Why the tar sands are destructive for Canada: 'Ethical oil' and other resourceful fantasies

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The Harper government's Big Idea for the future of the Canadian economy is that Canada should become an "energy superpower." What will make it so is the gargantuan development of the Alberta tar sands, which the Harperites and their friends depict as "ethical oil." In truth, the development of the tar sands is reducing northern Alberta to a ... (more)

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Okotoks, Canada

#1 Sep 5, 2011
I have never seen any "TAR"...come out of the ground in FT MAC but lots of {oily sand} "BITCHEMAN".... hence the name "OIL SANDS YOU JACK ASS".....no "TAR" just lots of "OIL"...maybe you should pull your head out of your ass and relise how many people work up there and keep this country running...If it wasn't for Alberta energy this country would be in worce shape then the U.S.A...and oh would'nt that be fun....but I guess in your world we can all sit around 'smoke dope' and sing cum-by-ah---...

Okotoks, Canada

#2 Sep 5, 2011
You must be a LIBERALL from Ontario....go home we dont like you and sure as hell dont need you out here we have enough of you eastern jack ass's out here....by by....


#3 Sep 5, 2011
Traveller wrote:
I have never seen any "TAR"...come out of the ground in FT MAC but lots of {oily sand} "BITCHEMAN".... hence the name "OIL SANDS YOU JACK ASS".....no "TAR" just lots of "OIL"...maybe you should pull your head out of your ass and relise how many people work up there and keep this country running...If it wasn't for Alberta energy this country would be in worce shape then the U.S.A...and oh would'nt that be fun....but I guess in your world we can all sit around 'smoke dope' and sing cum-by-ah---...
That is all you came away with from reading this article; TAR SANDS/OIL SANDS?

Burnaby, Canada

#4 Sep 5, 2011
Why is there even an internal debate about this within the country? The fact that anti-progress American and European envirofascists do not approve of the oil sands does not change the reality of the situation. The reality of the situation is that traditional (ie, cheap and easy) oil sources are running out. Conventional oil is past its peak, OPEC is hiding this to keep quotas high and everyone knows it. SOMEONE has to produce this supposedly "dirty" oil to fuel the world economy--why the FUCK would put our heads down and pass this role to Venezuela or Russia!?!?! Reactionary envirofascist ideals on global warming are noble but they do not change the fact that SOMEONE will produce this dirty oil. Selling our oil gives us a chance to increase employment, increase median income, expand the welfare state while reducing personal taxation, and, critically, leverage unbelievable economic influence over the United States and China.

Yes, global warming is happening and we've released massive and unnatural amounts of CO2 in to the atmosphere. Yes, in tens of thousand years or so we'll be totally cooked if we don't do something about CO2 levels. What you envirofascists need to understand is that the solution to this problem is not immediately freak out and break our economy's legs with a baseball bat. If we do that we're still going to cook, we're just going to be a lot more helpless while it's happening. We will adapt, we will develop the necessary technologies to combat it. We will probably develop those technologies--technologies to massively manipulate global CO2 levels--within the next 20 years, while the CO2 apocalypse envirofascists have been preaching will take thousands of years at best to exterminate us. There is an enormous gap between what envirofascists FANTASIZE is going to happen and what is ACTUALLY going to happen.

It's very exciting to think that Fort McMurray's oil could somehow bring about our extinction, it's a very good story and would make a good movie or something. But it's not reality. The reality is that denying ourselves the economic and geopolitical benefit of this honeypot would be gigantic, embarrassing blunder that we could never forgive ourselves for.

“www.africvillema gazine.com”

Since: Jul 11

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#5 Sep 5, 2011
There are benefits derived from the oil sands and at the same time there are negative effects associated with oil extraction. It is a 50:50 situation. by www.africvillemagazine.com editor
paul SHYKORA arts

Calgary, Canada

#6 Sep 6, 2011
..YES....Me ''one'' Vote is a .....YES.... to the romantic Alberta Oil and Gas Industry...on ''all'' levels,tttoooooooooooooooo booooooooooooooooot.....the hillbilly FARMBoy has spoken.....yodeling.....eh...y ada u u .


#8 Mar 21, 2013
Double standards -

While Americans and Holywood are attacking Canada's oil sands industry, they decided increase shale oil development recently.

Shale oil is not better Alberta oil sands in any way. Both use similar technologies.

“Seriously guys...”

Since: May 12


#9 Mar 21, 2013
Go ahead and protest the Keystone XL pipeline. All that means is even MORE oil will be heading south BY TRAIN, a form of oil transport that even the American Railroad Associaiton claimed was far riskier than a pipeline.
All the while those diesel trains will be pumping out cancer causing, global warming clag.

Yep, the Injuns and enviro-"geniuses" really thought this one through.

Since: Jul 09

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#10 Mar 21, 2013
The article is from rabble.ca

A website for the looney left.

“Seriously guys...”

Since: May 12


#12 Mar 22, 2013
<quoted text>
You missed the Points:
Tribes/Public Lands should have control of the Resources on those Lands!
Public lands are govt land.
Usually those Lands are Underfunded -
IF you mean Native reserves, you're full of shit. Most of the money problems on MANY reserves has to do with chiefs treating them like their own personal fiefdoms.
the Oil/Minerals are much-needed sources of income for their Survival!
Then they need to quit sitting on thier asses and actually work at retrieving those resources themselves instead of merely expecting a cut of the action.
If Tribes/Public Lands are forced to be involved w/the Pipeline,
their Legal Liability is huge!
No, any liability would belong to Enbridge.
Any serious Lawsuits would Bankrupt the Tribes & Public Land involved!
See above
The only 'survivors' would be the mega-rich-Corporations/Lawyers !
The 'losers' would be American Public/American Indians/Taxpayers/
nature/wildlife/future generations of children born defective-
cancers-lifetime of medical diseases!
Of course long trains carrying oil presents none of those risks.
If the Pipeline goes thru,
it will make a few extremely rich,[/quote]As opposed to the handful that ARE getting very rich from transporting oil by rail?
[QUOTE who="TAXPAYERS ARE POOR"]the dangerous work will cost human lives,
This isn't 1870.
the leaks will risk important public underground water reservoirs,
So would a train wreck. The nice thing about a pipeline is, when it does leak, it can be shut off. It's much harder to plug the leaks if dozens of tanker cars get breached in an accident.
the real danger of Terrorism/Criminals blowing up the Pipeline!
Right, Keystone XL is the one they'd go after despite the fact there are already many pipelines criss-crossing the continent.
Texas has oil/sand deposits in Texas-they can dig up Texas!
They already did, and California.
Texas is Oil Greedy - Corrupt - Anti-US Govt.
So? I'm anti-US govt too and ALL humans are greedy to some extent.
since before LBJ/Kennedy Assassination
Not American, don't care.
TX-Cuba-Mexico-Organized Crime!
Name a state without organized crime
LBJ/Gov.Connally used to buy Politicians with Bags of Cash,
Bags & Bags of Cash, Picked Up at 'Cash Drop Off Points'!
LBJ is dead.

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