hi there,

my late parents lived in new waterford N.S and i'm trying to find relatives and old pictures. My mother's maiden name was butt(s), her mother was Gladys and father was Ronald.She had many sisters, most whom moved to toronto and two brothers, frank and Ronald or Rannie.

My father was Atchie MacLeod, his mother's name was Mary nee MacDonald and his father was known as Piper Dan MacLeod, I know he played the pipes and i believe did so in WW1, they lived on Plummer Avenue. I have one uncle that i know of that i believe to be alive,
Raymond (baby) MacLeod and the late Cecil MacLeod and Michael MacLeod ( or Mickey) respectively. I remember Mickey's son's visiting me and my late brother Daniel in toronto. My cousin's names are Andy and Mickey, I believe and real hellraisers, like the rest of the family! I'd love to get in touch and some old family photos or school pics if anyone knows how to get their hands on them. I think my mother attended Mount Carmel. Most of dad's family and mom's fathers worked in the coal mines. I do apologize for the uncertainty of names and people that i've probably forget. I'm trying to build a photo library for my 13 year old son.

Regards and thanks a million, i've been in new waterford as a very young boy and then as a teenager,had the opportunity to sit across from my uncle cecil at a local legion, didn't understand a word he said but i love the land and feel someday i'll return for good!