I see that the draconian nazi style checkpoints are out again. Far too much law enforcements time and money is spent in this country looking for drunk drivers as opposed to criminals. The conviction rate is low compared to the resources used. The drunk driving fatality rate is approximately 1 in 23,000 people in Canada. Hardly worth blanketing our roads with check stops that violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Its sad that the police subjected those poor students to mock RIDE programs and sobriety tests as it is nothing more than a conditioning exercise to make young people think it is alright to be randomly stopped and questioned for no reason. You will notice that when you are stopped at a RIDE checkpoint the police take the time to have a good look around the inside of your vehicle and asking questions like 'where are you coming from?' and 'where are you headed?' If I wanted to live in a communist country I would move to one thank you very much.

The real scary thing is that MADD is actively trying to push a piece of legislation through that would give Canadian police the right to pull over cars not just at checkpoint and force the driver to provide a breath or blood sample on the spot at random. Think about that for one a minute.