Ed Mayne is Parksville's new mayor

Ed Mayne is Parksville's new mayor

There are 121 comments on the Lake Cowichan Gazette story from Nov 16, 2008, titled Ed Mayne is Parksville's new mayor. In it, Lake Cowichan Gazette reports that:

By Steven Heywood - Parksville Qualicum Beach News Published: November 15, 2008 9:00 PM Updated: November 15, 2008 9:53 PM Ed Mayne is the new mayor of the City of Parksville.

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Parksville, Canada

#2 Dec 5, 2008
Please tell the people of Parksville more.

Parksville, Canada

#3 Dec 5, 2008
What should the people of Parksville know that is relevant about the Mayne's? Was he a politician in Ontario?


#9 May 21, 2010
Thanks John for confirming and giving us insight into the character of Ed Mayne and his womanizing ways. Update since the last comment. The people of Parksville were so appalled with Ed Mayne's autocracy that they formed the Parksville Residents Association. Over 200 people attended the first meeting to sign up and stand up against this out-of-touch city council. Ed Mayne likes to use the newspapers as a platform to further his propaganda and secret agenda but ironically he has the audacity to say, whoever writes to the newspapers critical of him is considered fringe. The Ed also states he is the most transparent mayor in a long time. Meanwhile during his city council meetings, he is infamous for waiting until all the residents leave the council chambers before voting on important city issues or amendments. Ed Mayne who is also the co-owner of Tim Horton’s does not believe the city needs an Official City Plan. Instead, he believes the people of Parksville should trust him and just let him do all the planning. After all he knows best. Perhaps this way he could let his developer friends build more eyesore condos along the Parksville beach. This will increase foot traffic in the downtown core and produce a perfect environment for the mayor to open up another Tim Horton’s. This mayor is as corrupt as they come. I feel bad for his family because he betrayed and fooled them all these years. I hope we don’t make that mistake and nip this con man in the bud. More importantly, if Mayor Ed Mayne can’t even run his own household, then how on earth is he supposed to run a city?

Qualicum Beach, Canada

#10 May 21, 2010
Hey all, the major is in the paper again!!! This guy sure loves attention and having his picture in the newspaper. It is almost like he can’t help himself, especially with his “have coffee with the mayor day.” The mayor is so arrogant that he is probably using Tim Horton’s coffee to promote his business. I am a psychology student and sounds like the mayor is suffering from Narcissistic personality disorder. According to The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the person exhibits these behaviours: a pervasive pattern of grandiosity (egotistical), need for admiration, excessive self-admiration, lack of empathy & extreme self centeredness. The person is seen as a charlatan, fraudulent, exploitative, deceptive and an unscrupulous individual. Any of these traits sound familiar?
A Narcissist's charming behaviour lasts as long as they get what they want from you. Once you stop thinking of them as the best thing since slice bread, their behaviour starts to change and they start to treat you badly and show their frustrations. They are also very charming and love to play mind games with people’s heads.
When Ed Mayne became mayor, they gave him a mayoral necklace. Ever since then, he acts like he has been crowned King Henry VIII! He will soon be asking the residents to address him as “His Royal Highness” or “Your Majesty” and to promptly bow their head as he approaches. The next municipal election can’t come soon enough!

Qualicum Beach, Canada

#11 Jun 4, 2010
lol I meant to to say mayor. I still stand by my last comment ;)


#12 Jun 6, 2010
Sounds like Ed has been buying & taking Viagra in bulk. Maybe this mayor should have coffee with his long lost children instead of coming up with his ridiculous "have coffee with the mayor" gimmick. Then again this guy loves the attention!Ew sleeping with your wife's sister? Isn't that almost like incest? Now I understand why this pig came out to the west coast to hide his pork butt...oink oink!!
Ed Mayne

Victoria, Canada

#13 Jun 11, 2010
I swore I wont do this but because there are some absolute idiots like max Chris and Sexy who havent got the courage to talk to me face to face. I did not run from Ontario I left over 3 years after I separated from my wife. If I abandoned my children why are they both living out here (one in Parksville) and not with her. As for my sister in law. I have never slept with her she is an amazing lady that I have all kinds of respect for. As to John that note is from Fonthill where my ex wife lives (she probably forgot it records the city it is from) you put 2 and 2 together since John lives in Burlington and I was with him last week. He is still my best friend. As to Sandy, I wont even give those comments the time of day. Say what you want I will not respond from this point. I refuse to have a battle of wits with unarmed people. Remember you can say anything you want on the internet without recourse.

