My husband and I really want a new start to life.. We have always wanted to move to BC but it is too expensive for us. My husband has been to Newfoundland and has fallen in love. We are seriously considering moving there. We have so many questions as to how life is there. Is it possible to live off the grid there? Or just half off the grid..? How is the winter there. How cold does it get on average? Are the people nice? How many jobs are out there? would it be easy to get up and go and find a job and a place to live?? One of our biggest worries: We have a child that is a year and a half. How would it be like accomplishing this with him? We obviously know it would be a lot more difficult than if it would just be us. But we need to know DETAILS! We are stuck in a rut. We need freedom. We need to be out with nature. We want to live life to it's fullest. We need to survive on our own. We want to live freely. The thing that upsets us the most is that we wake up everyday having to work for most of our hours , barely spending time with our son or each other..We want to be able to spend more time together ,even with part time jobs will we still be able to afford costing? If we were living off the grid or even half off the grid how much easier would it be for expenses? Why does life have to be so difficult , taking away all of our time to devote into endless slave work. Anyway.. Any information will help us. We need to know as much as we can in the next few weeks.. We want to go. We are considering taking a vacation there near Christmas to see how much the weather is different here, We live in Ontario. Thanks in advance.