Trinity Catholic boys finish 2nd in D...

Trinity Catholic boys finish 2nd in Div. IV state golf

There are 38 comments on the Stamford Advocate story from Jun 6, 2008, titled Trinity Catholic boys finish 2nd in Div. IV state golf. In it, Stamford Advocate reports that:

Lawyers for jailed former newspaper mogul Conrad Black told a federal appeals court that prosecutors failed to prove he tried to hide key documents, and they also disputed the fairness of jury instructions.

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jane doe

Montville, NJ

#1 Jun 14, 2008
how do i get my name off this site?
Joseph Fosco


#2 Aug 4, 2008
Part 1

Gov. Rod Blagojevich : Save Us From Pusher MDs
By Joseph Fosco
A note before proceeding:

This article contains material that is only suitable for a mature audience. Please be advised.
During the week of July 21, 2008, it was confirmed that the State of Illinois is investigating the purported medical misconduct of Dr. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr. MD. The investigation relates to my article of April 27, 2008, published on The Keys to Faith Publication, titled ‘A Journey to Healing’. State of Illinois Inspector Dan Murphy, via email, asked me to meet with him on July 29, 2008, to discuss the Giacchino matter in detail. My immediate reply was that I will cooperate.
Recently revealed disturbing information about Dr. Giacchino has put me in this cooperative frame of mind. I am ever more worried about the safety of the young people in our community. I recently heard from an extremely reliable source that Dr. Giacchino has massively increased the amount of dangerous narcotic painkillers that he prescribes to his younger patients. In fact, I also heard from the same source that Dr. Giacchino is the mastermind of a diabolical and systematic procedure, requiring his ‘patients-in-pain’ to jump through certain hoops to keep Dr. Giacchino from losing his medical license for a second time. Sadly, the first time he lost his medical license for non-therapeutically prescribing controlled substance, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation reinstated his medical license much sooner than most people could believe. The rapidity with which Dr. Giacchino recovered his lost license begs certain questions, particularly about any ‘connections’ he has with the review board. It would be nice to see a list of the names of the state employees involved in this process.
In addition, I recently heard new information about Dr. Giacchino last week that suggests law enforcement seems extremely concerned about his prescription writing (specifically regarding controlled substances). Therefore, I pray to God that Dr. Giacchino’s alarming behavior does not take innocent lives. Some unfortunate drug addicts might be sending their sympathetic and/or ignorant friends or family members to take advantage of Dr. Giacchino’s (greed-motivated) willingness to write ‘anyone’ a prescription for narcotics. As long as someone can pass an instant drug test, claim to be in pain, promise not to share their medication with others and pay a $200.00 doctor’s fee (cash-only), anyone can receive narcotics from Dr. Giacchino. This behavior is not only despicable; it is extremely dangerous and can cost innocent lives.
Sadly, it is near impossible for law-enforcement to gather the necessary evidence to arrest these Pusher MDs, men and women who, under the guise of healer, unconscionably provide narcotics to drug addicts. It is outright evil when doctors are consumed with greed for money and become unconcerned with their patient’s wellbeing. This is not what God intended for his healers. In fact, this is clearly the work of the Devil on one of his most evil levels.
Joseph Fosco