Parksville, Canada

#14 Jun 11, 2010
There is no need to dredge up poor ol' Ed's past. His present is bad enough. Ever notice the studio photo of him that appears in the newspapers? His mouth is twisted. That's from talking out of both sides of it. The consumate con man. Lie, cheat and steel, just like the big boys in Ottawa and Victoria. But what he has yet to learn about the big boys is that as mayor of a small city, you operate much closer to the people. You don't get away with it very long. It's catching up to him. An unprecedented 225+ people turned up at a residents meeting, most of them expressing suspicion and revulsion at him. My friends and I who bothered to have "coffee with the mayor," came away feeling lied to, double crossed or both.
lou from Parksville

Parksville, Canada

#15 Jun 11, 2010
hey Ed you say John is from Fonthill where your ex lives blaa blaa blaa why do you show up as being from Victoria!
M Stuart frm Parksville

Parksville, Canada

#16 Jul 1, 2010
Wow! Trial by blog! Trial by people afraid to use their names! My name is Mark Stuart. I live in Parksville no matter where this site pegs me. I am proud to call the Maynes my friends. Let's run down this list of slandering cowards:
Linda from Milton; Ed's children were grown and gone when he and his wife split; many people divorce these days Linda. Ed's daughter and son-in- law live here in Parksville (wow they must really hate him to move out to be near!) His son lives in Vancouver and they have a great relationship. As for a "bimbo" wife. Ed's wife is a complete class act and a bright, fine person. She wouldn't write your bitter bile.
Seamus from Parksville: You're just a gossip hungry pussy.
Sandy from Milton; You’re a self admitted terrible best friend and a self admitted whore in the Webster's Dictionary sense. You're also still bitter Ed didn't pick you.
Max from Parksville; Max you are my favorite coward! You state your opinions as if they were undeniable truth. You mention each time that Ed co-owns Tim Horton's in Parksville... so? Canada's most popular franchise...gee what a terrible thing! The community garden Board of Directors was published in the newspaper. A quick white pages search tells me 3 of them own houses in Parksville and 3 don't even live in Parksville, but I as a taxpayer must pay for their plots, property tax, liability and allow them to water in unsustainable wasteful ways. That garden should be showplace for green, sustainable food production. It is not feeding Parksville's poor. It is feeding the egos of some pretty marginal gardeners. Ed's not against the OCP, he's against raising taxes by 6-7% to arrive at virtually the same OCP. Oh yeah.. his council, except for Chris Burger weren't around to allow the Beach Club. You call him corrupt, pretty heavy accusation; I notice you're kinda short on details. As for Ed's family, you obviously have never met his daughter and son-in-law or his son. You're really just a cyber bully with your own agenda and you are a stone coward.
Chris from Duncan; Nice...you're a psychology student. Taught to diagnose people from the news paper are we? Very detached, scientific.. that's right mention one textbook ..ooh! Chris, you will make a very bad psychologist because you are prejudging a subject with your own bias before you interview them (bad science, bad man)
Sexy1 from Campbell River. Uber cheesy! No substance just trash talk. Very cheap.
Mayor Watcher; So you can tell what a person is like from the way they hold their mouth! Several generations of Civil Liberties advocates have worked hard to defeat this type of fascist thinking. By the way it's "steal" not 'steel". Also an "unprecedented" 225 people is only 1.875% of Parksville's 12,000 residents. Not even a large enough group for a scientific survey.
Lou: This site pegs you as from Duncan!
I am disappointed. I would expect this type of low rent slander from the right-wingers to our south. To see obviously passionate people stoop to innuendo and name calling rants makes me doubt your causes. If your beliefs are held by the majority of the people, just speak your truth. If you must resort to this crap you have cheapened your truth or you want to push your belief on the rest of us at any cost. Come on. Have coffee with the Mayor until he sees your point! He can't have coffee with you until you stop hiding on the internet and step up in person... or is that the cowardly way you like it.
Mark Stuart from Stuarts’ Barber Shop, Parksville BC
1st Amendment Max

