Disorientation 2012 presents:

The City is a Battleground
September 17-September 21, 2012
University of Toronto

Austerity. What is it? What does it mean for our communities? How can we
resist it?

It isn't always easy to understand it as a concept, but we know what it
looks like on the ground. Attacks on public sector workers and cuts to
social services have been on the rise in Toronto and abroad. This is
the beginning. The local cutbacks are only a small part of a larger
agenda. This fight against austerity also resists the same exploitative
system that keeps communities and people poor, and works to end a system
built on a continuing history of white supremacy, homophobia,
ableism, and the colonization of indigenous people. A brutal era of
austerity is already being felt, but so too is the resistance to it.
OPIRG-Toronto and the University of Toronto Student's Union for a week
discussion, debate and direct action!

Dis/Orientation is the radical alternative to frosh week. Organized
annually by OPIRG-Toronto, in conjunction with the University of Toronto
Student's Union, disorientation aims to introduce new and returning
students to the politicized side of campus life, and connect them with
student activism, community organizing and the work of OPIRG's action

All Disorientation events are free and wheelchair accessible. For
childcare and other accessibility inquiries, please get in touch with us
at opirg.toronto@gmail.com.
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