Regional chairman lukewarm to massive...

Regional chairman lukewarm to massive transit plan

There are 16 comments on the Durham Region News story from Sep 23, 2008, titled Regional chairman lukewarm to massive transit plan. In it, Durham Region News reports that:

Read the draft transit plan $50 billion transit plan outlined Sidebar Key projects from 'The Big Move: Transforming Transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area' -TTC Subway extensions to Vaughan and ...

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Toll Roads for Life

Toronto, Canada

#1 Sep 29, 2008
No word yet where all the Cash will come from eh ?

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5 hrs ago | | Canada

Road Tolls & Silent Political Face(s) of North America as Infrastructure Reserves Disappear forever

They weren't recommended in the

$50 Billion Metrolinx transportation plan, &

Politicians have been at pains not to talk about them these election Campaigns ...

Despite some doubts, Road Toll Hwy. 407 is maybe still a go: MPP Friday Sep 26 |

A multi-billion dollar transportation plan for the Greater Toronto Area outlining 100 projects cutting across the region has left one major project off the "to do" list -- the extension of the Off Shore Owned Pay Toll Highway 407 east ...

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what isnt done too

Toronto, Canada

#2 Feb 24, 2009
missed a very steep ditch,

a hydro pole,

fence posts, and

a sign...
halton regional News

Toronto, Canada

#3 Feb 24, 2009
M-SB lands unique, says club president

16 min ago | The Independent and Free Press

... I would like to add a few points.

... It is the absence of long-term planning and

the lack of community awareness,

probably due to the local Metroland takeover of the Acton Free Press from the local Dills family,

that distresses many club volunteers so much :

some of the same volunteers over the last 50+ years who have taken over 20 years

to raise for example the $150,000 contributed by Acton Soccer Club

which hopefully will be directed towards the so far named Acton Sports Park developments at one of the many edges of the urban town ...
Transportation talk

Toronto, Canada

#4 Feb 24, 2009
Brian Peltier, projects director for Metrolinx, talks transportation with Dana Lam Watt, an engineer with the McCormack-Rankin Consulting Corp.,

during an open house last week at the Mold-Masters SportsPlex in Georgetown.

Future plans for highways and public transportation in the Greater Toronto Area were laid out in the plans for the public to view.

The next local open house will be held in April.

Photo by Eamonn Maher at

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#5 Feb 27, 2009
Media Advisory/Photo Opportunity -

GO Transit opens first green transit facility in GTA

Toronto, Canada

#6 Mar 1, 2009
Our 1856 link to Pearson airport


The former Grand Trunk Railway viaduct over the Humber River,

now used mostly by GO Transit and VIA Rail.

It will be on the route of the new airport rail link.

What kind of investment pays dividends almost forever?

Solid infrastructure, suggests one stop on a Spacing editor's rail- linked exploration

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#7 Mar 4, 2009
Dear Mr. Shortill and Mr. Penfold,

Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with us on Friday. You asked if
there was something in writing we could give you to provide you with the
details of our position on the Air-Rail-Link. Herewith is that briefing. I
would appreciate feedback from you or from the Minister as to these issues.

First, we advised you that the consultative process thus far had been less
than open and transparent, with many crucial features of the project whose
details are hidden or unclear. In addition public statements by Metrolinx
were contradicted by the representatives at the open houses, to the point
where there was much confusion over the actual promises and commitments
being made.

In particular -

1. A GO tunnel throughout Weston was publicly announced. In the open
houses, it was revealed that the tunnel was actually a very short 300 metre
lid on a 1.3 km ditch, that not all the GO services will be in the tunnel,
and that neither the ditch nor the tunnel will be throughout Weston.

2. The Stop in Weston was 'very likely to close', quoting a Metrolinx
representative at the Weston open house. I understand the Minister himself
has now confirmed in the Legislature that this was a 'scurrilous' rumour,
and that we should have checked with Metrolinx for confirmation. With
respect, that is exactly what we did do, and as late as last Thursday
evening, Metrolinx advised us that the decision on whether to close Weston
would not be made for at least 10 years, in other words it was still
possible, nor would it be a 'commitment' in the EA. Based on the Minister's
assurances in the Legislature, I have asked Metrolinx if they will now make
the Weston GO and Weston ARL stop a 'commitment' in the EA...

