service.

A package shipping company with no means of tracking your package??? Unbelievable!
no thanx greyhound

Morehead, KY

#29 May 18, 2009
i used greyhound to get from texas to kentucky..once i got to san antonio, tx. i was going to get my bags to transfer them onto the other bus. not only did the employee not let me get my bags, he was also has been 2 1/2 almost 3 months and still they have not found my bags..they say that its in the dallas warehouse and they will look for it..but i'm pretty sure it doesnt take that long to find bags if they are really looking for them..i am so fustrated i had almost $3000.00 worth of belongings in my 2 luggages and greyhound only wants to refund $250.00 worth..that is so unfair..i hate greyhound and it is the worst bus travel ever..their employees are super rude and never help anybody with anything not even their customer service assistance..
on their website it says "At Greyhound, passengers are responsible for transferring their own bags" yet when i called and talked to a supervisor she told me that passengers weren't allowed to transfer their own bags. well i will call again and tell them how it is and how its supposed to be..they will give me my $3000.00 or they will look for my bags..if not i will pursue on suing them..
shirley upset traveler

United States

#30 Jul 26, 2009
Greyhound no respect to their customers.
They lose your luggage and dont give a dam if you have clothing or money to purchase more until they find your luggage. management sucks they need to do better by the customer overall they suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Casa Grande, AZ

#32 Aug 12, 2009
all of your stories are bad, but mine is worse. i took greyhound a week ago, and i had basically everything i own clothes, make-up, anything you name it. im worried because my social sec.card was in the bag, so was my birth certificate and other medical info. i had a camera, brand new clothes i bought two days before i left, perscribed glasses, shoes, a yearbook, pictures that cant be replaced..i can not believe this has happened. i call everyday, sometimes twice a day to see if my bag gets found. and they told me it could take up to a month or two before they give me money which everything came out to $800. i dont have a month or two. i have no clothes, nothing! i hope my bag is found soon, or greyhound will have one pissed off person.

Las Vegas, NV

#33 Aug 23, 2009
ARE YOU KIDDING!!! lol Here is what I got, some how between Bakersfield ca and Sacramento Ca at 3 am they lost my bag. Then they tell me I have to wait 3 months for reinburstment, Now they tell me that to replace the 1000 dollars of clothes, baby pictures, my journals, and birth certificate, they will send 250 dollars. That is an insualt. TO GET THE MONEY I CALLED THE HEAD MANAGER AND TO HER I WAS GOING TO SUE IF THEY DIDNT REFUND MY TICKET and 2 days later I got a ticket refund.
I called them hundreds of times and was hung up on, left on hold so long my phone hung up, lied to, told I didn't know what I was talking about, I never had a lost luggage. The paper that one station was going to send in so I cna get my refund they lost so I had to pull the lawer trick again to get it sent. GREYHOUND IS STUPID! GET INSURANCE ON YOUR THINGS!!!!!!!!! 16 dollars for 1000 dollars worth of stuff, had they told me that BEFORE my things were lost I would have...

United States

#34 Dec 5, 2009
I am currently Deploying to Afghanistan and to make my life a little more difficult Greyhound has lost a large blue tub container full of all my uniforms and other military equipment that is essential to my job. The container has in large writing on it "If Lost and Found please call the phone number of (posted number)with my home address". I remember putting the writing on there my self just in case of something like this. Well to add insult to injury Greyhound admits they lost the package, told me they have no way of tracking it or hunting it down and stated that it was entirely my fault for the package being lost.

Frankford, Canada

#35 Dec 28, 2009
Had the same christmas present from Greyhound. They tell me to put my suitcase under the bus. They will make sure it transfers bus with me (because it is taged propertly and has me name and address on it). However, when I got to Ottawa, they make it sound like it was my fault.
Any one seen a kaki green should bag?
E-mail [email protected]
Aden jama

Seattle, WA

#36 Jan 25, 2010
I had the worst experience traveling with greyhound whiole i was traveling from Seattle to Washington DC.
when i came in to Washington DC the did'nt had my lauggage with full of my personal documents, and personal belongings .
When i claimed my status on 08/18/ 2009
till right now i do not have any result, thoogh they sent a letter , to tell me that they told they will give an answer on the end of the year.
and stiil now i do not have any result.
Boston Josh

United States

#37 Mar 15, 2010
was traveling to boston ma from rapid city south dakota, I missed my bus from sioux falls south dakota because apparently the speaker system in sioux falls didn't work, 5 of us missed the bus. my trip went to mineapolis to chicago to cleveland points east. well I had been re-routed through kansas city, st louis, indy, cleveland, points east. here's the best part... no matter what, the bus in cleveland was the same bus I would have needed to take, so its safe to say my stray luggage was on that bus, wrong. cleveland was like "oh yeah your bag is going to meet you in boston! but we can't check, it'll be there" so I go the whole trip thinking the bag is on the bus, I get to boston and its not there. they told me they would have it shipped to me, its been nearly 5 days, and I've heard nothing, thanks to this site im horrified to try and find it. I had personal things and tons of clothes in this bag...

Rio Rancho, NM

#38 Mar 25, 2010
ivory dove wrote:
Help me understand: Why would you take more with you than you can
carry in your own arms if you must take the greyhound bus?

Cuz i was moving from michigan to new mexico and all i had was one bag , under the bus didnt even have a carry on , and they lost it , WTF its just one bag and i asked the lady at the greyohund station when i got here what to do first thing she ses is "WELL SIR I DIDNT LOST YOUR BAG" comon that aditute is not needed when im talkin polite what kinda business are they running ? lost my labtop , ipod , blankets , all my clothes but what i got on , and now i gotta wait 30 days for some letter with a claim number this isnt right i will never ride greyhound again

Burnaby, Canada

#39 Mar 26, 2010
Posters should go to the FBI. Stuff in this thread looks like employee theft.

Beware of any employee getting rude over any irregularity at all (e.g.. moderately illegible baggage tag), would be the first to try and "teach you a lesson".

Traveled Greyhound in Canada 60 days straight with a 60-day pass in 2007. Can't say that I ever had any problem like anyone has had in this thread. Had one carry-on and one piece of luggage, a bright orange bag and always carefully made sure that I had the correct colour tag.

Each Canadian province had a different colour baggage tag. In the United States with 50 different states, using a correct baggage tag would be more important than ever, even with your best legible printing. Only had carry-on at the time I visited the U.S. Have no idea how each bus terminal can stock and keep that many different baggage tags sorted out and available for customers.
a mom

United States

#40 May 12, 2010

Red Deer, Canada

#41 Jun 16, 2010
lost all my stripper stuff and clothes as i was moving from ont to alberta... im so f^kd now. *

Westport, CT

#42 Jul 27, 2010
i took the grey hound bus about a week ago..i came in the states left the bus when i left the bus an went inside the terminal i realize my purse was missing..i was the last person to leave the bus..i went back an i ask the driver if he saw my purse he said 'no'..i went to the lost an found they said no..i ask who went in the bus after the passengers came out they said the cleaning lady...5 mins after they tried to find that lady she cant be found no where..we ask many question noone gave us no really hurts because i am a 17 year old girl who is tryin to make a life for my little brother and i am so broke..but i want some explanation from atleast one of the greyhound worker..bcuz i want my purse

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