#3 Aug 4, 2008
Part 2

In one of my last civil conversations with Dr. Giacchino, which occurred in the summer of 2006, he told me that he had been claiming less than $290,000.00 a year in income over the last several years. Then he laughed as he told me that his property tax in River Forest on his new estate (1026 North Lathrop Avenue) was projected at roughly $50,000.00 a year. As I was listening to him, I was doing the math. I started to count his homes: the estate in California on Balboa Island, the Penthouse in downtown Chicago (that he briefly leased to Advantage Mortgage Company, otherwise is usually vacant), the condominium in the new Trump Towers in Las Vegas and the condominium in Miami. Then we can get into his bevy of personal belongings, such as the ‘his and her’ set of new Bentley automobiles and the several other luxury vehicles purchased for family members and friends, a vast network of people which spans from coast to coast. In addition there are the ‘Black’ American Express Cards (practically impossible to get) for his family members and friends. One might wonder, how does Dr. Giacchino do all of this on less than $290,000.00 per year? I suspect that he is living off the cash proceeds of an inappropriate drug empire.
Miami is the place that Dr. Giacchino’s convicted drug-dealing wife, Maria Luisa Gil, frequents, no doubt to maintain her old drug dealing and porn contacts. According to a Melrose Park, Illinois, Police report, Dr. Giacchino has recently claimed that thousands of narcotic painkillers mysteriously disappeared from his clinic. It would be reasonable to assume that his wife, like almost every other wife, could have access to her husband’s business, the Melrose Park Clinic. I trust the Melrose Park Police Department thoroughly interrogated Maria Luisa Gil-Giacchino. It hardly seems a stretch to suspect that Maria Luisa Gil is selling the thousands of stolen narcotic painkillers while she takes her frequent trips to Miami.
With all of these things on my mind, I gladly went to meet with Inspector Murphy, firm in my conviction that my testimony could help the state deal with Dr. Giacchino. Upon my arrival at the meeting with the Inspector at his office in Chicago, I quickly realized that he unnecessarily complicated our original plan. The Inspector presented a few of his ‘associates’ at our meeting in the hopes of surprising me. These associates are from a couple of different branches of the Federal Government, which struck me as a bit strange as Inspector Murphy works for the State of Illinois.

As the meeting was about to begin, I asked the group of investigators if we could record our meeting in order to keep the facts straight. Some of the investigators agreed to allow the meeting to be recorded, however others would not. Sadly enough this intransigence on the part of certain Federal officials prevented the meeting from taking place. When asked why I wanted a recording, I cited the Martha Stewart case as my reason. If even one word is misstated or misunderstood, this trivial error can result in an innocent witness being criminally charged for making false statements to government agents. However, if a record is established, such as a tape recording, all of the facts can be preserved without any difficulties. I learned of this safeguard-measure from our role model and brother-in-Christ, Mayor Richard M. Daley, who was interviewed by the government recently. The Mayor safeguarded the meeting with a recording (Mayor Daley thanks for the education).
Joseph Fosco


#4 Aug 4, 2008
Part 3

While I sit back and watch Dr. Giacchino live the life of a rock star, I wonder what the IRS, DEA and every other pertinent law enforcement agency is doing these days. If only Al Capone were so lucky. Could Dr. Giacchino be smarter than the IRS? While Dr. Giacchino has not fooled anyone, it seems that he has not revealed any incriminating evidence, aside from what he has done to my family and me. Therefore, I believe that God has selected me to hold Dr. Giacchino responsible for his crimes against my family and me, in order to save the lives of all the young and desperate people that are endangered by the mass amounts of narcotics that Dr. Giacchino dispenses.
In my estimation, there are a small number of ways to stop doctors from violating the law, which in this case, jeopardizes many lives.
1) Legislature should change the laws by limiting the number of painkillers that one single doctor could issue in a 12-month period, or limit the number of prescriptions that a medical center can issue.
2) The State of Illinois should simply allow people like me who are willing to cooperate, be able to have their meetings tape-recorded when various federal agents are present. If making a record of a meeting seems fit, there should not be any perceived harm in such request. It seems to me that stalling meetings that can produce helpful evidence against these sorts of doctors, while allowing the negligent doctors to continue risking many lives, is foolish and reckless.
3) The IRS can simply conduct a cost-of-living assessment and most likely indict Dr. Giacchino quite easily on tax evasion charges (in this case).

Several experts have told me, after reviewing the evidence relating to Dr. Giacchino’s abuse of my family and me, that his medical license will most likely be suspended very soon, perhaps indefinitely (possibly accompanied by a lengthy prison term with large fines). Dr. Giacchino has violated the most serious HIPPA laws by maliciously disclosing my personal medical information to the public, in conjunction with extortion attempts (some successful) against my family and me. Dr. Giacchino has also committed serious acts of medical malpractice against me. However, Inspector Murphy has yet to communicate with me since I requested to have my meeting recorded. In the meantime, Dr. Giacchino continues to escape justice as he dispenses mass quantities of narcotic painkillers to hundreds of young people in our community.
This situation has all the potential hallmarks of a great Chicago crime story, much like the tale of Elliot Ness and Al Capone. Capone was not convicted for being a gangster, a perpetrator of terrible crimes against the citizens of Chicago. Rather, he was convicted of tax evasion. While Dr. Giacchino may never be truly held accountable for dealing drugs, he is almost certainly a tax cheat, and that might be the punishment that ultimately sticks. One can hope that these acts against the IRS and the crimes perpetrated against me will be the final nails in the coffin of conviction.
Joseph Fosco


