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wise one

Lac La Biche, Canada

#1 Apr 19, 2008
Council is making a decision on the Hylo landfill at Tuesday's 3:30pm meeting. Administration's recommendation is to apply for a Class 11 Landfill at Hylo. They are also recommending that an open house be held on June 15 in Lac La Biche.
Anyone following this issue may have trouble understanding how an open house after the fact of applying for a permit constitutes public consultation and what is the point since the decision has already been made.
Should you wish to contact Council to find out how they are planning on voting here is a list:
Peter Kirylchuk
Phil Lane
Dave Lozinski
Greg Bochkarev
Eugene Uganecz
Terry Colosimo
Gordon Coutney
Cecilia Quist
You may also want to call the candidates for Ward 6 in the upcoming election even though this decision is being made before any one of these are elected.
Heather Stromquist, Reg Plamondon, Jake Knudslien

Another choice is to attend the council meeting on Tuesday to personally witness Councils decision on this matter.
The Thinker


#2 Apr 19, 2008
sounds like another steam roller job may be when they have kids with 3 eyes and 3 arms will they come to there sences
wise one

Lac La Biche, Canada

#3 Apr 20, 2008
Thanks for the support!

Spruce Grove, Canada

#4 Apr 21, 2008
For anyone looking for confromation this item WILL be appearing on tomorrows agenda.

Lac La Biche, Canada

#5 Apr 21, 2008
can anyone attend?

can you record anything in there????

what are the general protocals??

where do you sit< or do you stand?

what time????

Spruce Grove, Canada

#6 Apr 21, 2008
Anyone can attend.

No in room recordings.

General protocol is sit and listen, do not speak.

This will not be a public hearing.

330, county center.

Lac La Biche, Canada

#7 Apr 21, 2008
"not a public Meeting"

does that mean we cannot attend and watch?
wise one

Lac La Biche, Canada

#8 Apr 21, 2008
Anyone is welcome to attend. Their are chairs for the audience. The only time you would have to leave is if council were to go "in camera". Others there can help out if you are uncertain.

Lac La Biche, Canada

#9 Apr 21, 2008
thanks again, Wise One

you should be a moderator on your own site

like wabasca.com

wanna start one???? i'll finance it.

Since: Mar 08

Lac La Biche, Canada

#10 Apr 22, 2008
what happened at the MEETING?

“Bring it on LLB”

Since: Apr 08

Lac La Biche, AB

#11 Apr 22, 2008
well the motion was made to apply for a class 2 landfill at hylo, only the decision was made before april 18 because a press release letter was in the council agenda saying the land fill was approved on april 22 so you know damn well decisions are made behind closed doors. now the real fight begins call every minister and polital party member you can think of and let them know of the dirt thats sitting in the county office. ray danyluk, stelmach, rob renner ,boutilier,even the health minister george cuff would love to hear about the corruption.
quist made the comment before the vote on the motion that maybe we should think about our water and enviroment and then votes to go ahead with the land fill. quist also voted against the proclaimation for earth day. whats with that flip/flopping.
wise one

Lac La Biche, Canada

#12 Apr 23, 2008
Perhaps the Edmonton media may be interested in this since the implications are provincial. Sounds like the gloves are off!!

Lac La Biche, Canada

#13 Apr 23, 2008
i am done here.

good surfing..........

will post the get up and kick but site soonnnnnnnnn
too much hidding here
wise one

Lac La Biche, Canada

#14 Apr 24, 2008
Lots has been hidden from the public. Listening to big dog I hear an apology from DL. Where is PK's for what most people consider condescending, patronizing, patriachal, demeaning gesture of shaking fingers at adults. Look forward to that apology. It will satisfy a number of people who he treats with so little respect.
wise one

Lac La Biche, Canada

#15 Apr 24, 2008
The current landfill site in Hylo has serious problems with leachate chemical levels already. What is the county going to do to mitigate this major problem. I hope they consider removing it much like they have done for an old landfill near the hamlet of Lac La Biche. Sounds only fair to me!!!
wise one

Lac La Biche, Canada

#16 Apr 26, 2008
Be sure to pick up next weeks Post and thanks also to Big Dog for covering this issue.
wise one

Lac La Biche, Canada

#17 May 5, 2008
Do you think anyone on Council even read it?

Lac La Biche, Canada

#18 May 5, 2008
oh yeah!!! pk and the old screw up his face and wag the finger,.. but forgets what he was elected for... What else can be done to get more action on the land fill site and getting the meetings to be informative, have you sat in on one .. heres how it goes pk...blah blah blah... And then four or five hands go up ,,but not before quickly looking around the table in case someone has a signal????? But you would be hard pressed to beat old big boy pl , with his speedy if not incumbered furtive check of the hands and then his hand is waving proudly. gosh what a sad state of affairs.. PK hates being questioned only because he has no answers. And he likes to lord it over all. He is a silly man.. Nothing has changed.
wise one

Lac La Biche, Canada

#19 May 7, 2008
The absence of debate at that table is worrisome. Appears that the meeting was held prior to the meeting. Where's the "in public" discussion? It appears everything is "in Camera" except for PL's strong criticism of our MLA and Provincial government departments like Health and SRD.
El Residente

Bonnyville, Canada

#20 May 7, 2008
One thing I was wondering about - everyone seems very excited about the Hylo landfill issue as though it were already a done deal - did I misunderstand? I thought that the vote was to begin the process and to make submissions to Environment Canada? They have the final say, do they not? Perhaps I am in need of further information.

It kind of reminds me of the huge contention a few years ago about the ring road - Town Council at that time spent hours "debating" (really seemed more like fighting) about whether or not to support the ring road concept - then it turned out they really had no control over it going in anyway. Is it possible that a lot of energy is going into the landfill issue at the wrong stage when it requires a great deal more research, planning and application before it is even ready for the public process?

Opinions? And please don't yell at me! I'm just seeking information.

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