Supreme Court Justice Miriam Gropper, do all the tax payers a favor; do the right thing and re-sign your position. Your decision in the De Oliveira and Dyer case is disgusting!!!!! Expert testimony and witnesses say Ms.Hecimovic was traveling faster than the posted speed,she admits to passing on the right,although she says she wasn't trying to beat the red.If that's the case WHY would you swing to the right when your next turn, a block away,is a left.She admits she didn't notice the flashing yellow lights warning of a upcoming light change,the slowing of traffic in front of her,or the right turn only sign,but after 2 years of driving to Pitt Meadows one would expect her to be familiar with the route. She denies familiarity despite her mailing address of Meadow Garden Way. A false address on driver license is a violation of the motor vehicle act, is it not??? To top it off, as i'm married to a nurse, I know the expectation of critical thinking and observation skills and find it a stretch that any nurse would not notice vomit on them prior to their drive home and would expect anyone dealing with others lives to be able to cope with a little vomit on them without them going over the deep end. If in fact this small an event of vomit on your uniform, is too great a challenge, you Ms. Hecimovic, need to seek a different career path. You may have demonstrated some of the least accountable behavior I've every heard off. Be a professional and demonstrate some ethics as all of us thinking readers know you may not have intended to but your error killed two innocent people and there is no excuse. The moral distress you will feel should haunt you for the rest of your life.