#5 Aug 4, 2008
Part 4
Inspector Murphy, I have a question for you. How many more hapless victims will you allow to suffer because of your inaction on the matter of Dr. Giacchino, simply because a witness in your case wants his testimony to be recorded? Your 'cooperating witness', denied this reasonable request, sits and waits to hear from you while drug addicts most likely continue receiving their narcotic medication from a Pusher MD. How about this: can we proceed with at least part of our meeting (that you invited me to) via email while you figure out your next move? I am eagerly awaiting some answers.
Aside from the concerns pertaining to the recording of meetings that involve federal agents, Investigator Murphy, you could proceed with your meeting simply without the number of federal agents that are opposed to the recording. We can move forward and you can finally collect some vital facts pertaining to your investigation. As it stands, it seems as though you are not interested in obtaining any facts unless all of the various federal agents can be involved, without a record of the meeting being made available to your witness.
I wish to publicly appeal to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, via State of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Please hold your doctors accountable for all of their unlawful actions and help save many lives in the process. Time consuming issues of whether or not to allow witnesses to request to have their meetings recorded, in order to perfectly preserve the testimony, sadly wastes precious time in gathering simple facts. Once all of the facts are gathered, every law-enforcement agency known to humankind can easily review the material. Lengthy delays in matters such as these can very well mean the difference of life and death.
Now I wish to publicly appeal to Dr. Joseph L. Giacchino’s ‘patients-in-pain', their family members and friends, the doctors he employs and the various medical associates and other professionals who aid this malicious man (no matter the capacity in which they serve): please cease and desist in further aiding and abetting a well-disguised evildoer. Everyone who proudly associates with the likes of Dr. Joseph L. Giacchino Jr. M.D. should be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, while Dr. Giacchino’s State of Illinois Medical license hangs so proudly on his office wall, most people assume that it means Governor Blagojevich approves of the doctor's practices.
Governor Blagojevich, please, I beg you, do not repeat the mistakes of your predecessor by allowing a reckless Illinois State license holder, who does not deserve a license of any kind, to further subject so many innocent lives to such deadly possibilities.
Thank you for your time and interest,
Joseph Fosco
Editor-In Chief
The Keys To Faith Publication
As a post script, readers please know that you may contact Chuck Sullivan, Vice President of Development at St. Mary of the Angel’s School in Chicago, Illinois, if you are genuinely interested in aiding Mr. Sullivan’s new side-project in educating the children about the many dangers of prescription drugs and overdoses. You may email Mr. Sullivan at
michael patrick

Libertyville, IL

#6 Jan 4, 2009
I have been a long time patient of Dr.Giacchino and have been mistreated or abused by this man. I have had severe trouble with pain in my lower back, i have been referred to chiropractors and a nutritionist to help lose some weight that he attributed to my pain, i started a pilates at home course, from his suggestions. I have known Dr. Giacchino to be a caring and supportive doctor, whom ever wrote these past pages, sounds like a person with a lot of problems and needs some sort of pyschological help. Or maybe wanted to something that wasnt able to be provided by a legitimate physician. I would like to thank Dr. Giacchino for all the help and support over the last 5 years that he has helped me battle the life of pain, caused by an overweight lazy person. He helped me see what needed to be done and provided me the tools to do it with. Thanks
michael patrick

Libertyville, IL

#7 Jan 4, 2009
michael patrick

Libertyville, IL

#8 Jan 4, 2009
cured patient

Glendale Heights, IL

#9 Jan 19, 2009
Do you want to be Dr.G?