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#8 Mar 4, 2009
3. Details as to the technology to be used by SNC were not forthcoming.
Neither Metrolinx nor Infrastructure Ontario could advise whether electric
trains would ever be used, now or in the future.
4. The total number of trains was prominently displayed as 220,
although Metrolinx admits that the actual number is over 350. Their answer
was that they meant that to indicate 'opening day' 2014, though that was not
mentioned on any of the displays. They agree that the EA is to study the
effects of over 350 trains, but so far, the public is unaware of this.
5. Statements were made as to the existence of traffic studies and
geological studies, to back up claims made, but we have been unable to
determine if these are real or imaginary.

There are a number of other cloudy, opaque, or misleading pieces of
information which I have enumerated in my letter to the minister of last

On the specifics of the concerns of the citizens of Toronto, including city
Council and the community of Weston, we present the following.

1. Road Closures and Tunnelling. The City has now passed two unanimous
motions demanding that all roadways remain open. John St. in Weston is the
only roadway along the entire corridor which is slated to close. It is also
the main connector roadway between the business community at Weston Road,
and the residential community in Weston. It is also the site of the Weston
Farmers' Market, which is a hugely popular spring to fall feature in the
community. The closure of this roadway will have devastating consequences
for the business strip, and for the market. The proposed 'pedestrian'
crossing has been criticised by seniors as being too frightening to use.
The Senior's Centre is on one side of the tracks and many who use it will
not feel safe on a pedestrian bridge. Some of the GO services will not be
in the ditch, as there is no plan to include the CP tracks in the ditch.
The so-called tunnel is also only through a very very short piece of Weston,
not the whole of the dense and close residential community. The community
has many historic homes and features, whose cultural value will be lost if
they are destroyed due to the increases in vibration. The quality of life
for the citizens all along the corridor, but most particularly in Weston,
will be seriously harmed by the seven-fold increase in traffic.

The solution is to start and end the ditch/tunnel further north and south.
This will allow the inclusion of the CP tracks, the continued opening of
John Street, and remove the requirement to expropriate land for the grade
separation at Denison St. E.

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#9 Mar 4, 2009

2. Electrification. We have been advised by Metrolinx
that tight timelines given to them by the government, mean that this project
cannot include electrification. They suggest electrification is part of a
15 year plan, and may take place at some point in the future. They cannot
state that the Air-Rail-Link will ever be electric, as it will be private.
They have also suggested that it would be hugely expensive (Billions were
mentioned). Our information from the railroading community is that it is
three orders of magnitude less than Metrolinx claims. It is widely
understood that the cost is $1 Million per track-mile. Four tracks, 13
miles to the airport, and therefore $52 Million. That figure is an average,
and as there are no bridges or tunnels with clearance issues, that figure
could be lower. Although it would be prudent, we are not suggesting the
electrification of the CP corridor. And the remaining portion of the
Georgetown Corridor can be electrified in the 15 year time frame suggested
by Metrolinx. We are also not suggesting that the Billions the government
intends to spend on electrification of the Lakeshore Corridor should somehow
be stopped. What we are saying is that given all the facts, this line must
be electrified at start-up.
Those facts are: This line will be the single busiest rail corridor in
North America (and we believe on the planet). It will traverse densely
populated sections of Canada's largest city, with 74 schools within the
vicinity of the line. If it is diesel, it will be, based on our research,
the only diesel train in the world into an airport in cities of comparable
size, and it is certainly the only diesel train to an airport being
constructed at the present time. If, as promised, it will be Tier 3 diesel,
the air-rail-link will actually cause as much as 10 times the pollution of
the cars it takes off the road. Based on the 1.2 Million cars off the road
figure, that results in 12 passengers per railcar, on average, over the
year.(Two car sets, running 140 times per day, over 365 days per year).
Tier 3 engines on this Air-Rail-Link will produce, on a per-mile basis, 21
times the Reactive Organic Gases, 104 times the Nitrous Oxide, and 117 times
the Particulate Matter of an automobile. Our figures come from an EA study
done in Santa Cruz with similar vehicles, in 2004. With only 12 cars being
taken off the road per ARL vehicle, this is a significant increase in
noxious pollution. It will generate the same quantity of Greenhouse Gases as
the cars taken off the road. With a maximum capacity of 60 passengers, it
will be physically impossible to reduce pollution. The problem can only be
corrected by making the air-rail-link be electric.

