Families come in all forms, whether there are two parents, or a single parent, grandparents, or other family members. But what about the families we don't normally think of? Are a group of friends your family? What about teachers and mentors?

A family consists of people who are there to show you support in good times and bad. It is filled with people who care, and will help to make sure that you grow and succeed. If we believe this to be true, then we are surrounded by many diverse families.

The Ottawa Network For Education's (ONFE) School Breakfast Program is a great example of a diverse family. They are dedicated to feeding over 11,000 students a day, in over 140 schools. They not only provide these students with a nutritious breakfast, but they also offer a safe place to share and grow. They nurture both the body and the mind, and give the students the life skills that they need to find happiness and success.

The ONFE has partnered with Algonquin College's media and design students to help raise awareness for their breakfast program, and to show how they are working hard on being a family to those in need. Please take the time to follow the link below and see how the program is making a difference.