Schaumburg, IL

#10 Feb 17, 2009
I couldn't agree more with both of the above comments. Obviously Dr G must have cut you off; that's why you seem to be so vindictive!
He has more money then you, he's married to a HOT movie star and helps more people then you could ever imagine! Sounds like jealousy to me! Then on top of it all, you attack the people you want help from because they can't do exactly what you want them to do! I think I counted at least 10 times you brought up recording your convesation. Get I couldn't agree more with both of the above comments. Obviously Dr G must have cut you off; that's why you seem to be so vindictive!
He has more money then you, he's married to a HOT movie star and helps more people then you could ever imagine! Sounds like jealousy to me! Then on top of it all, you attack the people you're looking to help you because they can't do exactly what you want them to do!I couldn't agree more with both of the above comments. Obviously Dr G must have cut you off; that's why you seem to be so vindictive!
He has more money then you, he's married to a HOT movie star and helps more people then you could ever imagine! Sounds like jealousy to me! Then on top of it all, you attack the people you're looking to help you because they can't do exactly what you want them to do!

Des Plaines, IL

#11 Feb 26, 2009
this docter is a pusher i now this for a fact

Eugene, OR

#12 Mar 5, 2009
This doctor has pretty much killed my brother who now is dying of liver cancer and 3 years of other GI complications. He has prescribed pain pills to him for years- to a guy who had a history of heroin, alcohol addiction. Dr. Joe - We will bring you down. We have the records. Be very worried.
Joseph Fosco

Des Plaines, IL

#13 Apr 7, 2009
Susan from Cottage Grove, please contact me again. I can be reached at Thanks.
Bust - Dr Giachinno MD

Calumet City, IL

#14 May 21, 2009
This DOCTOR is USELESS + EVIL + MONEY HUNGRY + DRUG PUSHER ! If you are weak minded + DRUG addict + have CASH + Insurance is a PLUS for his CASH GAIN + FRAUD then he would be a good Doctor choice.

Bust - Dr Giachinno MD

Calumet City, IL

#15 Jun 11, 2009
This doctor is USELESS. Beware ! He only knows how to write out ILLEGAL SCRIPTS- NARCOTICS in hoping to get SOME addicted - dependent . Then in turn you are at his mercy! with a addictive DRUG behavior in which he HELPED create. He is EVIL + MONEY HUNGRY. THE OFFICE IS DIRTY ....STAY AWAY !
UnsolicitedTesti mony

Canton, OH

#16 Jun 26, 2009
the doctor was very nice. help me lower back pain, arthritis, asthma, headache, fibromialga, sinuitis, whooping cought and flat feet*. his fee was very low and he accepts checks,** mastercard, visa, discover, plus a 2@% discount for Cash.


-These outcomess are not typical. your outcome may not be the same. not intended to cure, prevent or treat any disease.

**Check payment requires 3 forms of ID plus a Valid passport.

United States

#17 Jun 26, 2009
So Michael Jackson just died because doctors like this gave him "legal" drugs. These so-called doctors prey on weak people who deny their addiction because a doctor provides the drug, while that scumbag doctor lives in his mansion (paid for with your tax dollars because Medicaid is being billed). It is time for these drug pushers to pay. Joseph Fosco, I will contact you soon.
Michael Jackson Rocks

Chicago, IL

#18 Jun 27, 2009
Well If you get any new news on the Dr. Keep me updated. I know someone who has been in his house and seen the Gacy Photos....So we are finding this very interesting. Im not gonna lie I see Dr. G all the time....not for medical help though...Drugs are bad....just at a place that he and his wife frequents. Thanks for the info.
Joseph Fosco

Des Plaines, IL

#19 Jul 4, 2009
Please read my latest articles on Michael Jackson. In addition, please read my article on Dr. Giacchino's departure from Loyola Hospital. Be advised that Loyola will not sue me for libel, because I have printed the truth.
Go to: and find my articles.
Joseph Fosco
Concerned Citizen

United States

#20 Jul 15, 2009
Dr. G is nothing more than a drug pusher. Word on the need drugs, go see Dr G he will give you anything you want for cash! He needs to be stopped before more people die from his misconduct of medicine.

To the ones defending him...does it really matter if the person is pissed that they got cut off and being called vindictive when they are speaking the truth???

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