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#10 Mar 4, 2009

3. Fare Structure. We did not discuss this at length in
our meeting, due to the lack of time. We are very concerned that the
private operator will be free to set fares to keep the vehicles from being
overcrowded. In 2000, the fare at which the optimum profit was made was $20
per person, per direction. That fare will be significantly higher today.
It is intended to be a 'premium' service (despite using 55 year old Budd
Railcars). It is not intended to serve the population of the city of
Toronto, in any effective way. The extreme reluctance to add additional
stops, and the repeated reference to 'premium' service in the documentation,
means this is intended to serve mostly business visitors to Toronto. What
that means is that despite landing a stop in Weston, it will be uneconomical
for anyone to use the service in Weston (or likely at Bloor, or at
Woodbine). Faced with a $35 fare, I doubt if anyone would get on it in
Weston. It will only be a matter of time before the operator decides we're
not 'profitable' and closes the station. Apparently, like the 407 highway,
the fare structure will be set so as to maintain the 'premium' level of
service. That includes not overcrowding the vehicle. Many more people
would take this service if it were priced lower, and hence many more cars
off the road. But that is not what we are getting. The solution is to set
fares in keeping with public transit options, with the usual premium ($1 or
so) for entering the airport directly. That will take more cars off the
road, make the fares accessible to ordinary citizens, and attract a
significant number of the airport workforce, which is currently over 50,000

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#11 Mar 4, 2009

4. Public Transit. There is a significant level of public
investment in infrastructure attached to this project. Despite claims by
Metrolinx and GO that none of the infrastructure is required only for the
air-rail-link, the facts do not support that claim. GO's own studies in
1994 and 2002 needed only two tracks for expanded service, including with 15
minute headways. Metrolinx is insisting on 4 tracks between Union and
Pearson. GO has already completed its EA for the portion of the line west
of Pearson, and only 2 tracks are necessary along that length. The all-day
15 minute service will run both east and west of Pearson. An ordinary
observer must conclude that the reason for 2 of the 4 tracks is the addition
of the Air-Rail-Link. In addition to the physical tracks, bridges will need
to be reinforced and widened that otherwise would not have. So significant
public money is being spent to build infrastructure just for the air rail
link. If it is public money, it should be public, not private, transit. If
it is public transit, it should have fares and stops in keeping with public
transit options. Even Metrolinx's own 'Big Move' documents require the
Air-Rail-Link to have stops every 2-5 kilometres. But this will not have
that frequency. The solution is to make this link a true public transit
link, operated by GO or TTC, and to add stops in keeping with Metrolinx's
own plans.

5. Bike Path. We have repeatedly requested, since 2005,
that provision be made for a bike path along this corridor. If we are
expanding bridges and rights of way anyway, and if Metrolinx states that the
provision of bike lanes is one of their priorities, why would we waste this
opportunity to build a bike path along here? Because of the grade
requirements for trains, there are no hills to climb. It is a direct route
to downtown from the northwest of the city. It is an ideal addition. So
far, GO has said no, and Metrolinx has said they don't do ancillary uses.

The solution is to add a bike path along the whole route, at the time of
construction. It will add little to the overall cost, and provide safe
biking away from general auto traffic.

Many thanks for reviewing this material. I look forward to your response.

Mike Sullivan


Weston Community Coalition
Now Magazine

Toronto, Canada

#12 Mar 5, 2009
GO has left the train station

3 Jan 2008 ... back from Georgetown or Newmarket,

let me know how things went for you with catching the connecting local bus and staying on schedule....
stacking public meet ups

Toronto, Canada

#13 Mar 7, 2009
An internal Metrolinx document advising the province's Growing GTA Greater Toronto-area transportation agency out into 519 area codes to

"salt" $ Billion Dollar consultation sessions with supporters was "unacceptable," Toronto Mayor David Miller says...
No tax dough

Toronto, Canada

#14 Mar 9, 2009
Benz giveaway

Toronto, Canada

#15 Mar 11, 2009
Electro-Motive Diesel Inc. warns 347 workers at La Grange plant...

Closely held Electro-Motive Diesel Inc. has warned 347 workers at its La Grange plant that they could lose their jobs beginning in April, according to a report issued by the state of Illinois...

Istanbul, Turkey

#16 Mar 13, 2009
Thanks for shared

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