Qualicum Beach, Canada

#17 Jul 14, 2010
King Ed, the deceitful master manipulator! Sorry Eddie but I will not be a victim like the others you have left totally devastated in your wake. I will stand up mighty, proud and strong to fight you, even if I have to it on my own. I am taking a stand for the great City of Parksville. I wish I could have taken a stand for your victims too but it is too late because it seems you have already done your damage. I will not sit idly by while this elected official abuses his position for selfish reasons while at the same time lining his own wallet on the taxpayers’ dime. I will not stand down to the mayor while there is tyranny in our mist. The mayor must really want a second Tim Hortons built really badly. After all, he has already bought up and booted out a lady who lived in a home on Jensen Avenue, took away the community garden (tried to anyway), tried to change the design of a perfectly good highway system and want to build more Miami Beach style monster condominiums on the Parksville Beach waterfront. Then Ed can finally create enough traffic flow and foot traffic to open up his new Tim Horton. Maybe a good site would be somewhere between The Beach Club to French Creek?

However, unlike in the “Wizard of Oz” the man behind Parksville’s mysterious curtains is a Machiavellian, self-centered mayor whose sole purpose is to undermine the people of Parksville. For example, during the last 2008 referendum, the voters of Parksville voted against funding upgrades to the Parksville Fire Hall. It seemed that was the end of that because the people of Parksville had voted a resounding “NO!” However, Ed Mayne, the new mayor for some unexplainable reason kept the issue alive. He wanted to try and find grants or other ways to fund the upgrades, but all the applications were not approved. They recently settled on a scaled down version of the original upgrades, in what they call a new revised-budget upgrade to the tune of $3 million. Talk about democracy in action! But the question remains, what would possess Ed to go against the voters? Could it be to influence votes from one of the city councilors? Interestingly enough, councilor Carrie Powell-Davidson’s husband and daughter are volunteers for the fire department. She must also know the fire chief very well too. Any conniving reptilian con artist knows that dangling the new upgrades to the fire hall is like dangling a carrot on a stick in front of a donkey. As the donkey moves forward to try to catch up to the carrot, it pulls the cart and the driver so the carrot would always remain out of reach. However, in this case the ass has caught up to the carrot and has eaten it too. Now the snake charmer can play his instrument and hypnotize the snake because it’s payback time! Ed knows that Carrie Powell –Davidson must abstain herself from voting when it concern issues with the fire hall due to conflict of interest rules. But what if Ed does her bidding for her in exchange for cashing in his chips later? It is very telling that councilor Carrie Powell-Davidson always seems to vote along the same line as the mayor. Go back and look at her voting history and you will see for yourself (The latest vote was for the Post & Lantern Motel). Cont…
1st Amendment Max

Qualicum Beach, Canada

#18 Jul 14, 2010
We have our King, Queen and no court would be complete without its jester or Fool. That is where Al Greir comes in. I tried to figure out why councilor Al Greir seems to vote in agreement with the mayor most if not all of the time. Maybe he has some shady business deals going on too? Then I read his article about ‘The Silent majority is with us.’ Then I figured he was delusional or senile or both. It seems somebody forgot to open the gate and put him out to pasture. What’s more, Al Greir is Ed’s lapdog who lives vicariously off the major and just enjoys the attention as a side kick. Al Greir’s tail must wag very vigorously whenever Ed asks his number one stooge,“Al do you want to go for a car ride for some Timmy’s coffee and timbits?” Now all Ed needs is one more vote but the other councilors are harder to influence, after all they do have honor and integrity. Maybe he can use a process called ‘Groupthink.’ This is when individuals in a group setting are hesitant to go against the wishes/suggestions of certain member(s) because they fear conflict or being in disharmony with the group. They don’t want to be labeled difficult so they just blindly go along with whatever is proposed because he/she doesn’t want to be seen as an outsider. Groupthink is especially effective when you have a domineering bully type that is very opinionate. Now add Eds’s 2 main allies and you have an influential force that may prove quite daunting for the other councilors. Good thing The Parksville Residents ‘Association was formed just in time. This groups’ anger made a lot of the councilors take notice and do what was right. Well, most of them anyways. It’s like awakening a fiery Phoenix as it rises out of the ashes to stand up against this bully. Hopefully the rest of the city councilors can use their majority to neuter the 3-Stooges until the next municipal election.

ps...Maybe next time lil stuart should just let Ed sign his name to his comment...ed said this...ed said that...If Looks like eddy has found another pawn to do his bidding... Hope he tipped you well on his last haircut.
CS from Parkville

Parksville, Canada

#19 Jul 23, 2010
All I have to say is Wow ... I'm not a fan of Ed Mayne and his 'tactics' like most people. But does slander and gossip really help anyone. If he is that awful then he will show his true face all in good time.
I'm young and know not much of politics, but I do know that negative action do not make a situation better. Look at the Olympics, again ... not a fan but I soon started to look at the protesters as the 'bad guys' trying their negative energy... just my two cents.
CS from Parkville

Parksville, Canada

#20 Jul 23, 2010
lol not sure why I'm in 'youbou' I do live in Parksville.
Julie from Lethbridge

Calgary, Canada

#21 Jul 29, 2010
Wow! This is crazy!

All I know about Ed and Lillian is that I worked for them at Timmy's.

I am also an experienced RN. I was taking a break from nursing when I went to work there. They put their employees under as much pressure to run that place as any Big Emergency or Labour and Delivery Ward in the world is under. But it's a coffee shop! No matter ...they wanted to be #1 in Canada!!!

Kids were going home crying from their shifts because Ed would yell at them until he was red in the face - our times weren't good enough, or we wasted too many donuts. He was brutal. And Lillian was no better. There was no 'fun' in the job when they were around.

Oh yes .... and they were always around! Because they had the cameras in the store hooked up to their computers at home - so they could watch us any time they wanted! Paranoia, controlling?

Come on! This isn't life or death! It's a coffee and donut shop!

I pity Parksville facing that stress-driven attitude in a leader. People want to come visit a fun place by the ocean!

Vancouver, Canada

#22 Aug 16, 2010
can you get video of the video cameras or access to the tapes would love to see your post backed up with proof :)
Mark Stuart

Parksville, Canada

#23 Aug 25, 2010
Ever the cyber coward Max. Keep taking the low road chicken boy, keep living on your knees. Hope we meet some day! M.

Since: Jun 10

Port Alberni, Canada

#24 Aug 25, 2010
Chicken Boy?? Come on Mark. You can give better than that. I would suggest we all stay away from Max and his lot till next civic election. Then the donuts will fall where they fall.
Julie from lethbridge

Lethbridge, Canada

#25 Aug 26, 2010
Allsop - I never said there were tapes. I don't know if there are/were any. I just know they watched us over the video camera and monitored our times from home and would phone if they weren't happy with something - even though we had supervisors working with us. And I now live in Lethbridge, so sorry, but I'm not going back there just to get you a video tape of the cameras. But if you want to see the cameras, just walk into the store!
CS from PoCo

United States

#26 Sep 1, 2010
WOW, what a roast. I will digest & respond. Thanks for sharing, I haven't had this much from in a long time.

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